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"It seemed my method of entering the physical realm was not altogether original. But where had these beings come from?"

Revenants were skeletal corpses that had been animated and possessed by powerful hylden. Revenants were a common enemy of Raziel in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Revenants are likely based on the Revenants of European folklore.

Raziel meets several different types of Revenant in-game, but only refers to them once, after their first meeting. Prima's Defiance Guide further divides the Revenants into 5 'groups'; The first three (the Human Revenant, Vampire Revenant and Hylden Revenant) are named according to which species corpses they have possessed. Prima goes on to name two other types - 'The Possessed' - who are still living, but possessed hosts; and 'The Transformed' - who are living hosts that have been used up by the possession and whose Flesh has been transformed by it. (Similar to Mortanius' transformation at the end of Blood Omen )

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