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Recorded audio and dialogue cut from the final release of Blood Omen 2.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Kain: Die Mortal!
Kain: Vae victis! (several variant pronunciations)

Lower City[edit | edit source]

Performed as temporary versions by various 'stand-in' actors, made up of Crystal Dynamics staff.

Umah: Kain, you must find the Red Raven Pub and talk with the Barmaid there. On your way, beware of the Ward Gate, they detect Vampires and will alert guards to your presence. If the street does not allow you passage, remember to try the rooftops.
Duncan: Restricted area. This passage is for night shift workers, only.
Kain: I am the night shift.
Duncan: [skeptical]
Then tell me, who do you work for?
Kain: I work for no man.
Duncan: Move along and stop wasting my time.
Kain: We’ll meet again. Soon.
Tapster: What can I get you?
Kain: Information. I was sent here by Umah. You have a message for me.
Tapster: We can't talk here. Go around back and meet me in the stable.
[At the stable]
Kain: Alone at last, my lady. Now - tell me everything you know -quickly!
Tapster: I only know what they told me.
Kain: And just who are ‘they’?
Tapster: I don’t know, I promise! It was dark and I couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from. It was as if the night, itself, spoke to me. It told me to give you the message, ‘Seek the vendor near the warehouse, for he has news for you’.
Kain: Is that all of it?
Tapster: No, if you tell that fool, Duncan, you work for the Ducket’s Traders, he’ll let you through the gate to the workers area.
Duncan: I told you before, workers only.
Kain: Fool. I work for Ducket’s Traders. Now, let me through.
[Second Gate]
Gate Guard: Password?
Kain: His throat was slashed at midnight.
Gate Guard: Bugger off, you!
Kain: Good evening, my friend.
Vendor: Can I help you, sir?
Kain: Umah sent me. We are to have words, you and I.
Vendor: Ah, you’re one of them, aren’t you?
Kain: Whatever do you mean?
Vendor: Never mind. You’re looking for Sanctuary, then?
Kain: Correct.
Vendor: It’s hidden under the Blue Lady shop in the eastern part of the district. The guards have blocked most of the streets tonight, so it won’t be easy getting there. The rooftops, back allies, and even the sewers are a friend to those who wish to avoid attention. However, those that inhabit them may not be friends to you. The first thing you’ll have to do is to get past the gate man down that ally. Give him the password, “evernight”. He’ll let ya through.
Kain: My thanks.
[Second Gate]
Gate Guard: Password?
Kain: Evernight.
Gate Guard: Hold on.
Sebastian: What poor soul has the misfortune of interrupting my feeding?
Kain: One who shares your thirst, and your curse.
Sebastian: Ah, a voice from the past. So, the rumors are true: Kain walks Nosgoth again.
Kain: How do you know me, creature?
Sebastian: How I would love to dispatch you here, and now. And yet, I am required elsewhere. Goodnight.
Kain: Wait!
Sebastian: How do you like my handiwork, Kain? It’s been a good night’s feeding.
Kain: You’re a sloppy butcher, vampire. You jeopardize your presence by such bloodletting.
Sebastian: But it isn’t my presence that’s in danger, Kain – it’s yours.
Kain: You serve the Sarafan, then?
Sebastian: I serve no one but myself. Ah, I’d forgotten how much I loathe your arrogant tone. It will be a pleasure to silence it for good. We shall meet again soon enough.

Industrial Quarter[edit | edit source]

[Sebastian Boss]
Sebastian: Perhaps, after all, we will go to the grave together..

Eternal Prison[edit | edit source]

Kain: Mors Mortuibus...Death, for the Dead.
[Eternal Prison Wretches]
Eyeless Wretch: I've found my balance. I understand everything now. I understand you - I created you - I created the world.
Eyeless Wretch Please make 'em shut it! I want me sleep - sleep the only escape - that's what you learns here! Make 'em shut up! Shut up! I want to sleep!
Eyeless Wretch: Biscuit, he took it! He shouldn't have! Biscuit please - have you got a biscuit? Oh just one biscuit please?!
Eyeless Wretch: No! No get away, I'm not ready - I don't want to die! Warden, Warden help! Intruder! Help! Help me! Don't go! Coward! Traitor! Don't leave me!
Eyeless Wretch: Help Me! I can't stand heights.I'll do anything. Get me out of here! I'd never have pushed him, but I can't stand heights!
Eyeless Wretch: I've lost count, You Bastard! I've lost count! I've lost count. Ah! Now I've gotta start again!
Eyeless Wretch: We hold these truths to be self-evident. They are self-evident. I've forgotten! Oh god help me, I've forgotten! I must not forget. We hold these truths...
Eyeless Wrecth: I love you Mary, can you hear me? I love you. I never tell you, can you hear me? I love you. I didn't know she was in the house, I swear! I only meant to burn the house. Fire! My family's - Fire! I'm burning! Help me!
Eyeless Wretch: Don't believe them - any of them! They're liars - we're all liars. We have to suffer because we have no inner balance. Leave us alone!
Eyeless Wretch: All is light and all is one and all that is within one is without - and if this is a dream, then who is the dreamer? Is it I? or is it you?
Eyeless Wretch: Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die, can't sleep. Can't die can't sleep. Can't die can't sleep. Cant die - Wur, Arrgghh!Ohhoho!Oh! Hey you! I'm in hell, but at least I don't have to work on videogame development - maahoho! - it's a nightmare!
Eyeless Wretch: I'm innocent I tell ya! It wasn't me! I wasn't there! That lying bitch! I was with her I was - she wanted to be rid of me - but she's a liar, I tell you! I never did it. I was never there. Oh Ask her! Ask her again. Make her tell you the truth!
Eyeless Wretch: I can see owls, owls cans see me - eat all my pieces, then I'll be free,

eat up my toenails, eat up my brain - owls are my best friends, they eat up my pain, Owls! Where are you? My back - it hurts! Faster, can't you eat faster? ah ah! There it's gone. All gone. Food for the owls! Owls! I can see owls, owls can see me...

Eyeless Wretch: I'm not in balance, no. But the state is not in balance, no - and if the state is not in balance, well, then no-one can be in balance!
Eyeless Wretch Hey you. I'm in hell but at least I don't have to work on videogame development. Mwahaha! Choose one from column A and one from column B. Can't choose, can't choose, can't choose, can't choose. Ahhahaha!

The Device[edit | edit source]

[Hylden Conversation]
Hylden 1: Slaves have been instructed that they may not communicate. Slaves may only serve and die. Those who disobey will die immediately.
Hylden 2: Cousin, what is amiss with the Slaves? Why do they suddenly make so much music?
Hylden 1: Have you not been attending? They are not making music, but speaking to one another.
Hylden 2: But that is expressly forbidden. Are we to kill them all?
Hylden 1: No. No, there is an intruder. The Device is threatened.
Hylden 2: That is impossible!
Hylden 1: Cousin, attend. All warriors from this section must be sent on patrol.
Hylden 2: But the warriors are never sent out all at once. Some must be kept in reserve in case of an extraordinary event.
Hylden 1: Listen to me, This is an extraordinary event. An intruder is attempting to destroy the Device! Send forth all warriors immediately!
Hylden 2: Of course cousin, of course. Why did you not say so?
[Slave Cutscene]
Slave: Kill me! I beg you - Kill me!
Kain: Tell me first what I ask and I will grant your request.
Slave: Anything.
Kain: What are they doing to you?
Slave: They have found a way to use human minds, draining us of our life, to feed their machines - urgh!Oh! - Please kill me! I was the replacement. In a few days I will become like that one.
Kain: I have come to destroy the Device that uses you so foully. I must know, where is the heart of it? Can you tell me?
Slave: Yes. Yes, I will tell you everything. You must descend to the core of the Device. At the bottom of the core lies the Mass. That you must destroy, if you can. That is the only way.
Kain: I have the means, never fear - and now, I will grant your wish.
Slave Wait. Wait, I can still help you. I can tell the others - they will guide you. Go now, before they come to replace that one.
Kain: Very well. Tell them Kain is coming - and I will deliver them all.
Slave: Yes, yes. Lord Kain. I will tell the others. Go! quickly, go!
[Slave cutscene]
Slave: Listen to me - Listen! Don't let them take me! I've seen them!
Kain: Seen who? Have you something to tell me, wretch?
Slave: I've seen them - what they do to us. There is a place, they put him in there, he screamed -
Kain (VO): This mindless driveling was of no use to me.
Slave: I don't want to be a Demon! They made him - I, I saw him as he changed - his screams - No! Don't let them make me one of those abominations! No! No!
Kain (VO): He had lost his mind - and no wonder. A greater wonder was that there were those who kept theirs for a time in this accursed place.
Slave: Oh we can't, I tell you!
Slave: Kain, Lord Kain. Hear me, Lord Kain. At the bottom, you will find the Mass's chamber. There you will find the feeding pit. It is there that the Mass receives its sustenance. Free us, Lord Kain. Save us all. No! Argh!
Slave: Lord Kain, hear me. You must - argh!
Slave Kain, Lord Kain. Hear me Lord Kain. Here is the lift that you must take to the bottom of the core. Kain, Lord Kain. Take the lift to the bottom. There you will find the Mass's chamber. Kain, Lord Kain. Find the feeding pit. Poison the sustenance and kill the Mass. Save us all.
Slave: Uh. Oh God Mercy! Ah! Um! No! Hmm! No More! No! Ahh!
Slave: You are the one, Lord Kain. Listen to me. You must follow the main corridor. It will wind downward through the Device to the core. Wait!...Yes - Those up ahead will be waiting. They say you must open a number of doors. You must use the Glyph energy - I told him already - go, quickly!
Slave: But this may be our last chance - if we don't escape now while we can - why us? let the others do it! We can go now!

Hylden City[edit | edit source]

[Alternate Epilogue]
Sarafan Lord: You have won the battle….but the war….between your kind and mine…will never end. Our banishment…in the demon dimension…also ensures our immortality….one day…we will shall return….
Kain: Should your kind breach that place of banishment again, I will be waiting.
Sarafan Lord: [Laughs painfully]
…you will not live that long…
Kain: I have lived long enough to dispose of you.
Kain (VO): The enemy had fallen. The Hylden were sealed again in their exile. All of Nosgoth lay at last at my feet. Where then was my jubilation? Where, the joys of the conqueror, victorious at last, after so long a war? Could so great an achievement, reached at last after centuries of struggle, be undercut by so small a thing as doubt? Umah… What was it she said to me in that fatal moment when she took from me the Nexus Stone? How would my rule differ from that of the Sarafan Lord? If you had lived Umah, you would have learned the difference. You should have trusted me.
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