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Blood Omen 2 Chapter Locations
Canyons scenery
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Features Rock formations, steep cliffs, caves, fallen bridge, Waterwheel House, Smugglers Warehouse, large Sarafan/Sarafan Lord idol, Canyons settlement, Seer's Cottage
Inhabitants Smugglers, Lesser demons, Merchants, Industrial workers, Chained humans, Sarafan knights, Sarafan archers
Equipment Long Swords, Cutlasses, Short axes, Red hood attire
Items Red Lore coffers (6)

Blue Lore Coffers (6)
Weapon power chests (2)

Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Canyons is a playable location featured in Blood Omen 2, it is just outside of Meridian and is featured in Wild Places.


Vorador sent Kain to the Canyons in a bid to meet the Seer and uncover her knowledge of the Device in Chapter 7 . The Canyons were a set of deep valleys leading "north"[1] out of Meridian, as the title of the associated chapter suggests, they were considered a wilderness.[2] The Canyons were mainly used by the travelling merchant NPCs (who presumably brought supplies to or from Meridian), during their travels they were frequently under threat from Smugglers (who apparently raided carts and stole supplies)

Kain found that a major bridge traversing the canyons had fallen[3] (though whether this is due to Smugglers,Lesser Demons or natural causes is not elaborated upon) this meant Kain had follow the traders carts around the outside of the Canyons passing through several Sarafan gatehouses, unstable cavernous areas and through a Smuggler's Warehouse, eventually emerging in a demon infested area littered with corpses of merchants and Sarafan troops.

Following a set of tracks to an unnamed industrial settlement, Kain found it barricaded but littered with corpses. Beyond the settlement he found several Sarafan buildings before finally finding the Seer's Cottage, gaining from her the Dark Gift Telekinesis and being teleported to the Device[BO2].


  • Maps[4] appear to indicate that the Canyons are outside the walls of Meridian opposite the Slums/Smuggler's Den island and adjacent to the Sarafan Keep. Vorador describes them as leading "north",[1] though many directions given in Blood Omen 2 are disputed or contradictory.
  • The Canyons feature the largest Sarafan symbol seen in the game, carved into a rock-face next to a gatehouse that is on fire[BO2].
  • Kain can be made to walk around the gates barring entry to the fallen bridge, though there is little to see. The first part of this bridge seen also has a door that glows (indicating it can be opened), but it is locked and will only be opened with Kain activating the nearby alarm, summoning a Sarafan Knight from inside the room (it is revealed to be a tiny room barely big enough for the Sarafan Knight inside and with no doors indictaing further access to the rest of the bridge 'tower' structures)[BO2].
  • Despite it's fearsome reputation there are several settlers in the Canyons; early on Kain passes the 'Waterwheel House' seen in concept art as well as several Smugglers stores and a Smugglers Warehouse (it is also hinted that some of the NPC's may be working with the Smugglers unlike other merchants in the level, Smugglers are not aggressive to the NPC's in these areas), he also passes through the unnamed Canyons settlement and a set of nearby Sarafan buildings as well as the Seer's Cottage[BO2].
  • The Canyons despite being a wilderness do feature some interesting technology, primary amongst these are the Glyph magic powered 'carts' (which resemble early automobiles), locomotives (and tracks), cranes, conveyor belts, a refinery, water towers and many windmills can be seen, as well as Glyph Batteries and Ward gates . (Glyph magic is used in some of the smaller 'settlements' around the Canyons.)[BO2]
  • Lesser Demon infested areas of the Canyons are often filled with Human corpses (of NPC's, Smugglers and Sarafan Knights), indeed, Sarafan Knights and Smugglers can be seen battling Lesser Demons on many occasions (sometimes allowing Kain to slip passed unnoticed). Lesser Demon areas also contain huge sets of green webbing and many large pulsating cocoons in nearby trees, with many of their victims visible still struggling (though they cannot be freed or fed upon). Large webs are seen at the beginning of the Canyons, but these are grey and may hint at the later Demon spiders [BO2].
  • Human dialogue (by both Sarafan troops and NPC's) indicates that The Seer controls the Lesser Demons[5] and the company sent out by the Sarafan is to deal with this threat,[2] this seems unlikely given the later association between the Lesser Demons and the Hylden and that the Seer's Cottage has several Lesser Demon corpses outside. It may be that this was a cover story told to Sarafan troops to justify their assault.

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