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Raziel overlooking the Cemetery (Def)

The Cemetery was a playable location in Blood Omen and Defiance. It was a large graveyard located to the west of Ziegsturhl. Notably Kain's Mausoleum was inside The Cemetery.

When Kain was resurrected by Mortanius, he awoke as a Vampire in his tomb, deep inside his Mausoleum. Making his way out of the structure and gaining his first spells and artefacts along the way, Kain found himself in the wider Cemetery. Emerging from his Mausoleum, he discovered that the sunlight was now uncomfortable to him and as it began to rain he found that water was even more painful.

Sheltering from the rain, Kain explored the Cemetery's other mausoleums and found his first Flay artefacts. Shortly after his exit from the Cemetery, Kain was able to find the brigands that committed his murder. Kain took revenge, killing them all, but as he finished the deed he was warned by Mortanius that the brigands were pawns of a greater master. Mortanius directed Kain to the The Pillars and Kain left on the trail to Ziegsturhl, though he was able to return to the cemetery and discover many secrets.

Raziel was also to find himself in the Cemetery in Defiance after emerging from The Elder's Lair. Initially trapped in the Spectral Realm he was denied a chance to enter the Material Realm when The Elder God removed the Planar portals and soon after discovered the Elder's soul devouring agents - the Archons. Seeking a way to enter the Material Realm, Raziel explored the cemetery's mausoleums and found a new method to enter it through 'possessing corpses'.

Discovering Moebius' Mercenary Army inhabiting the Cemetery and overhearing them talking about a spirit haunting the Pillars, Raziel realised that he had apparently been trapped in the Elder's Lair for five centuries and was now in the Blood Omen era . Along with the mercenaries, Raziel discovered that several other enemies - the Revenants - were also crossing realms by spirit projection / possession, apparently just to follow him.

Further inside the Cemetery Raziel was able to find several ruins much older than the rest of the Cemetery and was able to gain entry to the teleporter to the Dark Forge within theVampire Citadel . Gaining the Dark Reaver from this forge, he was able to enter Kain's Mausoleum and passing through it, reached the ruins that were able to teleport him to the Light Forge and enable him to gain the Light Reaver . Utilising both Wraith-blade enhancements, Raziel was able to open an ancient gate, behind which was a trail that led directly to the Pillars.

Notes[edit | edit source]

As with many revisited locations in the series, the cemetery becomes a much more ornate and complex location in its Defiance appearance than it was in Blood Omen.

In both games, graves in the cemetery contain the names of Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics employees written in Furthark runes.

The Cemetery has apparently had usage for a very long time. Not only are there ruins which suggest Ancient Vampire origin in the Cemetery, but also given the geography of Nosgoth, it seems that the Tomb of the Sarafan (which would be uncovered in Soul Reaver) was buried somewhere beneath the Cemetery.

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