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Nosgoth unseen character
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Introduced in N/A (unseen character)
Race Human (birth)
Vampire: Soul Reaver era (until death)
Gender • Male
Birth era • The Soul Reaver era
Status Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png Inactive: unknown
Titles Razielim vampire
• de facto leader of the Razielim clan
Affiliation Kain's empire
• The Razielim
Native realm Material Realm
Mentioned in Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png

Eskandor was a Vampire who rose to prominence during the War for Nosgoth in the mid-Soul Reaver era and came to lead the remains of the Razielim clan.

Role[edit source]

As one of the younger vampires of the Razielim clan, Eskandor was due to join the ranks of the clan elders after his pupation began. However, after the outbreak of the Vampire civil war and the destruction of the Razielim elders, Eskandor was among the unknowing Razielim that emerged from the Razielim's final Fane|underground city, and he became de facto leader of the remnants of the Razielim.

Eskandor took charge as the Razielim vampires desperately searched for a food source after their hibernation, and it was their discovery of Melchahim and Dumahim vampire corpses at Coorhagen that first alerted the vampires to the human rebellion and growing War for Nosgoth. Eventually Eskandor led the Razielim to their abandoned former territory and discovered it occupied by Dumahim, including Dumah himself.

Ignorant of the conflict that had broken out between the clans, Eskandor was taken for a private audience with Dumah upon his arrival, and it was only then that he realized the true peril facing the remnants of the Razielim: desperate for blood and unable to defend themselves, they would be in great danger of being wiped out at the hands of their brethren unless they proved their worth.

Manipulated by Dumah into believing that Raziel and his clan had betrayed Kain, Eskandor swore an oath to the service of Dumah and persuaded him that his clan could be of great use in putting down the human uprising by relaying information of the human victories at Coorhagen. The emergence of Eskandor and the Razielim ultimately convinced the members of the Council of the threat posed by the humans and ended the Vampire Civil War, encouraging the clans to call a truce in the face of the human opposition and kicked off the human and vampire conflict in the War for Nosgoth. Further council meetings and the backing of both Turel and Dumah against the opposition of their brothers resulted in the solidification of the Razielim's role as aerial tacticians in the vampire armies and Eskandor's role as Razielim sergeant in exchange for their loyalty to the other clans.

When the Razielim underground city and Fane was discovered by Watcher Tychard and assaulted by the Humans, it was at Eskandor's urging that the vampires defended the Razielim stronghold.

Notes[edit source]

"Eskandor" is the Arabic form of the name "Alexander," meaning "defender of men" in Greek.

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