Kain's empire

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Kain's empire
Nosgoth faction
Kain's symbol.
Kain's symbol, the banner of the Fallen Empire.
Introduced in Icon-SR1.png Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1999)
Foundation • The Soul Reaver era
Status • Active (as of the Soul Reaver era)
Sub-factions • The Council
• The Dumahim
• The Melchahim
• The Rahabim
• The Razielim
• The Turelim
• The vampire hunters
• The Zephonim
Leaders Kain
Notable members Dumah
• The Priestess
• The Tomb Guardian
Forces Adepts
Adult Dumahim
Adult Melchahim
Adult Rahabim
Adult Turelim
Adult Zephonim
Fledgling Dumahim
Fledgling Melchahim
Fledgling Rahabim
Fledgling Turelim
Fledgling Zephonim
Headquarters • The Pillars of Nosgoth, the Sanctuary of the Clans
Aliases • The wasteland
Territories • The Drowned Abbey
• The Lighthouse
• The Necropolis
Nupraptor's Retreat
• The Oracle's Cave
Raziel's clan territory
• The Ruined City
• The Sanctuary of the Clans
• The Silenced Cathedral
• The Tomb of the Sarafan
• The Turelim clan territory
Enemies • The vampire hunters
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"Look around you, Raziel – see what has become of our empire. Witness the end of an age. The clans, scattered to the corners of Nosgoth...
This place has outlasted its usefulness – as have you.
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

Kain's empire was a vampire-ruled faction which rose to power in Nosgoth during the post-Blood Omen era. It was conceived by Kain, the vampire Guardian of the Pillar of Balance and last survivor of the Circle of Nine, in stark defiance of the human machinations he fell victim to in his youth. He ruled alongside his six lieutenants, who formed the Council. Over the centuries, the empire's boundaries expanded to encompass the majority of Nosgoth.

After Kain resurrected the six Sarafan warrior inquisitors as vampires, each lieutenant began to turn vampires of their own, which assembled into clans. Within a century, the clans had subjugated Nosgoth's humans, and began shaping the land to suit their purposes over the ensuing millennium. By the Soul Reaver era, decay had fully set in, and Kain began to forsake his empire, instead exploring other means to "challenge the Fates".

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Kain resurrected six Sarafan warrior priests (Raziel, Turel, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah) as vampire lieutenants, whom he viewed primarily as a way to achieve his ultimate destiny. Their exact duties are never stated, however.

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