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Source[edit source]

February 2014[edit source]

Nosgoth Gameplay Premiere[edit source]

―The Smoking Bun

"I've said this before elsewhere, so I apologise if it looks like I'm repeating myself, but...

"The decision to make any game is based on a number of factors – the right idea, the right team, the right market conditions all need to be in place to make it happen. The Legacy of Kain franchise is one we are huge fans of and we would love to bring another narrative experience in that world if all the elements were in place.

"That said, the right combination of circumstances aren’t in place right now. We’re very aware that if and when we make a single player game it needs to be a worthy successor, and we will wait until we’re confident that this is going to be possible.

"Previous games in the franchise have very much focused on the Vampires and other inhuman races of Nosgoth. We wanted to show more of the Human side – at various points in history they’ve fought fiercely enough to nearly wipe out the Vampires after all, so it’s not like they’re not a formidable fighting force. Equally we thought it would be interesting to experience Nosgoth not from the vantage point of the world’s rulers but from the perspective of the people who fought in these wars. Multiplayer gameplay seemed like a good fit that would let new players into this universe. We feel that the Legacy of Kain universe is rich and deep enough to support all kinds of gameplay experience, and we want to introduce it to a wider audience than just fans of single player games. We know that while there are lots of fans of single-player gaming, an increasing number of gamers are looking for a more connected and social experience. We were interested in exploring whether the world of Legacy of Kain could offer something to these gamers, and the more we thought about it the stronger the idea sounded. It was obvious gameplay needed to be asymmetrical, that our two sides needed to feel very different – this wasn’t just about the lore, but about making sure the gameplay felt new and exciting.

"We always felt that Nosgoth itself was the third central character to the franchise so far, alongside Kain and Raziel. It’s an amazing and hugely atmospheric world, with so much possibility for all kinds of games and stories. We wanted to emphasize this – we believe the world of Nosgoth has room for many more characters and situations than we’ve seen so far."

―George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, February 7, 2014, 10:56 p.m.[1]
"Looks like hot garbage. Won't do a thing for the IP (other than bury it) or SE, it'll get swept under the rug with all the other digital trash that clutters up the internet.

"I don't see a single scenario in which this title will be profitable or successful.

"What a waste."

"You can rely on us to do our best to confound your expectations. :-)"

―George "Monkeythumbz" Kelion, February 7, 2014, 11:42 a.m.[2]
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