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Jehoel was a Zephonim commander in the early stages of the Vampire civil war preceding the War for Nosgoth in the mid-Soul Reaver era. He was mentioned in the background story of Nosgoth's Fane map.

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Jehoel was a commander of the Zephonim clan at the start of the Vampire civil war in the Soul Reaver era. As Razielim elder Lailah sought to re-inhabit the Fane in the [[Erebus Mountains she was ambushed by a force of Dumahim and Zephonim commanded by Jehoel. After interrogation, Jehoel tore her head from her shoulders and kept it as a trophy, while her body was reduced to ashes.

Notes[edit source]

  • Jehoel is a hebrew name meaning "Angel of presence". Continuing the naming conventions established in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, "Jehoel" is the name of a biblical angel associated with archangel Michael, who is occasionally referenced as the "chief angel of the Seraphim".

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