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Blood Vial (Health Gauge)
Gameplay Terms • On-Screen Display
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Legacy of Kain: Defiance Blood Vial
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO1.png Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996)
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The Blood Vial; also known as the Blood Meter, Blood Bar or simply Health Gauge; was a recurring on-screen display feature that has represented Kain's health throughout the Blood Omen arc of the series.

The Blood Vial first appeared in Blood Omen after Kain became a Vampire. The Vial; which represented Kain's health; was a red gauge to the left of the status box.[1] The Blood Vial would drain over time and as Kain took damage, but could be refilled by drinking the blood of red-blooded enemies, NPC's and Chained humans (including the use of Blood Gout, Blood Shower and the Flesh Armor), picking up blood beakers or using Blood fountains, the Sanctuary Spell, or the Heart of Darkness relic.[2][3] When Kain 'fed' in this manner, the eyes of the skull above the blood vial glowed red and the skull 'spat' blood into the blood vial; once the blood vial was filled, it would 'overspill' and blood would be wasted, but the Blood Vial could be extended by collecting Blood Vial items. If Kain's Blood Vial ran out he would automatically use a Heart of Darkness relic; If Kain did not possess one, he would 'die' crumbling to dust[BO1].

The Vial returned with minor cosmetic differences in Blood Omen 2's HUD (with the HUD appearing to the top-left of the screen). As before the blood in the vial represented Kain's health and would be drained over time and filled by feeding from enemies, NPC's and Chained humans.[4][5] A new system of Lore controlled progressive extensions to the Blood Vial as Kain drank blood. As before once Kain's Blood Vial was drained completely , Kain would 'die' crumbling to dust. Unlike Blood Omen however, the natural draining of the Blood gauge over time could not kill Kain, only damage could[BO2].

The Blood Vial returned in Legacy of Kain: Defiance, again with minor cosmetic changes, taking on a globe feature at the bottom of the on-screen display (now in the bottom left). As in previous appearances the bar would be depleted over time and with damage, (instead of 'dying' a drained health meter would cause Kain to flee using Bat Flight). The Bar could be refilled by drinking the Blood of enemies or Chained humans, or by drinking from blood basins[DEF] and could be extended by collecting Health talismans.[6] In Defiance, Kain could be killed by the natural depletion of the Blood Vial over time[DEF].

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Blood Omen, Kain had to be careful what blood he consumed; though red blood would fill his blood vial, black blood would drain it and green blood would poison Kain, continually draining his blood vial[BO1].
  • Blood Omen 2 presents the only time in the series when Kain refills his blood vial by feeding from corpses[BO2]. Most of the games use a waver state ensuring Kain feeds from 'stunned' enemies[BO1][DEF].

References[edit | edit source]

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