Ruined City of the Dumahim (chapter)

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Upon getting to the Nosgoth´s northern vastes, Raziel have found a large monument. From its top he glided over to the now deserted city of the Dumahim. When he enters through the double doors, Raziel finds out that the Dumahim have been massacred relentlessly. Wondering if the fate of his clan was also brought upon Dumah´s clan, the Elder God corrected him, saying it was the work of humans. In their arrogance, Dumah and his kin didn´t anticipate attack on their fortress, which was burned down by the vampire hunters and killed off most of the Dumahim. Those few left spread across Nosgoth.

Venturing inside the city, Raziel notices that the city is littered with Dumahim corpses. In order to find Dumah, he activates the furnace and burns down the metal doors barring his progress. Raziel lowers the bridge and get to the area with a giant pillar and a gate bearing Dumah´s symbols. Descending from above, he lifts the pillar and it shatters the gate. The tunnel leads to the throne room, where he at last find his brother Dumah, staked on his own throne. Shocked at this new finding, he finds Dumah stuck in the spectral realm and resurrects him by removing the three stakes. Dumah comes back to life, now with vampire wraith ability, arrogant as ever, doubting Kain´s own strength in comparison to his own. Raziel, confident after taking the souls of his previous brothers, lures him to the furnace and even Dumah´s armor could not withstand the heat of the flames.

By consuming Dumah´s soul Raziel obtains the constrict ability, which can be used for both enemies and static objects. With this new gift, Raziel sets out to the canyons up further in the valley.

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Ruined City of the Dumahim (chapter)[edit | edit source]

The Ruined City[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving, Raziel is shocked to discover that Dumah's citadel, like his, is a ghost town – there are long-dead vampire corpses scattered everywhere, impaled and burned, and the walls of Dumah's city have been torched.

This city once teemed with the life of my kind. Could it be that other clans had suffered the same fate as mine?
In his madness, could Kain spare none of his brood?

It was not Kain, but Dumah's own arrogance that brought the downfall of his clan. These are human weapons, Raziel – believing themselves invincible, Dumah and his offspring failed to see an attack coming from the least likely assailants...
Complacent in their arrogance, they were taken by surprise, allowing the human vampire hunters to decimate their ranks with little resistance. The few that escaped have been reduced to scavengers.

The Ruined City: Dumah's throne room[edit | edit source]

After working his way through the city, Raziel finally steps into Dumah's throne room. The corpse of Dumah slouches on its throne, impaled by multiple spears.

My brother, Dumah – a powerful warrior, in life. He would have burned with shame, to have me find him here like a stuck pig.

If Raziel goes into the Spectral plane before resurrecting Dumah, he encounters his spirit haunting the throne room:

Come to save my soul, prodigal brother?

Not to save it, but to take it. Your only salvation is release.

After Raziel has revived Dumah:

Unbound at last... I thank you, brother.

Your thanks are premature, Dumah. I have not forgotten whose hands bore me into the Abyss.

The centuries in limbo have honed my strength. Not even Kain is my equal.

Even the strongest vampire is vulnerable.

We shall test your thesis, Raziel.

My blood-thirst has been superseded by an even darker hunger. I will consume your soul before this day is done.

If Raziel is defeated in the battle, then upon his return:

You are persistent, Raziel.

The Ruined City: the Furnace[edit | edit source]

Upon Dumah's defeat, and as Raziel receives his soul:




Consuming Dumah's soul empowers you to wind a constricting band of spectral energy around your enemies. This energy manifests itself in both the spectral and material realms – and in the physical world, it can be employed to manipulate otherwise immovable objects.

The Ruined City[edit | edit source]

After Raziel defeats Dumah, before advancing to the Oracle's Cave, he receives the following clue:

In the furthermost canyon of Nosgoth's frozen wastes, the hushed silences embrace an ancient enigma. In the bowels of this labyrinth, your master awaits...

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