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Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun character
Gein/Asher as he was to appear in Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.
Introduced in • N/A (cancelled game)
Icon-DeadSun.png Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun
Race Human
• Hybrid: Saradin vampire with human soul
Gender • Male
Birth era • Possibly the Soul Reaver era
Titles • None/unknown
Aliases Gein
• Gein/Asher
Affiliation • None/unknown
Native realm As a human:
Material Realm
As a hybrid:
Material Realm
SR2-Icon-RingMenu-Shift.png Spectral Realm
This article or section covers cut content, and hence is not necessarily to be considered part of the Legacy of Kain series' canon.

Asher was a character planned to feature in the prospective sixth game in the Legacy of Kain series, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. He and the Saradin vampire, Gein, were to act as the title's protagonists. Asher was a human killed by Gein, but his soul would become accidentally bound in Gein's body. This unique entity would go on to explore a mystery revolving around the Elder God.

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