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Chapter 5
Find the Oracle
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain chapters
The Oracle of Nosgoth counsels Kain in his lair.
Game Wiki-Icon-BO1.png Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Protagonist Kain
Eras • The Blood Omen era
Timeline • The first timeline
Preceded by Wiki-Icon-BO1.png The Hunt for Malek
Followed by Wiki-Icon-BO1.png Vorador's Mansion (chapter)

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Dialogue: Malek's Bastion[edit | edit source]

[Observing the Oracle's Cave:]
Kain (V.O.): High up on the face of these cliffs, hidden amongst a complex network of caves, the underground sanctity of the wise Oracle of Nosgoth lay sleeping. Perhaps it was time to brave the winds, and seek out this Oracle, from the vantage point of the heavens.

Dialogue: The Oracle's Cave[edit | edit source]

[As Kain enters the mountains:]
Mortanius: Oh, little vampire, the game grows interesting. But with so many pawns, can you find the true player?
[After navigating the network of caves, Kain finally nears the Oracle's lair – and finds his museum. He examines a suit of armor:]
Kain (V.O.): Odd. This armor resembled that of the Ward and his minions. Yet, the steel seemed newly fashioned and untarnished by time.
[Examining a guillotine:]
Kain (V.O.): A guillotine, its blade still wet with blood.
[Examining a shield:]
Kain (V.O.): I recognized this crest from my youth. 'Tis the sigil of the Mighty Lion of Willendorf, bloodstained and rusted upon this battered shield.
[Examining a second shield:]
Kain (V.O.): The shield was newly crafted, its metal shone brightly in the firelight. The crest I did not recognize.
[Examining a tome:]
Kain (V.O.): Hidden amidst the many obscure artifacts in that museum, I discovered an ancient chronicle. This passage caught my eye:
"It was during these dark times infested with the plague of the undead, that the Circle brought the Sarafan to existence. Trained to be devoutly loyal to the Circle, and the perfect exterminators of the undead scourge, they were led to many victories by the righteous paladin, Malek. They cleansed the vampires with fire, and released their souls to more blessed realms. There is no wrath as terrible as that of the righteous."
I had read enough. At once disgusted and intrigued, I placed the book back down in that museum.

Dark Diary: The Oracle[edit | edit source]

[Kain enters a large cavern through a winding tunnel. Inside the cavern a small old man stands by a roaring fire, cooking something in a huge pot. He looks up as Kain enters.]
Oracle: A nobleman? Seeking wisdom? Death has taught you well.
Kain: Enough philosophy – I seek answers.
Oracle: Answers indeed. I have them all if you have the questions.
And what are the questions for these answers?
[The oracle throws something into the fire. The smoke reveals a great army marching across the land.]
Oracle: King Ottmar – the only hope to defeat the Legions of the Nemesis.
King Ottmar paralyzed by his princess' malaise.
King Ottmar the useless.
Pray good sir, what are the questions?
Kain: (with anger)
A pox upon your tricks and babble, old man! Answer me this: Who is Malek and how can I defeat him?
Oracle: (cryptically)
All in time sirrah. Yes, time. Unless you master it – it will master you.
And now it's time for your answer:
[The oracle throws flame powder into the fire.
Display of images.]
Oracle: Malek – defender of the Nine and last of the Sarafan sorcerer-priests. His vanity led to the slaughter of the Circle at the hands of the vampire Vorador. For his failing, his spirit was fused to a hellish set of magical armor. He has allowed no member of the Circle to fall since.
Kain: What of this Vorador?
Oracle: Follow the glow of the Ignis Fatuus to the Termogent Forest.
Kain: Ignis Fatuus?
Oracle: The Ignis Fatuus lights the path to Hell, nobleman. Your path.
Time Kain. Next time...
[The oracle disappears.]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The dialogue transcripts used in this article are adapted from Tenaya's original transcript of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain at Nosgothic Realm, and the pair of official Silicon Knights/Crystal Dynamics scripts hosted at The Lost Worlds as of 2012. As in the Nosgothic Realm transcript, some scene descriptions have had to be manually revised to reflect the finished product, but these edits are intended to be as slight as possible.[2][3]

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