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Nosgoth unseen character
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Introduced in N/A (unseen character)
Race Human
Gender • Female
Birth era • The Soul Reaver era
Status Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png Active
Titles • Leader of the red sisters of Anacrothe
Affiliation • The red sisters of Anarcrothe
Native realm Material Realm
Mentioned in Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png

Elustra was a human who came to prominence during the War for Nosgoth in the mid-Soul Reaver era. Originally a slave to the Melchahim vampire alchemist Laderic, Elustra destroyed his facility and stole the secret of "liquid fire" Naphtha for the humans. Venerated for her actions and her discovery, Elustra became the creator and leader of the red sisters of Anacrothe.

Role[edit source]

Abducted from her human kin by Melchahim vampire alchemist Laderic, Elustra was known to have served as a personal slave to Laderic for over two decades whilst he researched and experimented in the production of Naphtha.

For several years, Elustra feigned madness in a bid to increase her chances of survival whilst getting closer to Laderic and his potent new weapon. Thinking Elustra incapable of rational thought, Laderic underestimated her ability to understand his experiments and left vials of Naphtha too close to the her cage.

In an act of suicidal depression, Elustra was able to escape her cage and murder her captor and turning her attention to rest of the facility, she burnt the laboratory to the ground; massacring vampires and human slaves alike and incurring herself massive injures.

Found some time after by nomadic humans, Elustra was cared for and healed by the humans, who began to venerate the woman who had escaped from decades of torture and apparently taken revenge on her former vampire masters for human deaths, unaware that she was responsible for the human deaths.

As she recovered, Elustra donned a mask to hide her injuries and dedicated her life and that of her followers to the last human alchemist known before the vampire rule, long-dead former States Guardian Anarcrothe. Deciding to use the rediscovered alchemical knowledge in her vengeance against the vampires, Elustra followers became the pyrotechnic Alchemists of the newly christened red sisters of Anacrothe, with Elustra as their leader.

Notes[edit source]

The veneration of Elustra hinges somewhat on a mis-representation of Elustra's actions. The humans who discovered her assumed she had taken revenge on the vampires of Laderic's facility for their massacre of human prisoners and slaves, when in fact these were victims of Elustra's Naphtha fueled rage. Similarly, her veneration of Anarcrothe as the last human Alchemists|alchemist before the vampire rule may also be somewhat mistaken as few records survived from the time of the Blood Omen era. Notably the spelling of Anacrothe has varied once again.

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