Chronoplast visions

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Chronoplast visions
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver term
A Chronoplast vision portal as it appears in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
Introduced in Icon-SR1.png Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1999)
Appearances Icon-SR1.png

The Chronoplast Visions were a set of 'portals' that showed Raziel what had already happen to him and also a possible future as a prelude to his battle with Kain in the Chronoplast at the end of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Vision Description Fulfillment
SR1-Cutscene-ChronoplastVision-1-009.png First Chronoplast vision:
The first showed Raziel's 'arrival' in The Elder's Lair, after being remade as a Wraith.
SR1-Cutscene-ChronoplastVision-2-006.png Second Chronoplast vision:
The second showed Raziel discovering the Tomb of the Sarafan .
SR1-Cutscene-ChronoplastVision-3-009.png Third Chronoplast vision:
The third showed his battle with Kain at the Sanctuary of the Clans; specifically showing Kain shattering the Soul Reaver blade against Raziel.
Fourth Chronoplast vision:
The fourth portal showed a future battle between Raziel and Kain, in a darkened room with Kain's symbol on the floor and Raziel armed with the Wraith-blade - This is interpreted to be Raziel and Kain's battle in Avernus, shown in Defiance.
SR1-Cutscene-ChronoplastVision-5-005.png Fifth Chronoplast vision:
The fifth showed Raziel striking down Ariel in a darkened room (not the Sanctuary of the Clans) and the wraith blade glowing bright yellow as a result - This is interpreted to be Raziel gaining the Spirit Reaver in the Spirit Forge, by absorbing Ariel's soul; also seen in Defiance
SR1-Cutscene-ChronoplastVision-6-007.png Sixth Chronoplast vision:
The final portal showed Raziel wielding a dark red wraith blade overlooking Nosgoth from a darkened balcony - this is interpreted to be Raziel looking out over Nosgoth, from Janos Audron's aerie, shortly after Janos' Death in Soul Reaver 2 . The Red blade being the newly imbued Fire Reaver .


  • The Chronoplast vision portals can be approached in either realm to trigger their respective visions - these will be identical in either realm although the intro-outro zoom is slightly different due to spectral effects.
  • The order of these events was slightly changed during the development process. In the Soul Reaver Later Beta, the order remains the same until the scene with Raziel standing in an opening follows after the Sarafan Tomb discovery scene, followed by Raziel confronting Kain and the scene with Ariel´s destruction appears as the last one. In the earlier beta, all of the visions simply play a video of the crystal dynamics logo and the intro-outro zoom shows a textureless 'brick-wall' style area as the portal textures are yet to be added.
  • Though the Chronoplast Visions appear to depict the events of future games (Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance), they actually show some Original Soul Reaver Storyline events removed from Soul Reaver before release - They show in order: Raziel's battle with Kain at Kain's Mountain Retreat (hence the Kain symbol and Kain' s missing (Blood) Reaver blade); Ariel sacrificing herself to give Raziel the 'Ariel Reaver ' to strike down Kain; and Raziel overlooking Nosgoth from the pinnacle of the Silenced Cathedral after opening the sounding pipes (the red wraith blade is actually the Amplified 'Kain' Reaver ).
  • It appears Crystal Dynamics intentionally remodelled the later scenes in Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance to resemble the Chronoplast Visions.