Meridian Cathedral

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Meridian Cathedral
The exterior of Meridian Cathedral
The exterior of Meridian Cathedral
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects unknown Humans
Ownership Bishop of Meridian, Sarafan Priests
Status intact (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Features Graveyard and crypts, Bishop's private quarters, stained glass windows and roof, alcove sculptures
Inhabitants Bishop of Meridian, Sarafan Priests
Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Cathedral, presumably more formally Meridian Cathedral, was a building featured in Blood Omen 2 in Chapter 4: the Upper City , it was arguably the focal point for the Human religion of all of Meridian .

Meridian Cathedral was a large prominent building in the Upper City,[1] it had many ornate stained glass windows though none of them were symbolic (unlike others in the Legacy of Kain series). The private chambers of the Cathedral were luxuriously decorated with red velvet and gold[BO2].[2] The main chamber of the Cathedral was clad in stone and had several sculptures in the walls and pillars. It also had an altar and several pews in the lower levels. The main chamber also had a second level, with a balcony overlooking the lower level. Two bells mounted in the upper level could be rung with levers in side alcoves on the lower level. Beside the Cathedral was a graveyard area containing several crypts and an entrance to the Cathedral[BO2].

When Kain travelled to the Upper City seeking the Bishop of Meridian he began the chapter at a gondola station a short distance away from the Cathedral.[1][3] Kain was forced to return to the Cathedral [4] after finding from the Bishop's Butler at the Bishop's Manor that the Bishop had fled to the Cathedral to avoid the Sarafan.[5][6] Kain returned to the Cathedral and found the Bishop of Meridian in the private quarters,[2][7] under Marcus' control.[8] seeking to kill Marcus, Kain chased Marcus out across the rooftops and back to the Cathedral's stained glass ceiling, where they both fell through the roof.[6][9] Marcus' Boss battle then took place at the Cathedral[10][11][BO2].

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Merdian Cathedral is only named as "The Cathedral" in sources, however it would presumably be known more widely throughout Nosgoth as "Meridian Catherdal". The fact the Bishop's formal title is the "Bishop of Meridian" may also suggest this title for the Catherdal.
  • When Kain first passes the main doors of the Catherdal, bells and chanting can be heard coming form inside the Cathedral, they cannot be heard in Kain's second pass by the Cathedral (because of the background music) but they can be heard in Marcus' Boss Battle, if Kain is positioned close to the main entrance. The Cathedral's bells are vital to defeating Marcus, but they are mounted in the centre of the Cathedral and not by the doors[BO2].
  • The alcoves that contain the bells levers contain two interesting sculptures (on opposite sides) one contains a winged humanoid, whilst the other has a set of crested humanoids;this is perhaps more evidence of Human religion in Nosgoth being influenced by the Elder Wars . Indeed the sculpture with the winged being (a possible nod to the Ancient vampires) is seen in the opening video in Kain's headquarters[BO2]. As with many other Blood Omen 2 artworks, these have been adapted from real-world pieces - with the winged sculpture appearing on the Column of Antoninus Pius in Rome, Italy.
  • Nearby the outside of Cathedral, Kain can pass two Thugs discussing an Aristocrat, who, believing his wife was having an affair, met the thug in the Red Raven to organise her lover's death. After following her, the Thug realised that she was not having an affair, but praying to a Priest at the Cathedral for her son, who had "run off". It is implied that the thug murdered the Priest at the Cathedral and returned to the Upper City with his accomplice to rob the Aristocrat couple.[12]
  • In the graveyard area, one crypt notably involves a puzzle (called "Wall Switches" in thePrima Guide) which requires three 'walls' to be pushed to open the passage to the Bishop's private quarters - the three walls pushed bear Kain's symbol, those untouched bear the symbol of the Sarafan Order. In addition, there are also several Kain symbols in fire at the heart of this crypt[BO2].

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