Ducket's Traders

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Ducket's Traders
Front Gate of the Ducket's Traders Warehouse
Gateway to the Ducket's Traders Warehouse
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects Human
Ownership Human
Status intact (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Features Meridian Script signs and grafitti, crate and crate moving machinery
Inhabitants Peasants
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Ducket's Traders Warehouse was a trading business in Meridian, featured in Chapter 3: The Lower City[1].

Making his way through the Lower City, Kain's progress was stopped by gatekeeper Duncan, who refused to let Kain through a gate to the workers area unless Kain told him who he worked for[2]. Visiting Cabal contact the Tapster in the Red Raven Pub, Kain was able to find that Duncan would let him passed if he told him he worked for Ducket's Traders[3].

Further on in the level, Kain passed the outside of the Ducket's Traders Warehouse, which was decked out by warning signs; "Peddlers Stay Out" and "Keep Out Private Property". Shortly afterward Kain was able to climb over the fences an enter the Ducket's Traders Warehouse. Entering by an upper loading window, he passed through the Warehouse, nearly fully stocked with crates and was able to use the machinery to drop several crates through floors and enable him to reach the sewers underneath the building, which allowed him to move further along the Lower City's main road and bypass a Ward Gate [1].

Notes[edit | edit source]

The machinery in Ducket's Traders allowed Kain to drop crates on several occasions, creating holes through the floors. Kain could also use them to kill NPC workers -the same mechanism could be used in the Bonus mode to swap the places of one of the NPC's and Kain, so that the crate was dropped onto Kain, it does not harm him and he doesn't react to it[4].

The outer courtyard of Ducket's Traders contained notable anti-Sarafan graffiti, written in Meridian Script, the message reads: "No Freedom Under Seraphan Rule"[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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