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The Iron Pass was an high valley in mountainous terrain that was mentioned in the background to Nosgoth. Located in a central Nosgoth, somewhere between the Great Southern Lake and the Lake of the Dead, the pass was notably the location of Valeholm and the birthplace of the Ironguard - a human faction of Hunters whose name was inspired by the territory and the legendary massacres that took place there.

Role[edit source]

The Iron Pass was first mentioned in the backstory to Nosgoth and the history of the Ironguard faction. The location was mentioned only in reference to a series of "massacres" which took place some time prior to the early-Soul Reaver era. Some time later, after the destruction of the Major human kingdoms and expulsion of the Humans Vampire hunters to Nosgoth's Hinterlands, they took the name "Ironguard", memorializing the fallen of the Iron Pass.

Later references expanded upon the name revealing that the town of Valeholm, located in the mountains between the Great Southern Lake and the Lake of the Dead, was at the heart of the Iron Pass and home to a solitary tribal culture in the early-Soul Reaver era that had chosen neutrality rather than join with their human brethren at the start of the Kain's conquest of the Major human kingdoms. The inhabitants who did not flee at the coming of the vampire hoard were burnt alive, while those who managed to escape to the Hinterlands took the name Ironguard in honor of the fallen.

When the Vampire civil war erupted, Valeholm and the Iron pass were one of the first locations won back by the humans and they were subsequently rebuilt and used as a garrison and headquarters by the Ironguard. But at the coming of the War for Nosgoth, it was also one of the first to be targeted by the vampires and Valeholm was once again set aflame.

Notes[edit source]

  • Given the name, the Iron Pass presumably represents a mountain pass - an low lying route through a hilly or mountainous area. The usage of the term "iron" to describe the pass is of unclear etymology - it could be that iron ore was prevalent in the rocks of the pass; or it may simply be descriptive of the difficult terrain and conditions in the region.
  • The status of Valeholm and the Iron Pass in previous eras is unclear. In the Blood Omen era of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, the map given with PC versions of the game and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain: Official Game Secrets depicts a rocky outcrop to the northeast of the Great Southern Lake and directly south of Vorador's Mansion; a similar but more mountainous region can be seen on the map in the Stronghold of William the Just expanding through the area of the Termogent Forest, but neither of these features appear on the in-game World map or the overhead view from the Heaven realm. The later Post-Blood Omen era Blood Omen 2 map also depicts mountains in this region, showing a wide arc of mountains starting from northeast of the Southern lake and expanding in a curve that heads northwest before turning north east. Maps from Nosgoth in the Soul Reaver era depict a 'U' shaped curve of mountains north of the Southern lake, with Valeholm positioned along the western arc, seemingly to the south of Soul Reaver 2<no wiki>'</nowiki>s Swamp. It is possible that earlier in history the dangerous and marshy Termogent Forest and Swamp areas were largely unexplored due to the terrain and in later eras they were either deforested or drained of Water and became exposed.

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