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Soul Reaver abilities
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Introduced in Icon-SR1.pngLegacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1999)
Classification Icon-SR1.pngEarned Abilities
Wielded by Raziel, Dumah
Obtained at Icon-SR1.pngChapter 8 - The Furnace, the Ruined City
Obtained from Dumah (SR1 boss)
Effect *allows Raziel to wind a constricting band of energy to stun enemies or rotate blocks and objects.
Restrictions *
Appearances Icon-SR1.png
"Consuming Dumah’s soul empowers you to wind a constricting band of spectral energy around your enemies. This energy manifests itself in both the spectral and material realms - and in the physical world, it can be employed to manipulate otherwise immovable objects."
―Elder God[src]

Constricting, also known simply as Constrict, was an ability which appeared only in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Role[edit | edit source]

Raziel gained this ability After defeating his brother Dumah by luring him into the Furnace Room of the Ash Village. The gift uses spectral energy to wind a constricting band around dial-like objects or opponents and can be used in both, the spectral and material realms. Humans, Vampire Hunters, and Vampire Worshippers can be killed by this gift if you successfully ran around them twice. The Vampires in the material realm are stunned when hit with Constrict. In the spectral realm it damages the Sluagh and Vampire Wraiths but you can not move objects. Doesn't affect bosses in both spectral and material realms.

Constrict was not seen again in Soul Reaver 2 or beyond, where Raziel was able to rotate objects with his claws.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Although this gift was originally evolved by Dumah it is unknown how and when. It could have been evolved prior to Dumah's death, like all the others, or after. It is a possibility that in his time as a vampire wraith, Dumah might have learned to harness the stream of life energy that flows between most wraiths and their victims and used it as a weapon.

The gift might also originate from Kain's Energy Bolt spell. Yet another possibility is that constrict is an evolved form of immolate that Dumah inherited from Kain. Both immolate and constrict circle around the enemy in order to harm them.

After Soul Reaver Raziel no longer has this gift, as the developers removed it for gameplay reasons. Fans have attempted to reconcile this; arguing this is because of his meetings with Moebius Staff and the Reaver blade in the Stronghold, with the constrict ability now working as the coil around Raziel's health bar when the Wraith Blade is aroused.

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