Dimension (Reaver enhancement)

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Dimension Reaver enhancement
Balance Emblem enhancements
Kain with the Dimension enhancement in Defiance
Kain with the Dimension enhancement in Defiance
Introduced in Icon-Defiance.png Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Wielded by Kain
Obtained at Pillars of Nosgoth
Parameters *Charged Attack: damage mirrored on nearby enemies
*Reaver Spell: Teleportation used to attack several enemies
Appearances Icon-Defiance.png

The Dimension Reaver enhancement was an augmentation for The Reaver used by Kain in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Presumably created by the Ancient vampires, Kain gained the enhancement when he acquired the Dimension Fragment of the Balance Emblem .

Role[edit | edit source]

The Dimension enhancement was the third Reaver enhancement gained by Kain in Defiance. Kain found the enhancement in Chapter 5 in a small set of ruins east of the Pillars. Collecting the fragment, Kain found it had endowed the Reaver with elemental Dimension upgrading its power and allowing Kain to clear the mists over the Lake of Tears revealing the Vampire Citadel.[DEF][DEF-C5].

The Dimension enhancement caused the Reaver to glow with green energies. In combat its charged attacks would be mirrored onto nearby opponents, whilst its Reaver Spell allowed Kain to quickly teleport around a group of enemies, striking each one.[DEF][1].

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Dimension Reaver enhancement is titled simply as "Dimension" in the inventory and the Prima Guide[DEF][1] but is also known as the "Dimension Reaver" .[2]
    The Dimension enhancement in the inventory
  • The Dimension enhancement is also associated with Dimension and the Pillar of Dimension and it is named the "Dimension Pillar" in the Debug Menu. Strangely it is referred to as "reaver_hylden" in game files[DEF].
  • It is unclear how the Dimension fragment came to be in the precarious position it was found[DEF-C5]. Given Moebius' comments regarding the fragments of the Balance Emblem, it is possible that he placed the fragment there[DEF-C3].
    Dimension fragment symbol

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References[edit | edit source]

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