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Demon Hunters
Soul Reaver 2 faction
Demon Hunters symbol
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-SR2.png Soul Reaver 2 (2001)
Timelines Third timeline
Foundation Post-Blood Omen era
Dissolution • Post-Blood Omen era
Status • presumably Inactive (as of the post-Blood Omen era)
Leaders • Unknown
Forces Demon hunter axemen
Demon hunter swordsmen
Demon hunter cannoneers
Demon hunter attack dogs
Headquarters • Unknown
Territories Sarafan Stronghold
Enemies Demons
Appearances Wiki-Icon-SR2.png

The Demon Hunters were a Demon-hunting faction featured in Soul Reaver 2, encountered by Raziel in the post-Blood Omen era.The Demon Hunters were descendants of Moebius's Mercenary Army; with all vampires (except Kain) exterminated, Moebius's army shifted their focus to the demons and Mutants that began to infest Nosgoth after the Collapse of the Pillars.

History and Role[edit | edit source]

The three Human Demon hunter variants

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Pillars, the boundaries between dimensions were weakened and Demons began to penetrate into the Spectral and Material Realms.[1][2] With the vampires virtually wiped out, the now-leaderless soldiers of Moebius's mercenary army saw the demons as a greater threat to human populations and actively began hunting them.[3][4]

In the decades following the collapse of the pillars the army changed greatly to adapt to combat the demon threat.[3] Presumably to defend against the ferocious attacks of the demons, the demon hunters wore heavy all-covering armor and were proficient at blocking attacks[3][SR2]. Compared to their predecessors, the demon hunters shared similar attacking styles, with close-range swordsmen,[5] long-range cannoneers[6] and mid-range axemen [7] (compared with pikemen), albeit with more aggressive and 'developed' tactics, which emphasised powerful attacks over speed (including the use of a powerful two-handed axe weapon).[3][4] Similarly, Demon hunters like their forebears used attack dogs,[8] but these appeared to be a slower, more powerful breed[SR2].

Demon hunters surround Raziel

When Raziel arrived in the post-Blood Omen era a century after the pillars collapse, he was able to witness the Demon hunters and their enemies. By this time the Demon threat had become a dangerous infestation and few areas seemed safe, with even the previous headquarters of the people's army at the Sarafan Stronghold overrun. In this "ghastly future",[9] several previously 'inhabited' areas were abandoned and ruined, former flags and banners had been torn to shreds and the hunters themselves wielded somewhat primitive-looking weapons and were often overwhelmed in combat by the Demons[SR2].

The ultimate fate of the demon hunters is unclear and they appear in no further titles. Presumably they continue to fight the demon threat for as long as it remains, but how long this continues is unknown.

Members[edit | edit source]

Though Demon hunters were prevalent in the early Post-Blood Omen era, the leadership and structure of the order is entirely unknown. Basic Human troops all wore the same identical all-covering armor and variants were distinguishable only by the weaponry. Four variants were observed; the human swordsmen, cannoneers and axemen, along with their trained attack dogs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In contrast to their predecessors the human Demon hunters are noticeably all male and visually identical with the same armor and attire and even with the same beard, bald head and facepaint (which can be observed in textures). The variants are labelled in game files as "advhba", "advhbb" and "advhca" (with "avhdog" for the attack dogs)[SR2].
  • Despite supposedly being enemies, both the Demon Hunters and the Demons will prioritize Raziel in combat, temporarily abandoning their differences[SR2]
  • The Demon hunters were notably connected with Moebius's mercenary army;[3][4][10] with the Demon hunters suggested to be what became of the army after Moebius's death and Demons began to occupy Nosgoth's Material Realm. This relationship is also hinted in the symbol of the Demon hunters - a simplified, hand-drawn version of the symbol of the mercenary army (worn about the waist of the hunters - The symbol is noticeably less obviously displayed than those of the other hunter factions)[SR2].
  • Compared to the other 'hunter' factions in Soul Reaver 2, the Demon hunter faction seems perhaps less 'organised' - with no known information about the headquarters or leadership of the faction[SR2], though this may be indicative of the tumultuous time-period they inhabited and dangerous enemies they faced;[9] the Demon hunters notably share some similarities with the similarly 'rough-edged' and desperate Vampire hunters of the Soul Reaver era[SR1].
  • The Demon Hunters are only explicitly seen in the Post-Blood Omen era of the Third timeline and as the Demon Hunters were directly descended from Moebius's mercenary army, which did not exist in the first timeline, it is unlikely they were extant - at least in their Soul Reaver 2 portrayal - until Kain altered history and the Second timeline began.[3][11] Events following the Blood Omen era are unclear, but the weakening of dimensional boundaries caused by the Collapse of the Pillars may still have provided conditions for demons to infiltrate the Material Realm (as in later timelines) and thus similar (unrelated) Demon hunting factions may still have arisen in this timeline.

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References[edit | edit source]

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