Raziel's execution

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Raziel's execution
Historical event
Raziel plummets towards the Abyss.
Introduced in Icon-SR1.png Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1999)
Era • The Soul Reaver era
Belligerents Kain's empire
Participants Dumah
Theaters • The Sanctuary of the Clans/Pillars of Nosgoth
• The Abyss/Lake of the Dead
Outcome • Death: Raziel
Previous • The raising of the lieutenants
Appearances Icon-SR1.png
Mentioned in Icon-SR1Comic.pngWiki-Icon-SR2.pngIcon-Defiance.png
Depicted in Icon-SR1Comic.png
"And Hash'ak'gik spoke to the world, and all who heard trembled.
"Bring me your first born, and shed their blood on the altar of the world, so I might take nourishment from them.
Do this without question, or suffer my wrath for eternity."
And its will was done.
―Hash'ak'gik's altar[src]

Raziel's execution was a major event in the Soul Reaver era, serving as the introduction to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. When Raziel surpassed Kain in stages of evolutionary pupation - growing bat-like wings - Kain responded by tearing the wings from Raziel's back, and instructing Turel and Dumah to cast him into the Lake of the Dead. For five hundred years, Raziel lingered in the Abyss, before being resurrected by the Elder God.

Initially, it was believed that Kain had executed Raziel in an act of tyrannical, egotistical jealousy. However, his actions were not maniacal; he was far more complex in nature. Through use of the Chronoplast, Kain had attained knowledge of the intricacies of time and free will, and he understood that Raziel's temporary destruction would enable them both to reclaim their true destinies. Raziel came to realize this over the course of Soul Reaver 2.

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