Greater Sluagh

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Greater Sluagh
Soul Reaver 2 enemiesSluagh variants
A Greater Sluagh in Soul Reaver 2.
A Greater Sluagh in SR2
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-SR2.pngSoul Reaver 2 (2001)
Race Sluagh
Territories Subterranean Pillars Chambers, Swamp, Dark Forge (SR2), Light Forge (SR2),Pillars area, Sarafan Stronghold, Uschtenheim, Air Forge, Janos Audron's Retreat, mountains area
Weapons none
Vulnerabilities sidesteps
Plane Spectral Realm
Appearances Wiki-Icon-SR2.png

Greater Sluagh were a Sluagh variant enemy featured in Soul Reaver 2. They were present in the Spectral Realm in a variety of locations, in all three eras.

Role[edit | edit source]

Greater Sluagh were a powerful sluagh variant enemy featured in Soul Reaver 2. They were green skinned, muscular and quadrupedal[SR2] and were effectively a more powerful variant of the common Sluagh seen in that game[1][2][3]; spectral realm scavengers that fed on the lost souls of underworld[1][3].

Greater Sluagh were powerful and aggressive close-range enemies, they were noticeably stronger and tougher than their Lesser Sluagh counterparts and prone to dangerous charging attacks. At close ranges they employed claw swipe attacks and bites, that although powerful, could be easily side-stepped. The relatively low height of the Greater Sluagh also made them particularly difficult to target reliably with attacks, often forcing Raziel to use weaker low attacks[3][2].

As with other sluagh enemies, Greater Sluagh were only found in the Spectral Realm and could refill their health by feeding on souls. When feeding, Greater Sluagh would 'stand up' on two feet and use their 'arms' to actively draw souls to their mouths, preventing them from attacking and leaving them vulnerable. As with regular sluagh, when defeated Greater Sluagh would become transparent and could consume souls to recover themselves unless they were consumed by Raziel[SR2].

Greater Sluagh were initially encountered as Raziel entered the Subterranean Ruins in the Pre-Blood Omen era and could be seen in a number of locations in all of Soul Reaver 2's eras, including the Sarafan Stronghold, Pillars area, Swamp, Dark Forge, Light Forge, Uschtenheim, Air Forge and Janos Audron's Retreat; though they were not always present in the same locations across all eras. They would often be encountered along with other Sluagh enemies[SR2].

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Greater Sluagh are referred to as "sluaghbg" in game files.[SR2]
  • The exact relationship between the Greater and common Sluagh in Soul Reaver 2 is ambiguous; whilst the Soul Reaver 2 Manual States that they are "larger brethren" to the lesser sluagh[1] and Prima's Soul Reaver 2 guide states the are "more dangerous version of the common Sluagh"[3], it is not clear whether they are a new sub-species of Sluagh or a natural development of the common sluagh.

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