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Nosgoth class
Introduced in Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png Nosgoth (2013)
Appearances Nosgoth-Promotional-Logo-Official.png

Reavers were vampires belonging to the Dumahim clan, characterized by being swift and deadly predators. They fought alongside other vampires against humans in the War for Nosgoth.

Role[edit source]

Reavers are primarily stealth characters, with their movesets primarily geared toward swift and efficient assassinations. The Pounce, similar to the Hunter's pounce, provides an efficient stealth attack that, when properly executed, can isolate a key enemy, and kill it in the process. The other abilities, with the exception of Sweeping Kick, are suited for evasive maneuvers, such as smoke screens and movespeed augments. As Reavers focus on one on one encounters, Sweeping Kick is their only ability that can stagger many opponents while dealing damage at the same time. This ability does not break the Reaver's momentume, making attack combos more specialized and unique. Another escape ability, the Shadow Step, is very reminiscent of Kain's Mist form. 

Reavers focus more on up front assassinations, while Deceivers rely more on disrupting enemy coordination and gameplay.

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