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Lailah was a Razielim clan elder in the early stages of the Vampire civil war preceding the War for Nosgoth in the mid-Soul Reaver era. She was mentioned in the background story of Nosgoth's Fane map.

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Lailah was an elder of the Razielim clan at the start of the Vampire civil war in the Soul Reaver era. In the early Soul Reaver era during the fall of the Major human kingdoms, she had been a resident of the Razielim underground city and Fane and served as "matriarch of the blood bringers" and had overseen the pupation and initial Feeding of the fledgling vampires of the clan. She was one of the last of the clan to leave the Fane on the order of Raziel.

When the Vampire civil war broke out in the wake of Raziel's execution, Lailah recognised the threat to their clan and conspired with fellow elder Sarakiel to secretly move their pupating siblings the underground city. Following the disappearance of Kain, Lailah was convinced the danger had increased and she led a convoy into the [[Erebus Mountains seeking to re-inhabit the Fane and take up her former role, however she was ambushed by a force of Dumahim and Zephonim commanded by Jehoel. After an interrogation in which she swore that she and her kin were headed to Coorhagen instead, she was beheaded by Jehoel who kept her head as a trophy, while her body was reduced to ashes.

Notes[edit source]

  • Lailah is a hebrew name meaning "night", "born at night" or "dark beauty". Continuing the naming conventions established in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, "Lailah" is the name of a biblical angel associated with reproductive conception. Modern equivalents of the name include "Leila" and "Layla".
  • Lailah is the first vampire of the Soul Reaver era to be confirmed to be female, solidifying that Kain's empire did include female vampires and was not a male-only society. Up until the début of Lailah the gender of devolved vampires had been ambiguous.

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