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Kain's Mausoleum

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Kain's Mausoleum concept art (Defiance)

Kain's Mausoleum is where Kain was buried after his human death. It appears as a playable location in Blood Omen and Legacy of Kain: Defiance. When Kain was murdered by brigands in the opening of Blood Omen and resurrected as a Vampire by Mortanius, Kain awoke in his

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Kains Crypt (Defiance)

family mausoleum four days later. The mausoleum was where Kain found many of his most frequently used items, including the Iron Sword, Iron Armor and Sanctuary Spell . He also gained his first Blood Vial, Rune triangles and the Heart of Darkness relic. This was also where he found his first 'Save altar'. Through the use of the Sanctuary Spell, Kain could often return to his mausoleum, gaining a small health boost when he did - it was also well equipped with human sacrifices, and relative safety. (though there were many low level enemies, like grave robbers and skeletons.) When he left the Mausoleum he found himself in the Cemetery and was to recognise his first vampiric vulnerabitilies - to sunlight and rain. After passing through The Cemetery and several other Mausoleums, he able to begin his journey back to Ziegsturhl .

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Kain's Tomb in Blood Omen

In Defiance, Raziel emerged from Elder's Lair in the Cemetery and after gaining the Dark Reaver, was able to enter Kain's Mausoleum himself, apparently shortly after the younger Kain's exit. Raziel was able to go through Kain's Mausoleum and reach the teleporter to the Light Forge .

Notes[edit | edit source]

Kain's Mausoleum undergoes some radical changes between its Blood Omen and Defiance incarnations; the layout has changed (although some parts are certainly reminiscent of it) as has the colour scheme and there is now a large painting of the Human Kain above the his grave.

The Mausoleum in Defiance is filled with small nods to the original Blood Omen; Kain's grave appears in similar fashion to its appearance in Blood Omen, with the lid opened from the inside; The Painting of human Kain grows small fangs in the Spectral Realm and is decorated with Furthark runes which translate as "Here Lies Kain". Further down the corridor, there is also a grate which appears to have been broken, presumably by the younger Kain's escape, and a large bust of the Human Kain.

Kain's human family crest bears a remarkable similarity to his later clan symbol and it may be that symbol was based on it. Remarkably the outline of the clan symbol is also present in the Ancient Vampire Murals of the Scion of Balance found in the Spirit Forge, though this co-incidence is less likely to have been directly planned.

Also, in the games "Tomb Raider Legend", "Tomb Raider Anniversary" and "Tomb Raider Underworld", Kain's portrait from the mausoleum can be seen within Lara Croft's Manor.

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