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The [[Legacy_of_Kain_Wiki:Nosgoth/Erebus Mountains|Erebus Mountains were a mountain range in northern Nosgoth, situated between Dark Eden and Coorhagen. Though appearing in World maps since Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, the range was only named in Nosgoth. The mountains are the location of the secret Razielim underground city and the Fane.

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The [[Legacy_of_Kain_Wiki:Nosgoth/Erebus Mountains|Erebus Mountains were a mountain range positioned between Coorhagen and Dark Eden. Though appearing on maps and the fringes of the area visible above playable locations, the range was not named until the background story of Nosgoth's Fane map provided the title of the range.

Potentially stretching as far south as Malek's Bastion and the Oracle's Cave, the mountains contained within them at least one volcano in the Blood Omen era and the hidden Razielim underground city and its Fane district in the Soul Reaver era.

When secretly attempting to repopulate the Fane in the Vampire civil war, Razielim Elder Lailah was ambushed by a combined force of Dumahim and Zephonim commanded by Jehoel in the mountains.

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  • "Erebus" is a primordial deity in greek mythology representing darkness.
  • Like the Iron Pass, the [[Legacy_of_Kain_Wiki:Nosgoth/Erebus Mountains|Erebus Mountains are a geographical feature of Nosgoth that have appeared on early maps but were not formally named until Nosgoth

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