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Golden Ouroboros

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Golden Ouroboros
Soul Reaver 2 Unusable objectsDefiance items
The Golden Ouroboros in the inventory
The Golden Ouroboros in the inventory
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-SR2.png Soul Reaver 2 (2001) (unnamed and unusable)
Icon-Defiance.pngLegacy of Kain: Defiance(2003) (named quest item)
Wielded by Raziel
Janos Audron
Obtained at Council chamber, Vampire Citadel
Parameters Opens Spirit Forge
Used at Spirit Forge entrance, Vampire Citadel
Appearances Wiki-Icon-SR2.pngIcon-Defiance.png

The Golden Ouroboros was a quest item used by Raziel to open the Spirit Forge in Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It was also seen briefly in Soul Reaver 2


The Golden Ouroboros in Soul Reaver 2

The Golden Ouroboros first appeared indistinctly in Soul Reaver 2 as gold colored decorative necklace worn by Ancient vampire Janos Audron.[SR2] It could be observed in both scenes involving Janos, though it was not named or usable as an item.[SR2-C8][SR2-C9] With Janos's death, the necklace would remain with his corpse, which was later recovered by Vorador.[DEF-C8]

In Legacy of Kain: Defiance the Golden Ouroboros featured in a greater role and was again linked with Janos Audron.[DEF] It could be observed briefly around the neck of Janbos's corpse in Find Vorador,[DEF-C8] but came into its own as a quest item with the revival of Janos in Battle Kain.[DEF-C12]

The Golden Ouroboros door in the 'Spirit Forge Entrance' chamber

In the council chamber of the Vampire Citadel, sensing the opening of the outer chamber of the "innermost sanctum" of the citadel, Janos removed the Golden Ouroboros and gave the item to Raziel - revealing it as larger symbol depicting a snake eating its own tail. Raziel would only carry it for a short time, quickly taking the item to the "outer chamber" and using it to open the door to the Spirit Forge, where he was able to imbue the Spirit Reaver enhancement.[DEF][DEF-C12][1]


  • In Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the Golden Ouroboros notably visually resembles (and is named after) the Ouroboros - a sign usually symbolizing an eternally repeating cycle, that is seen throughout Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance. The Golden Ouroboros is not a complete version of the symbol however, as the body of the snake is broken and fashioned into two spheres, presumably to fasten it to the wearer.[DEF][DEF-C12]. When seen in Soul Reaver 2 the device seems to have a much simpler design, consisting of a plain gold band.[SR2][SR2-C8][SR2-C9]
  • The Golden Ouroboros is referred to as "cit_janos_key" in game files in Defiance.[DEF]


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