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Profile[edit source]

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Events[edit source]

Training[edit source]

If Raziel approaches a force field:

You have much to learn, Raziel. When you are ready, this barrier will be dissolved.

If Raziel tries to activate a closed warp gate:

You must visit other gates before this portal will be opened to you.

The first time Raziel is thrown back to the pit of the Underworld:

As my agent, you are beyond death, Raziel. Your enemies cannot destroy you.
If you grow too weak, however, you will always be drawn here, to recover.

If in spectral, doors are immovable:

Your efforts are futile, Raziel – such objects are but shadows in the spirit world.

If in spectral, blocks are immovable: [NOTE: recheck this]

These objects are mere shadows in the spectral realm, frozen and immovable.

In the spectral plane, when Raziel first encounters a vampire wraith:

Beware, Raziel. These wraiths are vampire spirits, fettered too long in the spectral realm. When their vampire natures adapt to this plane, they become eaters of souls. Do not allow these spirits to reinhabit their corpses...

The Elder God's platform[edit source]

If returning to the Elder God's chamber before going to the Necropolis, Raziel receives the following clue/advice:

Beyond the ruins of your former stronghold, and above the gardens of the dead, your brother Melchiah waits...

If Raziel revisits the Elder God in the Underworld before revisiting the Pillars, he receives the following clue:

Return to the Sanctuary of the Clans, Raziel. Melchiah's soul has endowed you with the means to gain entry.
Beware, however – this hollow derelict is abandoned, but not uninhabited...

If Raziel returns to the Elder God's chamber in search of a hint/reminder:

Seek out Zephon's lair, Raziel... beyond the ruins that greet your exit from the Underworld. Armed with the Soul Reaver, you may gain entry where your path was previously blocked.

If Raziel revisits the Elder God for a clue:

The canyons beyond the Pillars expose an ancient blasphemy. Having devoured Zephon's soul, you may now gain entrance where your path was formerly blocked.

If Raziel returns to the Elder God's lair for a hint to locating the Drowned Abbey:

North of the Sarafan Tomb, your brother Rahab has secluded himself and his progeny in the ruins of a half-drowned abbey.

If Raziel revisits the Elder God in the Underworld before advancing to the Ruined City of the Dumahim, he receives the following clue:

Beyond the maelstrom of the abyss, a subterranean tunnel leads northward, to the clan territory of your brother Dumah.
Endowed with Rahab's soul, you may swim to gain entry where your progress was previously impeded.

After Raziel defeats Dumah, if he revisits the Elder God in the Underworld before advancing to the Oracle's Cave, he receives the following clue:

In the furthermost canyon of Nosgoth's frozen wastes, the hushed silences embrace an ancient enigma. In the bowels of this labyrinth, your master awaits...

Ariel's platform[edit source]

If Raziel restores his health or eldritch energy at the Pillars:

May you find peace here, Raziel.

If Raziel visits Ariel before going to the Silenced Cathedral:

Far in the eastern mountains, a stifled titan stands in mute surrender – unwilling host to a parasitic swarm.

If he returns to the Pillars for a hint:

Like a corpse in a shallow grave, corruption rises to the surface... Beyond these Pillars, the defiled victim mutely screams its outrage...

If he visits Ariel before the Drowned Abbey:

North of the Sarafan tomb, a desecrated abbey languishes, half-drowned.

If Raziel visits Ariel before proceeding to the Ruined Dumahim city, she offers the following clue:

Beyond the cliffs that witnessed your execution, a silent city sits in frozen tableau. Locked in eternal limbo, they await redemption, or release.

If Raziel visits Ariel before going to the Oracle's Cave:

In the bowels of an inverted clockwork, the tormentor awaits. Be wary, Raziel – those blind with rage are by destiny ensnared.

Inventory[edit source]

Glyphs[edit source]

Raziel learns his first elemental glyph spell:

Once acquired, these glyphs empower you with elemental lore. Each spell exacts a sacrifice of energy, however – use them sparingly, and wisely.

Eldritch energy[edit source]

Raziel collects his first eldritch energy token:

Gather these tokens to replenish your waning glyph energy.

Health power-ups[edit source]

Raziel discovers a health power-up for the first time:

These artifacts enhance your stamina, enabling you to prolong your material manifestation. Gather five to complete the emblem, and thereby augment your strength.

Eldritch energy power-ups[edit source]

Raziel collects his first eldritch energy power-up:

With this artifact, your glyph energy capacity is increased.

Locations[edit source]

The Human Citadel[edit source]

The humans' citadel – its towering walls and deep moats engineered to keep Nosgoth's vampire plague at bay.

Though the city was well-fortified against vampires, its human architects hadn't considered a breach by a creature such as myself.

The Drowned Abbey: the Fire Forge[edit source]

This elemental forge is tuned to the Soul Reaver's energy. Once baptized in this primordial flame, the blade may be imbued with fire at any future time.

Media[edit source]

Salvation, Revelation, Deceit trailer[edit source]

I am Raziel, first born of Kain's lieutenants. Kain wouldn't tolerate a creature more powerful than himself. After a millennium of service I transgressed, and for my sins, Kain cast me into the Abyss. Falling... Time ceased to exist for me. Only pain... Gradually, I became aware of the Elder. His whispers echoing in my mind brought me back from the brink of insanity. Our covenant: Kain's death for my rebirth. Now, I stalk the world, serving my need for vengeance, feeding my hunger... my insatiable hunger...

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