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Glyph knights

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Glyph Knight
Blood Omen 2 enemies • Sarafan order troops
Promotional image of A Glyph Knight
Promotional image of A Glyph Knight in Blood Omen 2
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Race Human
Eras Post-Blood Omen era
Territories Sarafan Keep
the Wharves
Leaders Sarafan Lord
Affiliation Sarafan
Weapons Broadswords
Abilities Vampire Detecting Glyph Armor, Unblockable attack, Immune to Grab attack Decapitations,
Blood type Red
Plane SR2-Icon-RingMenu-Map.png Material Realm
Possessable No
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

Glyph Knights were a Sarafan enemy class featured in Blood Omen 2. Glyph Knights were first encountered in Chapter 5:The Sarafan Keep and reappeared in Chapter 10:the Wharves, they were arguably the strongest Sarafan unit encountered by Kain.

Kain first encountered a Glyph Knight in Chapter 5: House of My Enemy, on the roof of the Sarafan Keep, the knight had been made aware of Kain's presence and had been sent to guard Umah[1][BO2]; after dispatching the knight Kain was able to rescue her. Glyph Knights were later seen (and were far more numerous) in Chapter 10: the Wharves, where the heavily guarded stronghold was defended by them[2][BO2].

Glyph Knights were the elite troops of the Sarafan;[2][3] effectively an 'upgrade' of the Sarafan Knights (with whom they share many attacks) and with elements of Glyph guards; they wore red-colored heavy armor that was infused with Glyph Magic and would glow when vampires were near which made it impossible for Kain to sneak up on them.[4][5] They were stronger and more resilient than their Sarafan brothers and frequently carried Broadswords in their right hand and used a special armor plate on their left arms for defense. Like their Sarafan Knights subordinates, Glyph Knights were also immune to grab attack decapitations[BO2]. They apparently watched over the most heavily guarded Sarafan strongholds such as the Sarafan Keep and the Wharves[BO2].[2]

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