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Tychard was a veteran Scouts|Scout of the Watchers in the War for Nosgoth in the mid-Soul Reaver era who dicovered the location of the Razielim underground city for the Humans. He was mentioned in the background story of Nosgoth's Fane map.

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Tychard was an experienced veteran Scouts|Scout of the Watchers of Dark Eden in the mid-Soul Reaver era of the War for Nosgoth. After the emergence of the fledgling Razielim led by Eskandor from the Razielim underground city and the Fane, Tychard was one of the humans sent to scour the [[Erebus Mountains between Dark Eden and Coorhagen in search of their lair.

Along with two others Tychard was caught in an avalanche which claimed the lives of his comrades. However Tychard survived and discovered the Snow drift had exposed a cave in the mountains which led down into the now deserted Fane. Soon after Tychard returned with an army of men to occupy this remote fortress.

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