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Lake of the Dead

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I, Raziel, was to suffer the fate of traitors and weaklings - to burn forever in the bowels of the Lake of the Dead.
- Raziel

The Lake of the Dead was a large lake that lay to the north of the Pillars of Nosgoth on the very edge of the Termogent Forest, the lake contained a single small island. It appeared in the games Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver.

During the events of Blood Omen, fledgling vampire Kain crossed the Lake of the Dead as he traversed the Termogent Forest in search of the ancient vampire Vorador. On the island, Kain discovered a teleporter that led to The Lost City and nearby he discovered the Stone Keep that held the Mist Form ability.

A millennium after the events of Blood Omen, the lake had become a swirling Abyss, the island worn away to little more than an execution platform used by the Vampire Clans of Kain's Empire to punish traitors and weaklings. It was from here that Raziel was thrown by his brothers Turel and Dumah on Kain's order.

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  • In earlier drafts of the Soul Reaver storyline, the Abyss was originally located in the Lake of Lost Souls rather than the Lake of the Dead.

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