Fire Reaver (Defiance)

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Fire Reaver (Defiance)
Defiance wraith blade enhancements
Raziel with the Fire Reaver in Defiance
Raziel with the Fire Reaver in Defiance
Introduced in Icon-Defiance.png Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Wielded by Raziel
Obtained at Fire Forge (Defiance)
Parameters *Lights Fire sconces
*Sets enemies aflame (prevents feeding if burnt to death)
*Charged Attack: ignites struck enemies
*Reaver Spell: fire explosion burns enemies causing panicked running reaction
Appearances Icon-Defiance.png

The Fire Reaver was a permanent elemental enhancement for the Wraith Blade created by the Ancient Vampires and wielded by Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

Role[edit | edit source]

With none of the Reaver fonts previously used to imbue the temporary enhancements making an appearance in Defiance, Raziel was forced to find more permanent alterations to the Wraith Blade[DEF], with the Fire Reaver the third of these enhancements that Raziel found[DEF-C6].

As Raziel made his way towards the Pillars of Nosgoth he discovered a sealed chamber nearby and a Warp gate that transported him to the Fire Forge within the Vampire Citadel. Defeating the spirits of the original Ancient vampire Conflict and Nature Guardians he was able to power the Soul conduits at the heart of the forge and use it to absorb their souls into the Wraith Blade, imbuing the Wraith blade with elemental Fire to create the permanent Fire Reaver, which could be selected at will.[DEF][DEF-C6]

Fire Reaver spell
Fire spell.jpg

The Fire Reaver manifested as an orange cored blade with waving orange energy. The Fire Reaver had several pyrokinetic abilities including a Charged Attack and a Reaver Spell that set enemies on fire causing major damage, though this power was offset by the inability to consume the Souls of burnt enemies in the Material Realm. The Fire Reaver could also be used to ignite Fire sconces.[DEF][1].

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Fire Reaver is the only one of all the Reaver enhancements to appear in every game in the Soul Reaver arc. It was only one of the Reavers planned for inclusion in the original Soul Reaver 'story', that made it into the finished game[SR1], although its appearance in Soul Reaver is more related to the Glyph style Reavers from that game and is possibly not an Ancient Vampire creation for this reason. A different temporary form was seen in Soul Reaver 2, gained as the fourth enhancement after the temporary Air Reaver[SR2]. Though not explained in Defiance, the loss of the Reaver fonts (necessitating finding permanent enhancements) was intended to be attributed to the actions of the Elder God, though this detail was cut from the final game.[2]
  • The Charged attack and Reaver spell of the Fire Reaver were originally to have featured in Soul Reaver 2 gained from a separate Fire Reaver augmentation but the enhancement was ultimately cut.[3]

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