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Blood Omen 2 unseen character
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Introduced in • N/A (unseen character)
Race Human
Gender • Male
Birth era • The post-Blood Omen era
Status Wiki-Icon-BO2.png Uncertain
Titles • Seaman
Territories • The Wharves, Meridian
Affiliation • None/unknown
Native realm Material Realm
Mentioned in Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

Jack was an unseen, yet named minorhuman character, mentioned in Blood Omen 2.

Jack was a human fisherman, who worked and resided in the Wharves of Meridian. His profession was apparently a 'family tradition' as his brother and father had both perished by drowning (suggesting a seafaring background) and consequently Jack himself "wouldn't have minded drowning".[1] Jack apparently lived with a female relative (possibly his mother or wife) and he left "at dawn"[1] one morning to go fishing with a friend "Young Plunkett".[1] When the pair did not return, Jack's 'mother' ventured to the waterfront to find that the boat and fishing net were apparently untouched, perhaps suggesting the pair never made it to their boat.

The next day (In Betrayal (chapter)) Kain passed through the Wharves and along the waterfront, where he could encounter Jack's "distraught" 'mother' discussing the whereabouts of Plunkett and Jack with a more "apathetic woman"[BO2].[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Jack's female relative is labelled as "distraught woman"[1] in scripts and she is not named; neither are his mentioned father and brother.
  • Neither Plunkett nor Jack has their NPC class identified; the women talking about them are Female Peasants, yet fishermen in the Wharves tend to use the Merchant NPC model[BO2].
  • Though the fate of Jack and Plunkett is unknown, Jack's female relative suggestion that the boat and fishing net were untouched (with the net still left in the bow she had tied it in the day before Jack left) may mean that like other NPC's, Jack and Plunkett have been kidnapped and taken to the Hylden City as Slaves.

References[edit | edit source]

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