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Main Factory

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Main Factory
The Main Factory
The Main Factory
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects unknown
Ownership Sarafan (post-Blood Omen era)
Status destroyed (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Features several Glyph magic applications including large 'Glyph Boilers', Nexus Stone power chamber
Inhabitants Industrial workers, Sebastian, Mercenaries, Glyph Guards, Sarafan archers
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Main Factory of the Industrial Quarter is a large factory featured in Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter of Blood Omen 2 .

When Kain rescued Umah at the end of Chapter 5: The Sarafan Keep, she told Kain and Vorador that she had found the Nexus Stone being used in the Main Factory in the Industrial Quarter.[1] Hearing that the Nexus Stone provided its wearer with immunity to the power of the Soul Reaver, Kain set off to investigate the Industrial Quarter and the Main Factory.[2]

In Chapter 6: The Industrial Quarter, Vorador told Kain that he would have to make his way to the Gondola station and travel beyond the Dam to reach the Main factory.[3][4] Reactivating the Gondola, Kain was able to reach the outside of the heavily guarded Main Factory and gain entry[5][BO2].

Finding his way through large industrial machinery and Mines, Kain was eventually able to gian entry to the inner sanctum of the Main Factory[6] - The Nexus Stone Chamber, where he found the Nexus Stone connected to a large 'Glyph Boiler' and guarded by Sebastian (a traitor Vampire Kain had met previously in Chapter 3:The Lower City ). After defeating Sebastian Kain was able to rip the Nexus Stone from its moorings, causing a chain reaction which likely destroyed the factory[BO2].[7]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The destruction of the main factory,[7] seems odd, but is hardly surprising given Kain has blazed a path through the factory (and indeed the whole Industrial Quarter), by overloading and breaking large machinery and causing several explosions (notably using Explosive devices) and 'cave-ins' along the way;[6] the machinery in the Industrial Quarter is shown to be somewhat unreliable and dangerous already[BO2].
  • The Main Factory seems from the outside to have a large number of 'Glyph Boilers' along the factory, giving the probable role of these devices in creating Glyph magic, it is possible the role of the main factory is to produce Glyph magic[BO2].

References[edit | edit source]

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