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Hylden City
SettlementsBlood Omen 2 Chapter Locations
The Hylden City
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects Hylden
Sarafan Lord
Ownership Hylden
Sarafan Lord
Status unknown, presumably vacant (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Features Main Square, Floating vehicle, Shield Generator, Hylden dissections, Glyph Elevator, Raw Glyph Magic, Slave Pods, Flooded Rooms, Water Forcefields, Hylden Symbols, Ancient Hylden Murals, Hylden Gate
Inhabitants Slaves, Peasants, Chained humans, Hylden scientists,Hylden warriors,Lesser demons,Greater demons, the Shield Guardian, Sarafan Lord
Equipment Double-bladed swords, Broadswords, Spiky attire
Items Blue Lore coffers (9),
Weapon power chests (1)
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Hylden City is a playable location featured in Blood Omen 2. The city was a Hylden stronghold, based on what appeared to be an island chain, some distance across the Great Southern Sea from Meridian. The Living End (chapter) takes place entirely in the Hylden City.

Layout and Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Hylden City was a large Hylden fortress seen in Blood Omen 2. It was inhabited by and acted as a base of sorts for the post-banishment Hylden in Nosgoth's Material Realm for centuries after the Pillars' collapse. Kain first learnt of the existence of the Hylden City from Janos in Chapter 9:the Device.[1] Stowing on board a Sarafan supply ship from the Wharves, Kain travelled to the Hylden City,[2] attempting to deactivate the Shield Device and destroy the Hylden Gate. The Hylden City consisted of a large entrance building which led to an elevator down to the 'Main Square,' which was a large courtyard filled with water with many walkways for traversing the square[BO2]. Around the square were buildings for the Shield Generator and the Hylden Gate Entranceway. Kain used the walkways and buildings around the side of the square to reach and board the Floating vehicle, which he used to cross the main square and reach the Shield Generator building.[3]

Defeating the Shield Guardian and destroying the Shield Generator, Kain enabled Janos and Vorador to Teleport to the Hylden City[4] (but after a brief encounter with the Sarafan Lord, both were incapacitated). Janos Teleported Kain to the Hylden Gate entranceway which led to another elevator down and out to the Hylden Gate building itself, a domed building on a pier jutting out into the sea[BO2].

see also Sarafan Lord (boss).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Hylden City concept art
    The Blood Omen 2 Prima Guide repeatedly refers to the Hylden City as the "Hylden Gate" and titles the last Chapter as "Chapter 11:The Hylden Gate:The Living End";[5] this is probably a reference to an earlier build of the game (as seen throughout the Blood Omen 2 Prima Guide and hinted at in many Prima Guides), as both the chapter and location are called the "Hylden City" in the finished game[BO2].
  • The exact age and origin of the Hylden City is not conclusively discussed. In Chapter 9:the Device, Janos suggests that the Sarafan Lord "created a base in this world, the Hylden City"[1] (this would explain similarity in some architecture with the Sarafan Keep); it is possible however, that the Sarafan Lord simply chose to re-inhabit an older Hylden stronghold rather than construct an entirely new one. Either way, the city was old and incredibly run-down by the time of Blood Omen 2, with many of the walkways and bridges across the city broken or missing altogether, several rooms flooded[BO2], and with dialogue suggesting that little of the machinery in the city still functioned (including several doorways).[3]
  • The Hylden City has no specific usage of the usual Glyph magic network throughout the level (it's likely it would have been left out of the Glyph magic network due to the intended use of the Device); instead, the Hylden City seems to feature the usage of a kind of raw 'Glyph energy' with several instances of green glowing 'liquid' and green glowing symbols and devices apparently providing power. As with the Glyph magic in the Industrial Quarter, there seems to be a link between the Glyph energy and water; the Hylden also employ several 'force fields' (in place of Ward gates) which appear to be composed of water[BO2].
  • The water level around much of the Hylden City (presumably all the Great Southern Sea) appears to vary around the city: Kain arrives at sea level, descends several levels in an elevator, arrives at the 'main square' (which is at the water's level), and seems to descend slightly more before arriving at the Hylden Gate Building, which is again at sea level. Given that once he entered the 'Hylden Gate building' Kain again descended using an elevator, it would appear that the main portal area was in fact under the water's level[BO2].
  • Hylden scientists are shown throughout the Hylden City along with evidence of dissection, perhaps indicating an interest in the anatomy of Nosgoth's creatures. As with the Device, several Human Slaves are shown in pods[BO2].
  • A set of Murals throughout the Hylden City depicts the apparently fair appearance of the Ancient Hylden [BO2].

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References[edit | edit source]

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