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Players (in order of appearance)[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Welcome to Meridian


Cutscene: Introduction[edit | edit source]

[A montage of dream-like images.]
Kain (V. O.): From the shards of tattered dreams I rose, unwilling, tossed upon tides of pain that flowed and ebbed, and left me – searingly – awake, and – more revoltingly – alive.
[Kain wakes. He is lying on a cot inside a stone and wood tower, which is decorated with aging yet grand furnishings.]
Kain (V. O.): It was then I saw her, for the first time.
[One wall is open to a balcony, and Kain sees a woman standing out on the balcony. Her features are cold and beautiful, and clearly vampiric.]
Umah: Good evening. We did not expect you to awaken so soon. Already, you surprise us.
Kain (V. O.): My mind was in fragments, like shattered glass.
Kain: Where am I? I don't remember...
Umah: Yes, it was said your memory would be affected by your long slumber. That will pass, in time. I am Umah, and I am here to help you. Know that your name is Kain, and you were once a power in the land.
Kain: (getting slowly to his feet)
I know my name. But my past... I remember fragments, only.
Umah: That you awoke at all is a miracle. When we found you, there was but the barest thread of life left in you. We nurtured it, fed it, and now you rise and walk again.
Kain: And what is this place?
Umah: You are in the city of Meridian, capital of the Land of Nosgoth, the land you once sought to conquer and rule. Tell me, since you remember your name, do you also remember your nature?
[CLOSE-UP of Kain's mouth when he speaks, revealing his fangs.]
Kain: Of course.
Umah: Then let me show you the future. You have been asleep for two hundred years. In that time, this is what has become of Nosgoth.
[Kain approaches Umah, and we see a beautiful panorama of the Slums, and some of the City.]
Umah: You were a great general, commanding an army of vampires, but the powers you opposed were too strong for you. You were struck down, your armies defeated, scattered and destroyed. Everyone believed you to be dead.
Kain: Who defeated me?
Umah: The Sarafan, an army of fanatical humans sworn to eradicate all vampires from the world. A new leader brought them together and, wielding a new kind of magic, deadly to our kind, was able to destroy your army and kill most of the vampires. You were defeated in mortal combat by this leader, the Sarafan Lord.
Umah: But that is not the end of the story. Under the guise of protecting the land from the vampire menace, the Sarafan seized control of all of Nosgoth, and their rule is not kind. For two hundred years, the Sarafan have enslaved the humans under their iron rule, and hunted down and destroyed every vampire they could find.
Kain: They have not succeeded, however.
Umah: Not yet, and now, with your help, it is our hope to crush the Sarafan, and restore order to the city.
Kain: The natural order? Vampires preying upon humans?
Umah: Naturally.
Kain: You said "our hope". Who are you?
Umah: We are the Cabal, the vampire resistance. We work to undermine the Sarafan at every turn. But we are losing. With the new magic they employ, the Glyph Magic, they are able to find us and kill us. Our numbers are dwindling. Without help, we will not survive. We need you, Kain.
Kain: Of course, you did not bring me back simply out of kindness. There must be a price.
Umah: We need you to help the resistance. Our faces are known, they kill us on sight. But you are ancient history, long since dead and buried. You can go where we cannot. That gives us a small advantage.
Kain: How splendid for you. And why do you suppose I would do this? What is to be my reward? Your eternal gratitude?
Umah: Have you changed so much? The Sarafan Lord defeated you. Don't you want to kill him? When you have destroyed him, you can continue your ascent to power, restore your army, rule the land at last. Does the lust for vengeance and power no longer stir you? Are you so dead?
Kain: I seem to remember that I played the pawn once before. It ended badly.
Umah: This time, you will prevail. We are simply your allies, not your betrayers. What we want from you is open and plain, with no hidden paths. If you succeed, so do we all.
Kain: Are you asking me to trust you?
Umah: We must trust one another. Together, we can defeat the Sarafan Lord. Once he is dead, his order will collapse, mindless fools that they are. But there are dangers other than the Sarafan which must be overcome.
Kain: (angrily)
I care not for any dangers. They will fear me, do you hear? Tell me where to find the Sarafan Lord. I'll have him buried within the hour.
Umah: Such arrogance! If it were so easy, we would have done it ourselves, Kain. And you are far too weak to fight him yet. He is protected, too, by other vampires.
Kain: Vampires in service to the Sarafan? Are they mad?
Umah: They value their lives. While they serve the Sarafan Lord, he lets them live.
Kain: I will enjoy destroying them.
Umah: You would be lucky to survive one such encounter, until you grow stronger. But should you prevail, then you will be able to absorb their veins, and thus gain new abilities. To our kind, these are called the Dark Gifts.
Kain: I look forward to meeting these traitors to our kind.
(Kain doubles over)
Kain (V. O.): My senses spun, my body ached... weakness overcame me...
Umah: You have the Thirst upon you. Come, vampire. It is time for you to feed.
Kain: Yes...

Dialogue: The Slums[edit | edit source]

[Kain emerges from the tower into the first street of the Slums. After proceeding down the street a short ways, Umah's disembodied voice suddenly speaks to him.]
Umah: Kain – do not be afraid.
Kain: Hah – what magic is this?
Umah: I am using the Whisper, Kain, a natural ability of vampires. In this way, we can keep in contact even over great distances.
Kain: Yes, I remember now.
Kain (V. O.): She had been in my thoughts. I almost believed I had called her myself.
Umah: Never fear, I cannot read your thoughts, but only speak into your mind, and hear you in return. Now, proceed down this street. I shall be waiting.
[Kain sees Umah standing on a ledge above him.]
Umah: Welcome to the Slums, Kain. We are in the oldest and most decrepit part of the city, where few people dare to come. A perfect place to train you.
Kain: Train me? Do you take me for a dog?
Umah: Your memory has been shattered, and your body has lain dormant for two hundred years. What skills you had must be recovered before you can be of any use to the Cabal. You must learn to fight, and to survive.
Kain: I thought you were taking me to feed.
Umah: Patience, vampire. First, know that you are stronger and faster than mortal men, able to jump higher and farther than any human that ever lived. When your path is blocked, seek for a place to jump. Now, join me up here.
[Kain leaps up to join Umah on the ledge above.]
Umah: Excellent. Know that you also have the ability to float. When you are on a ledge, such as this one, you may land silently and carefully by floating down. This will be important when I train you to kill. Now, follow me.
Kain (V. O.): She would discover I needed little training in how to kill.
[Umah turns and runs off.
Kain follows Umah into a basement.]
Kain: This city is a labyrinth.
Umah: All the better for a hunting ground. Tell me, Kain, are you hungry?
Kain: Yes.
Umah: I have a prisoner waiting for you down below, a thug from a local gang of criminals. He sought to murder yet another helpless victim, but he met me, instead.
Kain: Spare me the moral anecdote and direct me to his throat.
Umah: Drink then. I will be waiting below.
[After feeding, Kain approaches Umah.]
Umah: I see you are restored.
Kain: (wipes his mouth)
I am.
Umah: Blood is your life. Without it, you will die. If you are wounded, seek out blood to restore your vitality. You must know, too, that by drinking the blood of others, you will gradually become stronger, and harder to kill. We call this a vampire's Lore. The more creatures you drink from, the more Lore you will gain, and the greater your health will become. Leave no enemy alive, Kain. You will need their blood and their Lore to survive.
Umah: Now, let us continue.
[Kain exits the basement and proceeds through a back alley. He arrives at the edge of the Slums, by the Docks. This is a small waterfront, with dilapidated shacks and boats. Umah is waiting for him.]
Umah: While we are superior to humans in many ways, we also have certain weaknesses that they do not possess. Though it is life-giving to humans, water is deadly to vampires. Its touch burns our skin, immersion in water can kill us. Avoid it at all costs.
Umah: Also know that scattered throughout Meridian are relics of our ancestors.

Useless to humans, only vampires can access these Coffers and use the power held within.

Umah: Seek these out on your journey.
[Kain jumps over running water in a canal here. The section ends in a Ward Gate.]
Umah: I spoke before of our mortal enemies, the Sarafan. It is their sworn crusade to destroy all vampires, and for this they have developed special defenses. You see here a Ward Gate.
Kain: What, precisely, does it do?
Umah: Should you so much as touch it, you will be burned as by fire, and an alarm will summon the guards. The Sarafan have raised these Wards throughout Meridian. We can go no farther this way. Follow me into the sewer.
[Umah runs off ahead of Kain.
Kain enters the sewers, where Umah is again waiting for him.]
Umah: Your ability to survive will depend upon your ability to fight. It's time for you to learn how to kill.
Umah: Your first line of defense is your agility. You can dodge around an opponent using your inhuman speed.
Umah: You can also defend yourself by blocking attacks. I shall now strike at you. Do not be concerned, I shan't use my claws. Block my attacks, and we can proceed to the next lesson.
[Kain blocks her attacks nine times.]
Umah: We are all armed with a natural weapon: our claws. Use them to kill your enemies. You can practice by attacking me.
[Kain hits Umah nine times.]
Umah: If you see an enemy become tired, use this opportunity to grab him. Once grabbed, you can throw him a great distance.
[Kain grabs and throws Umah twice.]
Umah: Excellent. Your lesson is over, for the moment. Continue through the sewer, and I shall meet you again shortly.
[Umah dematerializes in a haze of purple mist. Kain proceeds onward.
Kain arrives at an encampment.]
Umah: Here you are at last. Through this door lies your first true test. A gang of criminals are encamped ahead, and one of their number stands guard, unaware that his fate approaches. You must kill him, Kain. You have the skill to block and dodge his attacks. Bring him down using your claws. Once you have felled him, drink his blood to restore yourself from any wounds you may receive. I will be watching.
[Kain emerges from the Sewer and enters the Cemetery. This is a dark area marked by towering mausoleums casting long shadows across the ground.]
Umah: In addition to our physical superiority, vampires also possess Dark Gifts. These are our supernatural abilities. Our curse develops differently in each of us, giving us unique powers. Much of your former power, Kain, has been weakened during your long hibernation. But you yet retain a single Dark Gift. The Mist you see here can be used to your advantage. You have the ability to assume a Mist Form, and become nearly invisible. You can move silently to bring down your prey from behind. At times when you are outnumbered, look for mist from which to kill your enemies silently. If you are pursued, you can hide in Mist to escape. Now, use this Gift to kill those before you in the cemetery. I will let you continue when the deed is done.
[Kain continues down the street. He comes to a closed gate with a lever next to. There is a powerbox next to the lever, with a glyphline running to a glyphbox. Umah is on a rooftop nearby.]
Kain: (indicating the glyphbox)
What manner of sorcery is this?
Umah: This is Glyph Energy, a new form of magic brought into the world with the rise of the Sarafan. It supplies power to all of Meridian. The gate you see can be opened using this energy. Activate the glyphbox. This will bring power to the gate's lever, and allow you to open it.
[Kain opens the gate.]
Umah: Well done.
Umah: The glyphs are operated by the Glyphwrights, a secret society existing within Meridian. You may see them working on glyphs, from time to time. They rarely talk with the townsfolk, and very little is known about their origins.
Umah: Ahead is the market where the common dregs of Meridian engage in their filthy commerce. Beyond the market is the bridge that leads to the Lower City. Make your way east to the bridge. I shall meet you there.
Kain: And where are you going?
Umah: I shall scout ahead to ensure that you don't meet any Sarafan patrols. You aren't ready for them yet.
Kain: How trusting of you, to leave me to my own devices.
Umah: Consider it an act of good will.
[Umah dematerializes in a haze of purple, sparkly mist, leaving Kain to navigate through the Town Square.]

Cutscene: Separated[edit | edit source]

[Umah and Kain come to the bridge to the Inner City.]
Umah: Come – this way. Follow me.
Kain: Where are we going?
Umah: I am taking you to Sanctuary, the heart of the Cabal. It is time that you meet our leader.
Kain (V. O.): It was time indeed, to hear this so-called leader's plans, and learn what he thought his plans might be for me.
[Umah has started ahead of him.]
Umah: Kain – this way.
[Umah runs forward past an inactive Ward Gate that spans the bridge entrance. She runs near a guard who has his back to her. The guard's armor suddenly glows. This is a Glyph Guard. He swings around and shouts:]
Glyph Guard A: Vampire! Here! Close the gate!
[The Ward Gate comes to life. Kain runs against it and is thrown backwards. The Guard goes after Umah. Umah leaps out of his way, calling to Kain.]
Umah: Kain – you must find a way to reach the Lower City. The Smuggler’s Tunnel will take you there.
Glyph Guard B: Pestilent vampire – die!
[He strikes, she eludes him, leaping out of his way, then leaping to where she can more easily speak to Kain, softly.]
Umah: (to Kain)
Go to the Grand Hotel, in the Slums. A contact will meet you there – he will tell you where to go.
[The Guard comes up and strikes at her again, cursing at each stroke.]
Glyph Guard B: Stinking – verminous – blood sucking – fiend!
[Umah at each stroke leaps out of his way, and leads him further off. She calls back:]
Umah: Hurry, Kain.
Umah: (to the Guard)
Do you want your death now? Come, and you shall have it.
[She runs off, the Guard follows.]
Glyph Guard B: Come back!
Kain (V. O.): I was alone at last, in a city changed beyond all recognition, in a land that was under a curse.
Should I follow her, as she asked, or go my own way, find my own answers? But answers were promised me, in Sanctuary. After that, I would know what to do.

Dialogue: The Slums[edit | edit source]

[After navigating through the Slums, Kain comes to the Grand Hotel and finds a contact of the resistance, Dimitri. He is standing beside a lever to a closed gate.]
Kain: I was told to meet someone here.
Dimitri: (turning quickly)
Who's there? You must be Kain.
Kain: And you are a human. Curious that you would help one such as I.
Dimitri: We hate the Sarafan, we humans. The things they do, it's not right, not natural. If your kind can bring them down, I'll help you, I will.
Kain: I was told to find the Smuggler's Den.
Dimitri: You're a stone's throw from the entrance.
(He pulls the lever, opening the gate. A stalker watches some distance off.)
Go through, it will lead you to the Smuggler's Den. Careful, though. There's rogues down there that'll attack you on sight.
Kain: Then they will die.
[Kain starts to go.]
Dimitri: Wait – tell Umah that I helped you. Please. She promised me the Dark Gift, if I did as she asked. You'll tell her, won't you?
Kain: I'm certain Umah will give you all that you deserve.
[Once Kain is gone, the stalker pounces upon the human contact, striking him down, and killing him.]

Chapter 2: Creatures of the Night


Dialogue: The Smuggler's Den[edit | edit source]

[Upon entering the Den, Umah Whispers to Kain.]
Umah: (Whispers)
Greetings, Kain.
Kain: You eluded the guards.
Umah: They were only human. Welcome to one of the "glories" of our fair city, the Smuggler's Den. As squalid as you found the Slums, you will find this place even more offensive. Rogues and thieves rule the streets, and of course the Sarafan too have their own dealings here. You may expect small help from the inhabitants, and more trouble.
Kain: I do not require their hospitality. You spoke of a Smuggler's Tunnel I must find?
Umah: Yes, it is hidden somewhere in this district, I know not where. I have sent word to a member of the Cabal to help you. You will find him at the tavern, deep within this district.
Kain: How will I know this – person?
Umah: He will know you. Find the tavern quickly. We will speak again later.
[As Kain reaches the bottom of a set of stairs at the tavern, a man standing at the top beckons to him.]
Cabal Contact: Ah, sir. A moment of your time.
Kain: You know me?
Cabal Contact: I was instructed to look for you, yes, yes, sir. I am a friend to the Cabal, sir, one of many in this city. I am here to assist you.
Kain: Then do so, by all means.
Cabal Contact: The Smuggler's Tunnel you seek is hidden in a cavern underground. The thieves enter by way of the Church, outside. But there is no entrance there for any but themselves. You, sir, must go beyond the Church and find a lift. This will take you underground.
Kain: Where, precisely, is this lift?
Cabal Contact: In a collapsed section of the district beyond the Church. The Church, remember sir, is forbidden to all but the thieves. The guards there will attack you, should they but lay eyes on you.
Kain: I will be most careful.
[The barkeep suddenly notices Kain.]
Barkeep: Help! Somebody help me, please! Guards! Call the Sarafan!

Boss encounter: Faustus[edit | edit source]

[Having observed Dimitri's murderer speaking to a Glyphwright from behind and some distance off, Kain deactivates a steam jet and drops down into a boiler room. The murderer circles him on the catwalk above, stepping into the light to reveal himself.]
Faustus: Well, well, our Lord was correct. You are alive. Do you remember me, Kain, who served you so well?
Kain (V. O.): It was Faustus. One of the legionnaires of my army of vampires. An indifferent soldier, but now, a traitor to our race.
Kain: Faustus. It's true, then. I hardly believed it. Vampires have turned against their own kind.
Faustus: What is our kind? In serving the Sarafan, I have protection, I have power. And who better to hunt down a vampire than a more powerful vampire? History is written by the winners, Kain. That is my kind.
Kain: How many of us have been destroyed by the Sarafan? How many have been brought to their deaths by you?
Faustus: I care not for those destined to die. I don't weep for them, and I won't weep for you.
Kain: Look around you, Faustus. Does your victory seem so assured now?
Faustus: A fleeting setback. Our Lord knows of your presence. He beat you before, and he will bury you now.
Kain: But you will never know how it ends, Faustus, for I will bury you first of all.
[After using Fury against Faustus three times, Faustus escapes into the adjacent room, and a door opens for Kain to follow.]
Faustus: I have a surprise for you, Kain.
[Faustus laughs and taunts while attempting to throw firebombs at Kain as he leaps from furnace to furnace beyond Kain's reach.]
Faustus: Too slow, fool.
Faustus: Catch!
Faustus: Can't catch me!
[After successfully sneaking up in mist form to burn Faustus with a furnace, Faustus cries –]
Faustus: What's this?
Faustus: Aaahh!
Faustus: Come out where I can kill you!
[Kain kills Faustus and takes the Jump ability from him.]

Chapter 3: In Darkness We Gather


Dialogue: The Lower City[edit | edit source]

[Kain exits the Smuggler's Den and arrives in the Lower City. Umah steps into view from the shadows.]
Umah: Well done, Kain. You have already proven your ingenuity in negotiating the Smuggler's Den. Perhaps our leader was right about you after all.
Kain: Ah yes, the mysterious leader. Perhaps you will tell me now who he is?
Umah: I will not name him to you, for secrecy's sake. But it is time that you two meet. You must go to Sanctuary, our headquarters. There you will find our leader.
Kain: (annoyed)
Go here, go there – what do you take me for? Your errand boy?
Umah: You are not a general now, Kain. You are not in a position to demand. Go to Sanctuary and await me there. My orders are to investigate the Industrial Quarter in the north of the city. I will join you at Sanctuary and bring anything I discover.
Kain: (angrily)
I need answers, girl. I want the Sarafan Lord!
Umah: So do we all, Kain. But the time must be ripe, and you must be ready.
Kain: Do not make the mistake of underestimating me.
Umah: I don't. You are our last hope. I will not let you be wasted by premature action.
Kain: Where, then, is this Sanctuary?
Umah: Nearby is the Red Raven pub. Speak with the tapster. She will tell you what to do.
Kain (V. O.): Why did I obey her? Why did I trust her, even for a moment? I had gone my own way, always. But this time...
Umah: I was impressed by you today, Kain. Soon, we will work together again, and rid this plague from our land.
[Kain approaches a man standing guard behind a locked gate.]
Duncan: Restricted area. This passage is for night shift workers, only.
Kain: I am the night shift.
Duncan: (skeptical)
Then tell me, who do you work for?
Kain: I work for no man.
Duncan: Move along and stop wasting my time.
Kain: We'll meet again. Soon.
[Kain arrives at the Red Raven pub and approaches the bar.]
Tapster: What can I get you?
Kain: Information. I was sent here by Umah. You have a message for me.
Tapster: I only know what they told me.
Kain: And just who are "they"?
Tapster: I don't know, I promise! It was dark; I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. It was as if the night, itself, spoke to me. It told me to give you the message, "Seek the vendor near the warehouse, for he has news for you".
Kain: Is that all of it?
Tapster: No, if you tell that fool, Duncan, you wok for Ducket's Traders, he’ll let you through the gate to the workers area.
[Kain returns to the guard at the locked gate.]
Duncan: I told you before, workers only.
Kain: I work for Ducket's Traders. Now, let me through.
[Kain comes to another guarded locked gate.]
Gate Guard: You need the password to enter.
[Kain approaches a newsstand by the warehouse.]
Kain: Good evening, my friend.
Vendor: Can I help you, sir?
Kain: Umah sent me. We are to have words, you and I.
Vendor: Ah, you're one of them, aren't ya?
Kain: Whatever do you mean?
Vendor: Never mind. You're looking for Sanctuary, then?
Kain: Correct.
Vendor: It's hidden under the Blue Lady shop in the eastern part of the district. The guards have blocked most of the streets tonight, so it won't be easy getting there. The rooftops, back alleys, and even the sewers are friends to those who wish to avoid attention. However, those that inhabit them may not be friends to you. First thing you'll have to do is to get past the gate man down that alley. Give him the password, "evernight". He'll let ya through.
Kain: My thanks.
[Kain returns to the last guarded locked gate.]
Gate Guard: Password?
Kain: Evernight.
Gate Guard: Hold on.
[Kain enters a courtyard littered with the severely mutilated remains of multiple human bodies. A single human remains alive. A vampire drops down from the rooftops above, killing the man, and laughing as he dies.]
Sebastian: What poor soul has the misfortune of interrupting my feeding?
Kain: One who shares your thirst, and your curse.
Sebastian: Ah, a voice from the past. So, the rumors are true: Kain walks Nosgoth again.
Kain: How do you know me, creature?
Sebastian: How I would love to dispatch you here, and now. And yet, I am required elsewhere. Goodnight.
Kain: Wait!
[The vampire turns and runs off... leaving a sparkly, pink trail behind him. Kain pursues him. Eventually, the other vampire allows him to catch up.]
Sebastian: How do you like my handiwork, Kain? It's been a good night's feeding.
Kain: You're a sloppy butcher, vampire. You jeopardize your presence by such bloodletting.
Sebastian: But it isn't my presence that's in danger, Kain – it's yours.
Kain: You serve the Sarafan, then?
Sebastian: I serve no one but myself. Ah, I'd forgotten how much I loathe your arrogant tone. It will be a pleasure to silence it for good. We shall meet again soon enough.
[The other vampire leaps to the top of a building beyond Kain's reach and disappears.]

Cutscene: Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

[Kain finds Sanctuary, hiding beneath a Curio shop in the Lower City. He enters an underground chamber, where several vampires stand waiting for him. At the head of the group is one with a wolfish face. This is Vorador.]
Kain (V. O.): Vorador! The reformed sado-hedonist of Termogent Forest – I had met him once before in his new role of patriarch. I still knew not to trust him.
Kain: Ah, yes. Who but the father of vampires would lead the resistance? I am honored, Vorador.
Vorador: I need no false courtesies from you, Kain. We are allies only by necessity. But you are welcome to Sanctuary.
Kain: (looking around)
It has not the splendor of your former castle. But I suppose it will have to do.
Vorador: It serves. But time is short. The Sarafan's power grows by the day. Soon our every haven will be destroyed. We are facing extinction once again.
Kain: They thought once before they had destroyed us. Yet you proved them wrong. You created a new race, something I could never do, and from that race, I had my army.
Vorador: Now we are divided, and dying.
Kain: Then rouse yourself – make more of our kind.
Vorador: It takes time and energy to create a vampire. I have not the strength. No, as Umah told you, we must kill the Sarafan Lord. When he is dead, their power will crumble. You have come far already, Kain, and proven to be our greatest ally. We must plan our attack.
[A vampire suddenly bursts into the room. He is covered in blood.]
Cabal Vampire: Vorador –
Vorador: What is it?
Cabal Vampire: The worst has befallen. Forgive me, Sire. Umah has been taken.
Vorador: Taken? How?
Cabal Vampire: Umah was searching the main building in the Industrial Quarter as you asked. I stood guard outside. She whispered to me that she had found something important.
Vorador: What was it?
Cabal Vampire: I do not know. Before she could tell me, she was discovered by Sarafan Knights. I went to help her, but there were guards everywhere. I could not reach her. I heard them say she would be brought to the Sarafan Keep for public execution.
Vorador: No!
Cabal Vampire: Then the guards were upon me, and I was forced to flee. Forgive me, Vorador.
Kain: We need her information.
Vorador: We need to save her life, Kain.
Kain: Yes, of course.
Kain: So I am to rescue her, "Sire"?
Vorador: Our kind cannot approach the Keep; we would be instantly discovered. You have the power to disguise your presence. But the chief entrance to the Keep is far too heavily guarded. You must speak with the Bishop of Meridian.
Kain: A Bishop allies with us?
Vorador: The promise of immortality can be very persuasive, for a Bishop whose faith in an afterlife is... wanting. The Bishop knows a secret entrance to the Sarafan Keep. You will find him in the Upper City. Tell him I sent you, and he will give you access to the Keep.
Kain: And if Umah is dead when I reach her?
Vorador: Then her discovery dies with her, and with it, our hope. Go now Kain, and find the Bishop. Umah's life depends on you. As do we all.

Chapter 4: A Question of Faith


Dialogue: The Upper City[edit | edit source]

[Kain comes to a closed gate with a crank. Beyond the gate stands a vampire in an alleyway, with the corpses of two clergymen at his feet. This is Marcus.]
Marcus: So. The rumors speak true.
Kain: (sarcastic)
Marcus? My old friend –
Marcus: A poor choice of words, Kain. We were not friends.
Kain: Will you sour this reunion with old grudges? Granted, we parted on poor terms.
Marcus: You tried to murder me!
Kain: I seem to have failed.
Marcus: You feared my growing powers. You knew they would one day surpass yours. Is that why you begged me to fight at your side, when you waged war upon Nosgoth?
Kain: (scornfully)
Begged? I never begged.
Marcus: In your arrogance, you presumed me dead. But I was stronger than you knew. I crawled from my haven and fled into hiding.
Kain: Heh... That's the Marcus I remember.
Marcus: When the Sarafan proved victorious, I knew that my destiny lay with the Sarafan Lord. I offered myself to the winning side.
Kain: (growing anger)
I always knew you for a sneaking, cowardly opportunist. How unfortunate that my poor aim caused you so much suffering. This time, you will die completely, I promise you.
Marcus: No, Kain. Once more you underestimate me. The Dark Gifts manifest differently in each of us. Over the years during your absence, my powers have increased enormously. I now have the power to charm all living things, to subjugate their minds and make them do my bidding. You will kneel to me, Kain, and the Sarafan Lord will be pleased with my new slave. Now – obey me!
[Marcus uses Charm on Kain. Energies swirl around Kain for a moment, but are repelled back at Marcus.]
Marcus: What? Impossible!
Kain: What manner of creatures have you been practicing on? Dull mortal fools with their minds full of commerce and dung? My mind is far too strong for your powers.
Marcus: No matter. My mental power still allowed me to read your thoughts. You seek the Bishop of Meridian, do you not? He has some information that you require.
Kain: Clever trick.
Marcus: I will ensure that you never get that information.
[Marcus begins to back away from Kain.]
Marcus: You may find the good Bishop, Kain, but when you do – he will be dead.
Kain: Not if I reach him first –
[Marcus summons several clergymen to fight Kain for him by controlling their minds as he turns and runs.
Kain sees Marcus run up to a Sarafan Guard off in the distance beyond a gate.]
Marcus: You there! You are to conduct me to the Bishop's manor on the instant.
Sarafan Guard: We were told to be on the lookout for a vampire.
Marcus: Not me, you fool! You know me. Kain! Kain is the one you seek.
Sarafan Guard: Well, he's not gonna stop and tell us his name.
Marcus: You're to kill him on sight!
Sarafan Guard: Those are our orders.
[Kain hears Vorador's voice in his head.]
Vorador: Kain, it is Vorador. You must reach the Bishop's manor at the other end of the city. Only he can give you passage into the Sarafan Keep. The curfew has set in, so be careful on the streets. The guards are looking for anyone suspicious, and will attack you on sight.
[Vorador contacts Kain again.]
Vorador: Kain, the Bishop’s manor is near. However, the Sarafan patrols have locked down all the streets. You may be able to trick them into opening the gates. Find the clock tower, and ring its bell. The workers will think it time for their shift to change, and will open the gates.
[Kain catches up to Marcus long enough to see him approach another Sarafan Guard in the distance.]
Sarafan Guard: We were told to be on the lookout for a vampire.
Marcus: You're to kill him on sight!
[Marcus enters an estate and disappears beyond sight.
Kain gains entrance to the manor of the Bishop of Meridian. The manor is under guard by the Sarafan, and is being searched by them. After defeating the first Sarafan knight he has encountered, a bookcase moves aside before Kain, revealing a cowering man inside the hidden passage. ]
Kain: You, there! What's your business here? Who are you?
Butler: I beg you, be merciful, good sir. I am – I was – butler to the Bishop of Meridian. But the Sarafan – they're inside now. I thought I would wait here.
Kain: Where are they?
Butler: They accuse the Bishop of aiding the vampire resistance. They are looking for proof. I beg of you, do not tell them where to find me. I will do anything...
Kain: Yes, you will. Tell me where to find the Bishop.
Butler: I can't – I mean, I don't know –
Kain: Shall I ease your mind and tell you I am sent by Vorador for the vampire resistance? Or shall I simply tear out your throat and continue my search? I leave the decision to you.
Butler: The Cathedral – he fled there. He thought he would be safe.
Kain: Holy ground will not deter his pursuer. Where is the Cathedral?
Butler: To the Northeast. But it will do you no good – you cannot enter without the proper authority.
Kain: (quietly threatening)
I suggest you show me the way. Now.
Butler: Of course, sir. This way, sir. It is my pleasure to serve you. This tunnel will bring you again to the streets.
Kain: I thank you. Good night.

Boss encounter: Marcus[edit | edit source]

[Kain battles his way through the Cathedral and reaches the Private Quarters. The room is darkly lit except for a throne that is surrounded by burning candles. A man in priest's robes stands at attention, staring forward.]
Kain: Greetings, old man. I assume that I address the Bishop of Meridian?
[The Bishop doesn't answer, only exhales loudly, a hiss.]
Bishop: Hssss...
Kain: I seek information on gaining access to the Sarafan Keep. You are to give me passage inside. I am sent by Vorador.
[The Bishop seems to be trying to speak, but only gurgles come forth.]
Bishop: Grhgh...
Kain: What ails you? Speak!
Marcus: He speaks only at my command.
Kain: What –?
[Marcus steps forward from the shadows.]
Marcus: You are too late, Kain. He is entirely in my power.
Kain: Release him, and I may spare your life.
Marcus: I hold the cards now, Kain. Surrender yourself to me, or I will kill him.
Kain: What do I care for the life of some mortal? But the thought of killing you at last entices me. Tell me, Marcus. Do you truly believe you can stop me?
[Kain begins to approach Marcus.]
Marcus: Stay back!
Marcus: You cannot win. The Bishop will tell you nothing while he remains under my power. And you will never catch me!
[Marcus runs away, leaving the Bishop in a collapsed heap on the floor.
Kain has chased Marcus through the city and back to the Cathedral roof. They have both fallen through the roof.
Marcus phases in and out of invisibility as the battle ensues.]
Marcus: You seek, I hide.
Marcus: Don't be paranoid, Kain. I really am after you.
[Ringing the church bells causes Marcus to pause and drop his defenses.]
Marcus: (groans)
Marcus: Damn you.
Marcus: Damn those bells!
Marcus: Ugh, my ears!
[After dealing enough damage to Marcus, he summons mind-controlled clergymen for reinforcements while trying to avoid Kain, himself.]
Marcus: You think you can catch me?
Marcus: Destroy Kain now, my puppets.
Marcus: Sheep, do my bidding.
Marcus: Rid me of this pest.
[Kain battles Marcus and brings him down, drawing the Charm ability from him.
The Bishop runs up to Kain.]
Kain: Old man? Do you live?
Bishop: I... yes. Yes, I do. I must thank you for destroying... that fiend. He robbed me of my mind.
Kain: He was a novice. Bishop, I require your help. Vorador has sent me to gain passage to the Sarafan Keep. One of our associates is held captive there.
Bishop: A fool's errand, to enter the very maw of the beast. But yes, I will help you. I will take you there, I will show you the entrance.

Chapter 5: House of my Enemy


Dialogue: The Sarafan Keep[edit | edit source]

[Kain enters the Sarafan Keep through a secret entrance. Vorador contacts him through the Whisper.]
Vorador: Well done, Kain. You have entered the Sarafan Keep at last.
Kain: Not without difficulty. I encountered another old friend on the way. Marcus.
Vorador: I see. Then may I assume that another of the Sarafan Lord's Guardians have fallen?
Kain: You may.
Vorador: Many times I attempted to persuade Marcus to join with us. But he would not heed me.
Kain: My arguments were more convincing.
Vorador: I sense that Umah is being held in the uppermost reaches of the Keep. You must hurry, she is to be executed soon.
Kain: Where is the Sarafan Lord? Is he here?
Vorador: I do not know. His presence is masked from my senses. But you are no match for him yet, Kain. If you encounter him, hide. If he sees you, run.
Kain: Run? Hide? Vorador, you do not know me.
Vorador: Your task is to find Umah quickly. Let nothing distract you. The information she obtained from the Industrial Quarter may allow us to defeat the Sarafan Lord at last. Do not destroy our only chance with hasty action.
Kain (V. O.): How sickened I had become with weary admonitions of safety and care. How I longed to rend the flesh of my one true enemy, how I thirsted for the taste of his life's blood on my lips.
Vorador: Go, Kain, quickly. I will be watching.

Cutscene: Rescue[edit | edit source]

[Kain enters a tower and finds Umah's cell, protected by a Ward. He approaches the cell, but cannot get too close because of the Ward. Umah is chained to the wall. She looks up when he approaches, sensing his presence. Her movements are stiff; she is wounded.]
Umah: Kain. I thought no one would dare attempt to rescue me. You are either brave or foolish.
Kain: You will find me relentless.
[Kain moves closer and is repelled by the Ward.]
Kain: Ah...
Umah: There must be a Glyph nearby that powers the Ward. Find it and shut it down.
Kain: What was it that you learned in the Industrial Quarter? Tell me, in case I cannot free you.
Umah: Tell you now, before I am freed? What would you do in my place, Kain?
Kain: I would offer my rescuer a token of trust.
Umah: That information is for Vorador only.
Kain: (angrily)
Haven't I earned your confidence yet?
Umah: You have not rescued me yet.
Kain: Very well. I will return shortly.
[Kain deactivates the Ward imprisoning Umah, and frees her from her chains. She rises, stumbles, clutching her side where she is wounded.]
Kain (V. O.): You're hurt.
Umah: It's nothing. We must get to the roof. Once I am outside these ensorcelled walls, I can use a spell to transport us back to Sanctuary.
[They head outside, and encounter the Sarafan Lord.]
Umah: No!
Sarafan Lord: At last...
[The Sarafan Lord looks down on Kain and Umah. He slowly draws out the Soul Reaver.]
Sarafan Lord: (quietly, passionately)
What living soul disturbs my order? What creature dares shed the blood of my servants?
Kain (V. O.): He had the sword! Soul Reaver, the prize I had won a lifetime ago, was in his foul possession.
Sarafan Lord: (He narrows in on Kain.)
What is this?
Kain: You know me.
Sarafan Lord: No. You were utterly destroyed. So easily. Your name was drowned in the backwaters of passing time.
All your plans were set alight, and seared to smoke and ashes.
Kain: Let those words be your epitaph.
Sarafan Lord: You dare dream of killing me? That fantasy was quenched in blood long ago when I defeated you. And yet you have learned nothing.
Sarafan Lord: Such a pathetic creature. Dare you to challenge me again?
Kain: Die, fiend!
Umah: No, Kain –
[Kain lunges at the Sarafan Lord. The Sarafan Lord blasts Kain midair with the Soul Reaver, sending him sprawling to the ground.]
Sarafan Lord: Your death is fated at my hands. How many times must I teach you that lesson?
[Umah hurries over to Kain.]
Umah: He is too strong for you, Kain. With the Soul Reaver, he can kill us both. We must flee, and fight him when we are stronger.
Kain: No – release me. That demon of filth is mine!
Sarafan Lord: I am your fate, Kain. Now and forever. However long you delay, you will come to me, for your end.
[Umah casts her spell. He blasts at them again. The blast travels through them as they teleport away.
Umah and Kain teleport into Sanctuary. Vorador and a few other vampires are there. Umah collapses to the ground. Kain lifts her and brings her to a bed.]
Vorador: Umah! Alive – and safe. Kain, you have all our thanks.
Kain: I can follow orders, when it suits me. We met the Sarafan Lord.
Vorador: He showed himself?
Kain: He is a touch more powerful than I expected. And he has the Soul Reaver. Strange that you did not tell me this at the first.
Vorador: You are not ready to fight the Sarafan Lord. I told you that.
Umah: It was only by good fortune that we escaped. Vorador, I must speak with you.
Vorador: You have information for us, I know. You may speak.
Umah: I was in the heart of the main factory in the Industrial Quarter. Before the guards discovered me, I had found a huge central chamber that housed some kind of magic portal. This portal looked into a... place, the likes of which I had never seen before. And this portal was held open by a single source of magic, a stone set on a pedestal. Vorador, I believe it was the Nexus Stone.
Vorador: The Nexus Stone? Of course...
Kain: What is this thing? Explain.
Vorador: The Nexus Stone is an item of great power. It can bend time and space, to create doorways to any location within Nosgoth. I know not why the Sarafan Lord would be using it within the Industrial Quarter, but we could put it to great use.
Kain: And what use is that?
Vorador: One who wears the Stone cannot be harmed by the Soul Reaver.
Kain: And is this but a legend, to be proved false at the fatal moment?
Vorador: Oh no, no legend at all. It has been proven. The Sarafan Lord wore the stone when he defeated you, two hundred years ago.
Kain: What?!
Umah: How else could he have resisted the power of the Soul Reaver? You were unable to use the sword's power, and without it he was able to defeat you.
Kain: Then I shall take the stone, and use it to kill him. But know this: when I recover it, I will also claim ownership of it. I trust that is understood.
Vorador: Then you commit yourself to fighting the Sarafan Lord. There can be no turning back.
Kain: I was committed to that from the moment you revived me. Nothing will turn me away.
Vorador: So be it. You must use the subway to reach the Industrial Quarter, which lies in the northeastern part of the city. Find your way past the gate that blocks the townspeople from entering, but perhaps we may leave that to your invention. Umah?
Umah: Once in the quarter, look for the main factory complex. It is there that the stone is held.
Kain: I will return with the Nexus Stone, and the Sarafan Lord's head.

Chapter 6: The Nexus Stone


Dialogue: The Industrial Quarter[edit | edit source]

Kain (V. O.): I left the relative safety of Sanctuary and ventured once more into the night. The Industrial Quarter of Meridian was, I discovered, a heavily guarded fortress. Rather than assault it directly, I stole into the workers' commons and began my quest for the Nexus Stone there.
[Kain makes his way through a residential building to gain access to the Industrial Quarter. He finds himself on a balcony overlooking the main complex. Vorador contacts him.]
Vorador: (Whispers)
Were you followed?
Kain: Bah. These humans never looked twice in my direction. Little do they realize their future lord walks among them. Now, tell me of this place.
Vorador: Umah tells me the Nexus Stone will be found in the Main Factory beyond the Dam. There will be a gondola to take you there. If this is deactivated, you must look below for the Glyph to repower it, but be careful of the guards.
Kain: Have you any further wisdom to dispense?
Vorador: I sense the presence of another vampire close by. He may be watching you. I will Whisper you again, when it is needful.
Kain (V. O.): Once again I began to feel the obligations of power, to deal justice fairly to all. One day my people would know me again for their lord. But the vampires who were traitors to their kind would know me first of all.
[Two mercenary guards approach a palette of the explosive devices produced by the factory.]
Mercenary 1: Ever seen anything like that?
Mercenary 2: Don’t touch it! I've heard it's magical and dangerous.
Mercenary 1: Oh, they say that about everything. The workers move them all the day. C'mon, it won’t do any harm to –
[The first mercenary pulls a lever, detonating the entire palette, and demolishing the nearest wall of the room.
A glyph guard and mercenary guard approach Sebastian.]
Glyph Guard: Sire, a body! We found a body, sire!
Sebastian: It won't be the last. He's here. I sense the taint of his overblown arrogance. Tell the guards in the power chamber. He must not be allowed to approach the Nexus Stone.
Glyph Guard: Who is it, sire?
Sebastian: An old friend, who will learn his place in the world at last. If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary, report to me at once.

Boss encounter: Sebastian[edit | edit source]

[Kain approaches the Nexus Stone. As Kain approaches it, hand outstretched, a figure appears behind him. This is the vampire Sebastian. He is young, handsome and arrogant.]
Sebastian: Behold the great Kain, now a common thief.
Kain (V. O.): The fiend that dogged my shadow showed himself at last, and in the light, I knew him. Another visage from my past...
Kain: Sebastian! It is you who have been following me.
Sebastian: And how long it took you discover it. My master sent me, to prevent your meddling further. And now you must die.
Kain: Your master knows his days are numbered. I might have spared your life by asking that you join me, but I learned that lesson two hundred years ago.
Kain: You arranged the ambush that destroyed my army. You sold yourself to our enemy.
Sebastian: I dealt the blow that cost you the war. Glorious, was it not? So many killed, so quickly. And all my doing.
Kain: I never learned why.
Sebastian: Did you think I would serve, while you ruled Nosgoth? You, and not I? The Sarafan Lord knows how to value me. I am to rule by his side, and achieve what you never could.
Kain: You fool. Do you think that butcher will permit you to live one moment longer than he has need of you? I will save you from your disappointment, Sebastian, and kill you now.
Sebastian: I have waited two hundred years for the pleasure of killing you with my own hands. While you have been sleeping, my powers have been increasing. You haven't the smallest chance of defeating me.
[The battle ensues in a circular, industrial room, where the Nexus Stone is held. Jets of steam rotate around the walls. When Kain is able to throw Sebastian against the walls, he cries out:]
Sebastian: Ugh! It burns!
[After dealing enough damage, Sebastian begins running in circles along the walls.]
Sebastian: Getting dizzy, Kain?
Sebastian: (laughter)
Sebastian: Here I come, Kain.
[After being fried by the electricity in the center of the room three times, Sebastian calls out to a human worker in a protected observatory chamber off to the side.]
Sebastian: Jon, raise the dais!
Sebastian: I will destroy this precious jewel!
Sebastian: We will die together, Kain!
[Kain jumps up to the dais, but Sebastian retreats.]
Sebastian: Can't hurt what you can't touch!
Sebastian: You can't lay a finger on me!
[Kain mind controls the human worker to fill the room with steam, forcing Sebastian to fight him on the dais.]
Sebastian: Hah! No one fools me with my own trick.
[Kain grabs Sebastian and throws him into the steam.]
Sebastian: It can't be!
[Kain stands over Sebastian, who lies dying on the ground.]
Kain: Tell me of the Nexus Stone, and this portal. What is its purpose here? Speak, and I will spare your life.
Sebastian: (laughs and coughs)
Come, Kain. You lie in your throat and we both know it. You are going to kill me.
Kain: Indulge me then, before you die.
Sebastian: I'll tell you, so that I may see your face when you learn – you are powerless – you cannot win – your death is inevitable. The Nexus Stone's portal leads to an ancient Device, deep underground, that will spell your destruction, Kain. A new reign will begin in Nosgoth.
Kain: What is the purpose of this device? How will it serve the Sarafan Lord?
Sebastian: Alas, he has not entrusted me with that knowledge. But soon, everyone will know it. His plans are even now coming into fruition.
Kain: Where is the device? Where under the earth?
Sebastian: It lies beneath Meridian. Seek for it, if you will. I die happy in the knowledge that all your efforts will be wasted.
Kain: Oh Sebastian... Our destiny could have been glorious. The land was ours for the taking. History would have been rewritten in our image.
Kain: But not everyone shared my vision. And now, your time is up.
Kain: Your death will only make me stronger. I hope that knowledge comforts you, in your grave.
[Kain takes the Berserk ability from Sebastian, then approaches the Nexus Stone. He rips it from its housing. The Portal suddenly closes, ripping machinery and starting a chain reaction of explosions. The room begins to fall apart around him. Kain runs towards the window, and leaps out as the room explodes. Everything goes black.]

Cutscene: Return to Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

[After a pause, the scene slowly fades back in. We see Umah looking down on Kain. Kain sits up from the bed he was lying on.]
Umah: You are welcome back. How do you feel?
Kain: A little better than dead. How did I come here?
Vorador: You are fortunate. One of our vampires saw you thrown from the roof of the factory as it was destroyed. He carried you here. The Sarafan were too occupied to notice you. I see that you have the Nexus Stone.
Kain: And I see that you were courteous enough not to relieve me of it while I lay unconscious. I met another old friend, a vampire, guarding it. Before I killed him, he told me something... unsettling.
(Kain stands up)
He spoke of an ancient Device underground that will bring about victory for the Sarafan Lord. What do you know of this, Vorador?
Vorador: I have heard tell of strange discoveries deep underground. Ancient legends speak of huge machines deep in the earth, left by the gods in eons past. And I know of one who can tell us the truth of this matter. She is a Seer, a being said to be older even than I. We are fortunate in that she owes me a favor. Go to her, Kain, and learn what she knows.
Kain: Go to her? This city is a walled fortress. How do you propose I get out?
Vorador: There is a secret way out of the city. I will show it to you. You may follow a canyon that leads north to her abode. The way will not be easy. Strange beasts roam outside the city, preying on travelers. The people call them demons.
Kain: I believe I have met one of these already. I hope your Seer's knowledge is worth the risk.

Chapter 7: Wild Places


Dialogue: The Canyons[edit | edit source]

[A glyph energy-powered vehicle approaches a guarded gate.]
Sarafan Knight: (bored)
Name and business.
Carter: What's this? By thunder, every week I depart by this gate.
Sarafan Knight: (insistently)
Name and business.
Carter: Turo, bringing supplies to the garrison beyond the abode of the witch. Here is my toll.
Sarafan Knight: The bridge is fallen.
Carter: Again? And they've not repaired it?
Sarafan Knight: There’s more important matters afoot. A company's being sent out.
Carter: The smugglers are to be destroyed at last?
Sarafan Knight: Smugglers? There's worse than that infesting the roads. But now the culprits will be dealt with.
Carter: At long last. Why pay such high tolls if they won't keep the roads open, that's what I say.
Sarafan Knight: Hold your tongue! Or you may not keep it long. Open the gates, there!
[A single Sarafan Knight searches a passage through the canyons with his weapon outstretched.]
Sarafan Knight: (terrified)
Whatsoever you be, show yourself!
You found the others –
[He is attacked and easily killed by a lesser demon.
Kain comes upon a single ore refinery worker who is crawling on the ground, injured and babbling incoherently.]
Refinery Worker: I told them! She cursed them. I told them! The old witch – her minions will come and slay us all. I told them!

Cutscene: The Seer[edit | edit source]

[The camera cuts to Kain as he enters the house. A woman stands with her back to him.]
Seer: Be gone, Dark One. I did not send for you.
[Kain moves forward.]
Kain: And yet, here I am.
[The woman turns. She is young, petulant, and stylishly dressed.]
Seer: So I see. Kain, the disrupter. The pebble in the pond, who destroys all he touches.
Kain: You know me, woman?
Seer: Better than you know yourself.
Kain: Then do you know why I am here?
Seer: Perhaps.
Kain: I seek information, and I must have it. What can you tell me of the Device?
Seer: The Device?
(laughs softly)
You're playing a dangerous game. Return to your night hunting, vampire. Enjoy what time remains to you, short though it is.
Kain: I desire far more than blood. Where is the Device? I will not go without an answer.
Seer: Do you so enjoy being Vorador's lap dog?
Kain: I am no man's dog, witch.
Seer: No. I see that now. I sense your conviction... I shall help you. If Nosgoth is ever to be healed, the Device must be destroyed. And you, of all men, could be the one to do it. Know this: the Device has lain dormant, beneath Meridian for time beyond time. But now the Sarafan Lord has empowered the machine to unleash its destruction upon the land. The entrance to the Device lies in the heart of the city itself, under the very noses of the aristocracy. You will know the building by this sign:
[She raises her hand again, and an image of the TK switch appears before them.]
Seer: You will see this more than once, but the first one will show you the entrance to the Device. No human can operate it. But a vampire could.
Kain: What must I do?
Seer: Come here.
(she holds out her hands)
Drink. Drink my blood. Now!
Kain: (rears back)
What manner of creature are you? You are like no vampire that I have seen.
Seer: Who I am, what I am, is of no concern to you.
Time presses –
[An explosion rocks the house. Kain turns.]
Seer: He is here. Do as I tell you. If you are to destroy the device and save Nosgoth, you must drink.
[The Seer offers her wrist again. Kain bites down and drinks.]
Seer: Agh! Good, yes, drink, my dark prince. Feel my powers coursing through your veins. You can manipulate objects already by sheer will alone. But as you were taught, you can only use this ability at close range. By drinking my blood, you will be granted the gift of Telekinesis. You will be able to manipulate objects at a great distance. And, you will be able to activate this symbol, and enter the Device.
[The camera cuts to outside the Seer's house. We see the Sarafan Lord and several Sarafan archers perched nearby.]
Sarafan Lord: Bathe them in fire. Let them learn, as they writhe in the flames and their bones dissolve, the futility of their actions. The vampire, and all of his kind, shall be razed from the land.
[He levels the Soul Reaver at the Seer's house and fires off a blast of energy.]
Sarafan Lord: This world will be made pure by my hand.
[The Sarafan Lord gives a signal, and the archers launch a volley of fire arrows that rain down onto the house, setting it alight.]
Sarafan Lord: I will give you the peace you seek, Kain. Your death beckons you.
[Cut to the inside, where Kain looks up quickly.]
Seer: He has found you. Your destiny draws even closer. I will transport you to the entrance of the Device. From there, use your new-found ability to gain entrance.
Kain: What of you, Seer? Escape with me. I am in need of allies.
Seer: Am I your ally? My fate lies along a different path. Goodbye, Kain.
[The Seer teleports him away.]

Cutscene: The Beast[edit | edit source]

[Kain has entered the Hylden building. He descends into a dark corridor of alien architecture, and finds himself in a cavernous room that houses the Beast. The Beast is a wretched, deformed creature attached in numerous ways to a large machine that seems to grow out of the ground. The machine is extracting the Beast's life essence from him at a low level as Kain approaches. This is discernable through the clear tubes that are drawing this essence from him, and the low, slow sound of the machine's workings. When the Beast rouses himself, the machine starts working faster.]
Kain (V. O.): Strange how one's life casts a shadow far beyond one's own understanding. Here, in this alien vault, I discovered a being whose existence was entwined with mine far more than I could ever imagine.
Beast: (opens his eyes; almost without energy)
Who disturbs me?
(looks at Kain)
Not one of my captors...
(rouses suddenly)
[The machine sounds increase, the machine works faster. Obviously, any energy exerted by the Beast is harvested from him instantly, and painfully, by the machine. The Beast gasps and falls back down. After awhile, the machine slows as well, leaving the Beast breathing hard.]
Kain: You know me, monster? My memory at present has its flaws, but I should certainly remember such as you.
Beast: (lying still, looking up)
We have not met. I know of you, of course. That you can return from the dead gives hope to us all.
Kain: I seek an ancient device of great power. I am prepared to kill any who stand in my way.
Beast: Have no fear of me. I am enslaved by the fiends that built this monstrosity, to feed this machine with my life.
Kain: Then perhaps we have an interest in common. I am here to destroy the device.
Beast: Yes. Yes, I can help you, then.
[The Beast sits up carefully, to address Kain more clearly. The machine speeds up in response. The Beast carefully husbands his energy as he explains.]
Beast: That which you seek is too great for you to destroy alone. It descends far underground, it rivals a city in its size. To destroy the device, you must seek out the being that built it.
Kain: The Sarafan Lord?
Beast: No, no, it is older, far older.
[The machine starts working faster, as the Beast struggles to explain.]
Beast: Those who dwelt in Nosgoth eons ago left some structures in their passing. The device is one. The Sarafan Lord discovered how to use it. Only the Builder can make it stop.
Kain: Do you mean to tell me that this being still lives? Impossible.
[The Beast is gasping in pain, the machine inexorably drawing away his life force.]
Beast: He is... listen to me. There is a place in Nosgoth, far to the north, where time means nothing, where hours and years are frozen for eternity. The Eternal Prison. The wretches imprisoned there pay for their crimes for eternity. The builder is there.
[The Beast falls back, exhausted.]
Kain: The Eternal Prison. I have heard of such a place. I did not realize it was so close to Meridian. How do I reach it?
Beast: (quietly)
There is a tunnel leading out of the city through this room. It will take you into the Prison.
Kain: And if this builder refuses my help?
Beast: Tell him you wish to destroy the device. Believe me, he will aid you.
Kain: I hope, for your sake, that what you have told me is true.
Beast: (laughs a little)
You may believe me. Destroying the device... will free me... at last. I will be in your debt, Kain.

Chapter 8: Bad Blood


Dialogue: The Eternal Prison[edit | edit source]

[Kain enters the towering mountainside gates of the Eternal Prison, which face out toward the dark coastline. He is immediately greeted by a wraith-like creature.]
Prison Guardian: You there! I don't know you. Are you a guest? A visitor? An intruder? We do not permit guests to disturb our routine. We are involved in important work here, and nothing – nothing – must be allowed to interfere. This is a place where those who have transgressed the laws of the gods and man, and so have created a dangerous imbalance within themselves, contemplate the wrongs that they have done, through peaceful, uninterrupted meditation, until they have regained the balance of their true, perfect inner nature. This process must not be interrupted for any reason, until a spiritual transformation has been achieved, however long that may take. Thus, no guests, no visitors, are allowed. And intruders, we know how to deal with. Go. Now.
[Once again, Kain is halted by a warden, this time in a room filled with clocks, and housing an orrery.]
Prison Guardian: You there! I see you have not yet found your way out. I suggest you do so. Your presence may disrupt the progress some are making toward fulfilling the inner balance of their perfect nature, and that cannot be allowed. Heed my warning and depart at once!
[Another warden, identical in appearance to the first, activates a switch on the orrery. The clocks respond, and Kain is transported to another time/place within the prison.
On his way back to the room he was banished from previously, he is halted once more.]
Prison Guardian: You! Have I not told you that you do not belong in this place? Have I not told you to go? But you have not heeded my warnings. Now I must explain my meaning in a manner you are sure to understand!
[A loud voice is heard in the distance as a human prisoner comes running up to cower at the opposite side of some iron bars near Kain.]
Male Eyeless Wretch: Help me! Let me out of here! I didn't do nothing! Don't let him get me! Help me! Help me!
[The source of the voice makes itself known as a severely-mutilated vampire lumbers forward, still attached to torturous machinery.]
Mad Vampire: ...Meat... It must be blanched! It must be poached! It must be fresh! Where is my meat?! Sopping with blood! Running with gore! Here? There!
[Two wardens appear to block the deranged vampire from reaching the human prisoner.]
Prison Guardian 1: Stop that. You know you're not allowed back there.
Prison Guardian 2: Get back!
Mad Vampire: Give me meat! Fourteen-hundred ounces every day! And it will be fresh, and on two legs. Or in this case, four!
[The deranged vampire leaps upon the wardens, killing them both, before turning to the cowering human.]
Mad Vampire: No, no, I've had my allotment. Fourteen-hundred ounces, or twenty stone. You may go!
[He picks the human up and throws him through a glass window, killing him. The mad vampire then chases after Kain until he slips and falls into a hole filled with water, allowing Kain to escape.]

Cutscene: The Builder[edit | edit source]

[Kain completes a puzzle that rotates the Builder's cell to Kain. Kain steps forward and opens the cell. Inside is the Builder, who resembles the Hylden in his features, although he looks withered and close to death.]
Kain: Prisoner. I require information.
[The Builder slowly opens his eyes and looks up at Kain.]
Builder: You... are not a jailor. I beg you, release me...
Kain: First, you must answer me. I seek a prisoner in this place, a builder. He created a large Device that lies below the city of Meridian.
Builder: Seek no further. I am he.
Kain: How fortunate. I intend to destroy this Device. I was told only you can tell me how.
Builder: I can indeed help you, but in return I need an end to my suffering.
Kain: Tell me of the Device and I will grant you any request within my power.
Builder: Yes, yes... The Device was built as a weapon, eons ago when two races warred with each other for dominance of Nosgoth. It houses an ancient creature, whose very mind is capable of killing any living thing with but a thought. The Device was to channel the mental energy of this creature, and direct it onto Nosgoth. It would attune the creature's mind to kill all living creatures except for my race. Before it could be completed, however, I was imprisoned here, and the rest of my race was banished to another, far more terrible, realm.
Kain: So this Device was never finished. And yet the creature still lives within it?
Builder: It was dubbed "The Mass". It is eternal and deadly, yet harmless without a channel for its mind. We never completed the weapon. We needed a way to send its energy out of the Device and into the land itself. We needed a conduit throughout the cities, a network, if you will. Once this network was created, the Device would channel the mental energy of the Mass, and send death upon our enemies.
Kain: (slowly understanding)
You say a network? Placed like a web throughout a city?
Builder: We never completed the network. We never used the Device.
Kain: But the Sarafan Lord will. The Glyphs! He is using the Glyphs to channel the Mass, to wipe out the city, humans and vampires alike! That must be his plan!
Builder: If this is indeed true, you must act quickly. It would be too large a task to destroy the Device itself. You must kill The Mass itself.
Kain: You said this creature was eternal.
Builder: It has a simple weakness. Blood is like poison to its system. And not any blood, but pure blood from the Elder races. My blood. My blood will poison and kill the creature. Drink from me, vampire, and use my life's blood to kill that which I created, out of arrogance and pride. Kill me so that the Mass will die, and the Device will be destroyed!
Kain: You have suffered here an eternity, poor wretch. I will grant you release from your prison, and I will carry your blood in my veins. I will bring the Sarafan Lord's plans tumbling before him.
[Kain tears into the Builder's throat. The Builder collapses, dead.]

Dialogue: The Eternal Prison[edit | edit source]

[Two more wardens appear before Kain after several more attempts to stop him by force.]
Prison Guardian 1: You have ruined everything.
Prison Guardian 2: Now these lives can never be redeemed.
Prison Guardian 1: Our great experiment, for nothing!
Prison Guardian 2: For nothing!

Boss encounter: Magnus[edit | edit source]

[Kain comes to a courtyard containing a circular pool surrounded by statues. On the opposite side of the courtyard, he sees the mad vampire, who has been hounding him since their first encounter.]
Mad Vampire: So many enemies, both stone and flesh!
Mad Vampire: I won't lift a finger! I will destroy you with my mind!
[He leaps to a pedestal in the center of the pool and begins trying to immolate Kain.]
Mad Vampire: (laughs)
Mad Vampire: I will divine from your entrails!
Mad Vampire: Be glad I only incinerate you!
[After being knocked from the pedestal into the water enough times, he cries out and runs into a larger courtyard on a level below.]
Mad Vampire: Water is not my friend!
[He runs around aimlessly, charging at Kain when he sees him.]
Mad Vampire: Where has he hidden himself?
Mad Vampire: What? Where? Who?
Mad Vampire: The spirits have told me to destroy you!
Mad Vampire: Prepare for oblivion!
[If Magnus collides with Kain –]
Mad Vampire: Feel my pain!
Mad Vampire: Even the earth shudders at my power!
Mad Vampire: (laughs)
[Sometimes, Magnus will add something to the phrases immediately above –]
Mad Vampire: You've confused me with a mortal.
[As Kain dodges the mad vampire's charges, he collides with the statues, allowing Kain to activate them.]
Mad Vampire: I didn't think it possible.
[After running into four statues and activating them, the central statue, which had been demolished, reconstructs itself. (It is, inexplicably, of Moebius.)]
Mad Vampire: What strange magic is this?
[Kain strikes a final blow that brings the vampire to his knees. Before Kain can finish him, the vampire looks up, and his crazed features have transformed into something more lucid. He looks around, confused. Kain pauses, claws back, ready to strike.]
Mad Vampire: The fog lifts...
(He focuses on Kain.)
Sire – wait...
Kain: What trickery is this?
Mad Vampire: No trickery, sire. I am your servant once again. Your champion.
Kain: Pathetic wretch. I have no...
[Stops. Looks at the Mad Vampire more closely.]
Kain: Magnus? Could it be?
Mad Vampire: It is I, sire.
Kain: How is this possible?
Kain (V. O.): Here, in this cursed place, was my finest warrior. The Sarafan had fallen before him by the score. Together, he and I were invincible. Until –
Kain: Magnus. The traitor. Is this your reward for betraying me to the Sarafan Lord?
Magnus: Sire, I did not –
Kain: You left my camp in the night to join with my enemy, like all the others.
Magnus: Sire, no. I wanted only to serve you. I thought, in my pride, I would strike a blow that would end the war. I went to kill the Sarafan Lord, alone. I was your champion.
Kain: You never returned.
Magnus: I failed you. I tried to kill him. Even now I cannot remember how he defeated me. I was struck down, helpless at his feet. And then through his foul magic he took my mind, and transported me here, to this hellhole. But what of you, Sire? I heard that you were dead.
Kain: Not so dead as some would like to have me. As you see, I have returned.
Kain: Magnus, my champion, you have suffered long enough. It is with pride that I grant you your death.
[With a quick movement, Kain kills Magnus.]
Magnus: Sire, my thanks...
[Kain draws the Immolate ability from Magnus' body.]
Kain: Go, my friend. Be free.
Kain (V. O.): As the rest of us, living or dead, can never be.

Chapter 9: Into the Depths


Dialogue: The Device[edit | edit source]

[Kain returns to the Device building after completing the Eternal Prison. Now the blood of the Ancient Being runs through his veins. Once again, he enters the Beast's chamber. The Beast lifts his head, and again, increasing motion on his part causes increasing activity on the part of the machine.]
Beast: I sense... a change in you. You found the Builder.
Kain: You are perceptive. He gave me his blood as a gift. I gave in return the gift he most wanted; death.
Beast: You are ready to descend to the Device. Time grows short. My life... is drawn from me. The Device is alive. You must destroy it.
Kain: What can you tell me of the creature within?
Beast: The slaves speak of it as... The Mass. It has great power... yet it is just an animal. The blood in your veins... will kill it...
Kain: How do I reach the Device?
[The Beast gestures weakly, and a wave of force pushes open the doorway of a passage. The machines respond, and the Beast collapses.]
Beast: This passage... will lead you there.
Kain: I will return when the device is destroyed.
[Kain moves to go.]
Beast: Wait... You must know... your true enemies. My captors. They are not of this world. They control the Glyph magic by which Meridian is enslaved. They pull the strings of the Sarafan while in the disguise of the Glyphwrights. They are called... the Hylden... And their leader is, of course –
Kain: – The Sarafan Lord.
Beast: They are powerful creatures, Kain. You will encounter them below. Beware their magic. Now, find the Mass... Destroy the Device.
Kain: You may toast my victory at day's end. Until then...
[Kain reaches a vast chamber which is almost completely filled by a throbbing life form that resembles a giant sea anemone.]
Kain: At last, I had found it; the foul Mass, hidden within the bowels of the Device. Here was the Sarafan Lord's ultimate weapon – his trump card, to be played against human and vampire alike. But I had my own weapon. I could feel the Builder's blood course coldly through my veins. If I could use it to poison this creature, the Sarafan Lord's plans would be ruined.
[Kain takes a series of lifts up to a platform overhanging the mouth of the creature and cuts his wrist. After shedding only a few drops of blood, the whole chamber begins to tremble violently, and the Mass begins to rupture. Kain flees.]

Cutscene: Janos Audron[edit | edit source]

[Kain returns to the room housing the Beast. The imprisoning Wards have been deactivated, and within the cage, there is a humanoid figure. The figure straightens up, and wings unfold from his back. Kain is taken aback.]
Janos Audron: You do not know me for the poor, oppressed beast that crouched here before? Behold, I am restored.
Kain: What are you?
Janos Audron: Not what, Kain, but who. My visage is unknown to you, but my name is not. Have you heard the story of the oldest vampire?
Kain (V. O.): Janos Audron? The legendary vampire of ancient days? How was this transformation possible?
Kain: But Janos is dead, his heart torn from his body.
Janos Audron: Not dead, but imprisoned in this place. My blood was needed to power the device, and feed the Mass within. Starved of blood and sapped of life, I devolved into that horrible creature. The moment you poisoned the Mass, I felt my strength return. That which is divine cannot be wholly suppressed.
Kain: Divine? Your imprisonment has damaged your mind, Janos. The curse of vampirism is no mark of divinity.
Janos Audron: You must delve further back into history, Kain, to know the truth of our heritage. Long ago, and long before I first walked the earth, vampires were god-like, and our kind ruled the land. But we were opposed by another race, similar to ours in power, but different in method and intention. The wars between us flamed for a thousand years. But we prevailed at last, and we banished our enemies from the face of the earth by powerful magic, sealing them into another plane of existence.
Kain: What has this history lesson to do with my task at hand?
Janos Audron: Patience, Kain. The race that fought the vampires was the Hylden, the very Hylden that you have just encountered. They control the Sarafan. They are striving to wipe out the vampires, enslave the humans, and reclaim all Nosgoth as their own. They are the evil that plague us once again, authors of the demons and the Device and all else that threatens the land. They have returned to enact a terrible revenge.
Kain: I thought you said that they were banished.
Janos Audron: They were, Kain. But several centuries ago, one of the Hylden was able to return to our world. He then used his magic to draw other Hylden through, but had not yet the power to begin a full invasion. He required an army, here, and humans to drain of energy. He learned of a legendary order whose purpose was to purge the world of vampires long ago. He revived this order, and the Sarafan were born again.
Kain: The Sarafan Lord. It was he that broke through. But how?
Janos Audron: Now we come to your part in this story. When you chose to destroy the Pillar of Balance, you caused a rift throughout the world, sufficient to breach through the dimensions.
Kain (V. O.): Was it I, then, who had engendered this war? No, I had been set, step by step, upon the path that led to this outcome. Hadn't this all been a Hylden plot from the beginning? My mind reeled at the implications.
Janos Audron: It was in this way that the Sarafan Lord was able to enter the world, by building a magical gate. This is the Hylden Gate. Close this gate, Kain, and all the Hylden within Nosgoth will perish.
Kain: The gate sustains their existence?
Janos Audron: Precisely. It is their umbilical cord to the other world. When it is closed, they cannot dwell in our world.
Kain: And so all the Hylden will die, and the Sarafan Lord, as one of them, dies as well. I see.
Janos Audron: Close the gate and kill the Sarafan Lord, Kain. Close the gate and shut the Hylden from the world once again.
Kain: And how is this to be done?
Janos Audron: Let us go to Sanctuary. Vorador must be informed of all that has occurred, and a plan can be drawn to finish this, once and for all.
[Janos casts a spell similar to Umah's teleportation spell, and they both teleport to Sanctuary.
Vorador and Umah stand in the shadows of Sanctuary. Other attendants are nearby.]
Umah: You should have sent me with him.
Vorador: You were wounded.
Umah: There is no way to know now where Kain has gone or what he is doing. Even you haven't been able to contact him –
[Janos teleports into Sanctuary with Kain. Vorador turns, Umah and the attendants prepare to attack.]
Vorador: What's this?
(to Umah)
No – wait.
Do I dare believe my senses? Janos? My sire? They killed you...
Janos Audron: No. Far worse. But that is a story for another time.
Kain: Or there will be no time, for any of us. Vorador, we need your counsel.
Umah: We were wondering where you were.
Kain: I have been doing what I said I would do.
Vorador: Kain, the Device?
Kain: I have destroyed it. But we are now faced with a peril even greater than before.
Vorador: How is this?
Janos Audron: The ancient history I will convey to you in a better hour, should any of us be so fortunate as to reach such a time. For this moment you must believe me when I tell you, your enemy – our great enemy, the Sarafan Lord – is one of a people that come from another world. His plan, beyond all others, is to bring this enemy race back into this world, from which my kind, in another age, once banished them. He must be prevented, or all our kind will perish.
Vorador: Sire, what must we do?
Janos Audron: He has created a base in this world, the Hylden City, across the sea. There he has opened a Gate to bring his kind into our world. My plan was to teleport us to the Hylden City, and launch a final assault on the Sarafan Lord, but now I find there is some kind of shield of magic that prevents me. If we are to fight them, that shield must be destroyed.
Kain: Vorador, where is the Hylden City? Have any of your spies brought you this knowledge?
Vorador: Umah, what do you know of this?
Umah: There has been, in the past months, enormous activity at the Wharves. Warships and freighters, loading and unloading in great secrecy. The few of our people who have infiltrated the area, and returned alive, have told me that the ships all seem to take the same course out of the harbor, but we do not know their destination.
Janos Audron: (to Kain)
It must be the Hylden City. Why else would there be such interest at this time? You must take a ship to the city at once. There, you must find and deactivate the shield, so whatever forces we can bring may come to your aid, and close the Gate for all time.
Kain: (to Vorador)
Have someone show me to the Wharves. I will make my way aboard one of those ships that is about to sail. When I have deactivated the shield, I will contact you.
Umah: I'm going with him.
Vorador: But I will need you here –
Umah: Sire, I know the Wharves. And where one may fail alone, two may succeed.
Kain: I have no need of a guard at my back. You will find me perfectly competent for this task, I assure you.
Umah: It is a chance we cannot afford to take. Not when all we have fought for is at stake.
Janos Audron: There is more at stake than you can imagine. Take help where it is offered, Kain.
Vorador: It is settled. I will prepare our forces for the final attack.
(He holds out one hand to Umah.)
Go well, my child.
Janos Audron: Go well, both of you.
Kain (V. O.): "Take help where it is offered". Yet I have always found that help offered when not needed is usually no help at all.

Chapter 10: Betrayal


Dialogue: The Wharves[edit | edit source]

[Kain and Umah arrive at the beginning of the Wharves.]
Umah: Vorador has said we must seek out a war galley. We should search the Southern Docks.
Kain: What are the defenses here?
Umah: The heaviest of all the Sarafan outposts. They control all trade and all travel to and from Meridian.
Kain: The Sarafan are nothing compared to what I have faced, and destroyed.
Umah: Don't be arrogant. Their finest warriors will be waiting within. The Glyph Knights are deadly.
Kain: We shall see.
[Umah stands beside Kain.]
Umah: Tell me one thing, Kain, before we go in. If you do kill the Sarafan Lord and recover the Soul Reaver, what then?
Kain: You know the answer to that.
Umah: Tell me.
Kain: Then Meridian, and all Nosgoth, will become mine.
Umah: And the vampire resistance?
Kain: You may do whatever you wish, of course.
[Umah moves closer.]
Umah: Of course.
[Umah, moving with blinding speed, suddenly rips the Nexus Stone from Kain's breastplate.]
Kain: What!
Umah: Do you take me for a fool?
Kain: You dare – !
Umah: Vorador has told me all your stories, Kain. He said that you would stop at nothing to achieve your great ambition: absolute power. And when you control Nosgoth, are we to believe that you would let us vampires live, and "do what we wish"? We are the only ones who could stand in your way. No, you will have to hunt us down and kill us, and how is that different from the rule of the Sarafan Lord?
Kain: I will not defend or explain my actions to you, Umah. No one, not even you, will stand in my way.
Umah: I thank you, Kain, for giving us this chance to defeat the Hylden for all time. But you have done enough. I shall be the one to find and kill the Sarafan Lord, and Nosgoth shall belong to the vampires once again.
Kain: You fool, you have not the smallest chance of surviving such a battle. Now give me the Nexus Stone, or I shall pry it from your thieving fingers as you convulse in death.
Umah: Now the beast shows his true nature, and so quickly, too. I wish it had been otherwise for us, Kain. Farewell.
Kain: Eunnh!
[Kain lunges at her, just as Umah teleports away in a flash of magic. Kain looks toward the Wharves, and we see a similar flash at the end of the bridge.
Kain comes to a closed, guarded gate leading to the docks.]
Gate Guard: No one's allowed through without the password. The fog's come in, and no ships will be sailing until they turn the lighthouses on.
[Kain overhears a conversation between two men.]
First Man: They won't let me down to the docks! They say it's because of the fog, but I need to get to my boat!
Second Man: Just give him the password, "North Star". He'll let ya through.
First Man: Thanks, mate. I owe you one.
[Kain returns to the closed, guard gate.]
Gate Guard: You again? Password.
Kain: North Star.
Gate Guard: Good enough. Come on, then.
[Kain approaches a man in an alley.]
Contact: Keep your distance.
Kain: Never fear.
Contact: Are you Kain? They sent me to help you. We must reposition the lighthouse so that the Sarafan supply ship will dock, and the drawbridge will lower.

Cutscene: Umah's Murder[edit | edit source]

[Kain rounds a corner and sees Umah, bleeding and backed to the edge of the water. A Sarafan Knight is closing slowly in on her, his sword in front of him. Two other Knights are lying dead on the ground. From Umah's point of view, we see Kain appear from the shadows behind the Knight and kill him. Umah's wounds are dire.]
Kain: We meet again, Umah.
Umah: Kain...
Kain: Yes, Kain. I thought you were to bring the Sarafan Lord to his knees?
Umah: (coughs blood)
I thought...
Kain: I know.
Umah: It seems... I was wrong. I could not carry the fight... alone.
Kain: You were brave to try.
Umah: Kain... I'm dying...
Kain: Yes. You are.
Umah: I need your blood... please... you can save me...
Kain: I know.(He reaches down and takes back the Nexus Stone, kneeling down beside her.)
Tell me, child. Do you see me ruling Nosgoth?
Umah: Yes... yes, I see it now...
Kain: And do you believe that Nosgoth rightly belongs to me?
Umah: ...I do... I do believe it, Kain. Please...
Kain: Then you may die, knowing the truth.
[Kain rears his claws back, and plunges them into her chest.]
Umah: No!!!!
Kain: You should never have betrayed me. You could have been my queen.
Umah: Kain...
[Umah falls back, dead.]
Kain: Now you have left me alone.

Dialogue: The Wharves[edit | edit source]

[As Kain finally reaches the Southern Docks, Vorador contacts him, unaware that Kain has just murdered his daughter in cold blood.]
Vorador: Kain, you must unleash the demon out of its cage. Then use the empty cage to smuggle yourself onto the ship. Kain, be careful...

Chapter 11: The Living End


Dialogue: The Hylden City[edit | edit source]

[Kain departs from the ship and begins to approach the Hylden City. Before him we see a flash of magic, and the Sarafan Lord steps forth. (He is no longer wearing his helm, and his face is now fully visible.) Kain steps closer.]
Kain: The charlatan emperor rears his head.
Sarafan Lord: You are far from home, dark one.
Kain: Spare your speeches, demon. Your secrets are known to me now. Your plans crumble like dust, brought down by my will.
Sarafan Lord: You have struggled longer than expected. But nothing has changed. You see before you your death.
Kain: Know you not that your vaunted Device is destroyed? Your hope of controlling Nosgoth lies in ruins. This world is mine!
Sarafan Lord: You understand nothing. You are a degenerate remnant of a cursed race, doomed to walk the night as a parasite, your life as easily snuffed out as those you feed on to survive. My race is but a warped parody of our former beauty. We are, like you, fallen gods scratching for our former power. But we will prevail. We will cleanse this world of your kind, and bring about a new, glorious age. Die, Kain.
[The Sarafan Lord strikes Kain with the Soul Reaver. The blade is deflected by a magic shield, created by the Nexus Stone. The Sarafan Lord draws back, surprised.]
Sarafan Lord: The Nexus Stone!
Kain: (laughs)
Fitting, isn't it? The very item you used to defeat me, now turned against you. You are finished.
Sarafan Lord: It matters not. The Gate remains open, and even as we speak, my army, the likes of which this soft world has never seen, prepares to enter. Nosgoth is still mine for the taking.
[The Sarafan Lord teleports away.
Kain comes upon two humans who are conspiring together.]
Male Human: It's not that simple.
Female Human: Why not? If we stay here, we will die. That's certain.
Male Human: And where will we go?
Female Human: We could slip aboard one of those vessels. They bring people every time. They must come from where there are others of our kind.
Male Human: What if we're caught?
Female Human: If we stay, we will die. How is that different?
Male Human: What if the place the ships go to is worse?
[Kain steps from the shadows, and approaches the pair.]
Male Human: What was that?!
Male Human: He is the one! He must be – look at him! He is the one who is working against them.
Male Human: Sir, is it true? Are you the vampire who's been making war on the demons?
Kain: I am Kain. Do you know this place well?
Female Human: We do, my lord.
Kain: I must find the mechanism these creatures use to hide their presence in this city.
Female Human: He can show you. Go on.
Male Human: It is there, my lord – that building. I've heard them talking. The device you seek is within.
Kain: I thank you. Now tell me, what is that?
Male Human: That is the only way to get within. The doors to the building no longer function.
Female Human: Like so much of this place.
Kain: And that one there?
Male Human: We don't know.
Female Human: But our stories tell us, that is where the demons first appeared in our world.
Kain: Stories? How long have your kind been in this place?
Female Human: We have been here forever. Our oldest fables tell us that our gods abandoned us here.
Male Human: There are others like us – new ones – soft ones. The demons bring them here from other places to work. They tell other stories.
Female Human: They had no knowledge of the arrival of the demons. We had to tell them.
Kain: Enough. Be silent. That building surely leads to the Gate, but first, I must destroy the device.
Kain (V. O.): How long had the Hylden held a foothold here, while we, unsuspecting, fought and triumphed in our own petty wars above?
[A greater demon spontaneously appears and kills the humans. Kain runs away.]

Cutscene: The Cavalry Arrives[edit | edit source]

[Kain is within the Hylden City and has just shut off a large Ward Generator. He receives a Whisper from Vorador:]
Vorador: (Whispers)
Kain, the Hylden City's defenses have been broached. Janos can no longer sense a Ward barrier.
Kain: My doing. I have shut down their foul magics, at least for a time.
Vorador: Then we are ready to help you. Janos is casting a spell that will bring us to you in moments.
Kain: Excellent.
Vorador: I look forward to thanking you, in person, for saving Umah's life.
Kain: ...Yes, of course.
[Magic swirls close to Kain, and Janos and Vorador appear.]
Janos Audron: I will try to detect the location of the Hylden Gate.
[Janos begins to meditate.]
Vorador: Where's Umah, Kain? I cannot sense her.
Kain: She will not be joining us.
Vorador: Umah is dead, is she not? Were you too late?
Kain: No. She suffered the fate she deserved. She stole the Nexus Stone from me.
Vorador: So you refused to help her?
Kain: I dealt with her as I deal with all traitors. I killed her accordingly.
Vorador: You did what?
Kain: I did as you would have done, Vorador, to any, human or vampire, who defied your will.
Vorador: Monster...!
Kain: She chose her fate. Was she acting as the dutiful lieutenant, following her superior's orders? I care not. What's done is done.
Vorador: We were wrong ever to trust you.
Kain: Do you so wish to return to the grave, old friend? You are in no position to challenge me.
Janos Audron: We have no time for this discord. I sense that the Hylden Gate is nearby. I can transport us there.
Kain: (to Vorador)
We will settle this in good time. Tonight, the Sarafan Lord dies. Tomorrow, we shall see...
[A blast shoots forth that cleaves through Vorador's chest.]
Vorador: Aaagh!!
[Janos whips around, eyes blazing. He, too, is blasted to the ground.]
Janos Audron: Aaagh!!
[The Sarafan Lord is suddenly present with the Soul Reaver raised.]
Sarafan Lord: This round is mine, dark one.
[The Sarafan Lord once again teleports away. Kain turns to see Janos kneeling.]
Janos Audron: I must tend to Vorador. Proceed without us, Kain. I can teleport you to a place near the Gate, but you will have to close it on your own. Use the Nexus Stone. Cast it into the Gate, and the magic of the Stone will destroy it utterly.
Kain: Cast your spell then, and let us finish this.
[Kain is teleported away.]

Boss encounter: The Sarafan Lord[edit | edit source]

[Kain reaches the Gate and finds the Sarafan Lord before it.]
Kain (V. O.): At last, I had hunted my prey to his very lair. The Hylden Gate was before me, from which the Hylden General, in his guise of the Sarafan Lord, planned to bring forth his alien armies, and destroy us all.
Kain: Turn, vile demon. Your reckoning day has come.
Sarafan Lord: Kain.
Kain: Did you think you could defeat me? All your plans are revealed, together with your true nature. Turn, and enter the Gate you have fashioned, and join your kind before I obliterate it, or stay, and be destroyed upon its rubble.
Sarafan Lord: I confess, I did not expect to find you here, at the heart of my endeavor. You are, indeed, a more capable adversary than I had thought possible.
Kain: You can ponder on that thought when you have made your choice – return to exile, or death.
Sarafan Lord: Do you think the game is over? Do you think it will end with me? Have you not wondered why so many of your trusted henchman, time and again, bend their knees before me, accept me as their lord, and join their cause to mine?
Kain: Cowards and traitors deserve no second thoughts, only their complete annihilation.
Sarafan Lord: Did it not occur to you that perhaps my cause, and not yours, is the cause of right? Of justice? That your ambition to rule this world is but the youthful craving of a petty noble who has gained too much power, but never enough.
Kain: Silence, demon. Your need to corrupt is only too apparent. But every traitor that you have turned to your will from my side, even Umah, your latest spy, is dead.
Sarafan Lord: Umah? I have no spy called Umah.
Kain: You lie!
[Kain attacks the Sarafan Lord, who leaps back, and draws the Soul Reaver. The Sarafan Lord begins using the Reaver to fire projectiles at Kain.]
Sarafan Lord: You and your damned stone!
Sarafan Lord: You are outmatched!
Sarafan Lord: Why won't you just die?!
Sarafan Lord: That stone won't protect you from the vortex!
[Kain is eventually able to kick the Sarafan Lord off the raised platforms.]
Sarafan Lord: Do you still believe you can prevail? While you posses the Nexus Stone, my sword cannot slay you. But while you bear the stone to shield your life, you cannot use it to destroy the Gate. Stalemate, Kain. And mine is the waiting game. As long as I have not lost, in time, I am sure to win.
Kain: But I have not yet made my choice –
[Kain takes the Nexus Stone, and hurtles it into the Gate. The Gate proceeds, ever so slowly, to implode.]
Sarafan Lord: No – No – No –
[He now attacks Kain with the Soul Reaver at close range.]
Sarafan Lord: As long as I wield the Reaver, I am immortal!
Sarafan Lord: I have mastered the Reaver. I am your doom.
Sarafan Lord: I will rend your soul!
Sarafan Lord: I cherish the irony of killing you with your own sword, Kain.
Sarafan Lord: Kneel before my might!
[Kain blocks the Sarafan Lord's attacks and casts immolate on him.]
Sarafan Lord: My insides boil!
Sarafan Lord: My powers evaporate!
[The battle sends the Reaver sprawling. All at once, Janos Audron teleports into the fray. The Sarafan Lord turns on him.]
Sarafan Lord: You!
Janos Audron: Yes. Your prisoner, from whose blood you built your evil plans.
Sarafan Lord: What could be more righteous than to take our revenge and your freedom from the same source? Tortured eons of suffering are too good for you, Vampire.
Janos Audron: But not for you, Hylden, who has dared to set a corrupting foot upon this world after your banishment! Return to the demon dimension in which you belong!
Sarafan Lord: And by what right, cursed one, did you send my kind to that place of evil?
Janos Audron: By what right did you lay on us the curse that drove us from the light, and made us predators of human kind?
Sarafan Lord: It was justice for our banishment from the world. You see what it has made of our once fair race.
Janos Audron: I see you have taken your true form at last.
[The Sarafan Lord attacks Janos. Janos closes and grapples with him.]
Janos Audron: (fighting grunts)
Sarafan Lord: Then go – and see what it makes of you!
Janos Audron: Kain! The sword –
[Kain picks up the sword. The Sarafan Lord picks up Janos bodily.]
Sarafan Lord: I sentence you to the hell of your own making. A prisoner – for all time!
[The Sarafan Lord casts Janos into the Gate.]
Janos Audron: Nooooo! Kain...!
[He is gone. The Hylden Gate implodes further. The Sarafan Lord turns on Kain.]
Sarafan Lord: And now, it is your turn.
[The battle resumes.]
Sarafan Lord: Face me, coward!
Sarafan Lord: That sword will not save you.

Cutscene: Ending[edit | edit source]

[The Hylden Gate implodes further. The Sarafan Lord lies dying. Kain leans on his sword.]
Sarafan Lord: You have won the battle... but the war... between your kind and mine... will never end. Our banishment... in the demon dimension... also ensures our immortality... one day... we shall return...
Kain: Should your kind breach that place of banishment again, I will be waiting.
Sarafan Lord: (laughs painfully) will not live that long...
Kain: I have lived long enough to dispose of you.
[Kain dispatches him with the Soul Reaver, as the Hylden Gate is destroyed in a final implosion, and all the Hylden die. Kain stands alone in the wreckage, holding the Sword.]
Kain (V. O.): Umah...
Kain (V. O.): What was it she said to me in that fatal moment when she took from me the Nexus Stone. How would my rule differ from that of the Sarafan Lord?
Kain (V. O.): If you had lived, Umah, you would have learned the difference. You should have trusted me.
[The Glyph magic dies, the Hylden perish, and the Gate collapses into itself and disappears.]
Kain (V. O.): The war was over. And yet there was another still to be fought. The cruel masters of Nosgoth, the Sarafan, now leaderless, still had to be put down. There were cities to be rebuilt, and order to be restored. And a new rule, my rule, would then begin. To the victor go the spoils. At last, Nosgoth would be mine.

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