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Smuggler's Den
District of MeridianBlood Omen 2 Chapter Location
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Den scenery
Introduced in Wiki-Icon-BO2.pngBlood Omen 2 (2002)
Architects unknown Humans
Ownership unknown Humans
Status intact (as of post-Blood Omen era)
Inhabitants Thugs, Thieves, Sarafan guards, Peasants, Industrial workers, Glyphwrights
Equipment Clubs, Daggers, Long Sword
Items Red Lore coffers (7)

Weapon power chests (2)

Appearances Wiki-Icon-BO2.png

The Smuggler's Den, also known simply as The Den, is a playable location in Meridian featured in Blood Omen 2 . Creatures of the Night takes place entirely in The Den.

Role[edit | edit source]

After leaving the Slums in Chapter 1,[1] Kain found himself in The Smuggler's Den. Like the Slums before it, the Smuggler's Den was an old run-down part of the city that encompassed many different environments;including paved streets and back alleys, store rooms and cellars, a church with a small graveyard and an Industrial complex, as well as several waterside areas with wooden walkways. The Den was mainly inhabited by Thugs and Thieves, but given it's black market connections, the Sarafan were also seen here; with Kain encountering his first Sarafan guards in The Den[BO2].[2][3]

On Umah 's advice, Kain sought the Smuggler's Tunnel in The Den to allow him passage to the Lower City (and Sanctuary). As Umah did not know where the Smuggler's Tunnel was, she sent word to the Cabal.[4] Kain was able to meet a Cabal Contact in The Tavern[5] who directed him to a lift beyond the church,[6][7] which took him underground to the industrial complex (populated with Industrial Quarter workers) and through to the Smuggler's Tunnel. On his way through the 'Furnace Room' Kain encountered his first traitor vampire, former legionnaire Faustus (see also Faustus (boss)).[8] After a brief battle, Kain was able to use Mist to hide from Faustus' attacks and turn on the furnaces, killing him and allowing Kain to gain the Dark Gift Jump.[9] Kain was then able to proceed through The Smuggler's Tunnel to the Lower City[BO2].[10]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The name given to the Smuggler's Den may imply (like the similarly named Smuggler's Tunnel) that the Den has a lot of links to the black market, which may explain the businesses seen here; it may also be linked to the outlaw Smugglers seen later in Chapter 7: The Canyons . Both Umah[2] and the Cabal Contact[1] in the Slums comment on the"rogues" that inhabit the Den.
  • Given Umah's comments regarding the age of the Slums,[11] it seems likely that the Smuggler's Den is also one of the older parts of Meridian. Maps place the Smuggler's Den as sharing an island with the Slums, separated from the mainland by a body of water (likely the Great Southern Sea), with the only crossing being the bridge[12][13] (seen briefly in Chapter 1 behind a Glyph Guard ) and the Smuggler's Tunnel.[14] The Den also continues the Slums theme of things appearing run-down (though less so than in the Slums). Doors are still boarded up, but building appearance improves through the level, culminating in a 'main street' filled with Mock-Tudor houses[BO2].
  • There are a variety of signs in the Smuggler's Den, most of which are on the 'main street' and have simplified 'icon' signs (presumably for businesses) signs seen in the Smuggler's Den include: A Fish, An Anvil, A Moon and A Horse. The final section of the level also features an unusual sign on a fence that reads "No Trespassing" - although there is only a small ledge behind it[BO2].
  • Contrary to many drinking establishments in Nosgoth, the Tavern featured in the The Den is simply called "The Tavern" in the script and in retail version of the game;Prima's Official Blood Omen 2 Guide gives it's name as the "T&A Tavern ",[5] which also features on screenshots of the sign featured in the guide.The Tavern also seems to have a nearby competing bar, whose cellar Kain passes through before reaching the main street. Upon meeting the Cabal contact in The T&A Tavern, the barkeep will call for the Sarafan, who promptly rush to the outside of the establishment and stare through the windows without entering; Kain can comfortably kill the entire population of the bar in front of them, with no negative consequences. Kain cannot reach the Sarafan Guards outside himself (as the door, despite glowing, is locked), or the Barkeeper (in a possible nod to Blood Omen barkeeps )[BO2]
  • The Cabal Contact notes that the church in The Den is overrun with Thieves who use the church to enter the Smuggler's Tunnel;[6] yet the industrial complex (filled with workers and Sarafan Guards) has to be negotiated before Kain could reach the Smuggler's Tunnel. The Smuggler's Tunnel may therefore have been a significant risk to those who used it. The Industrial complex is also frequently marked with the Sarafan symbol (although the doors to Faustus' Boss battle seem to bear the Christian 'Cross' symbol). Most of the workings of the Industrial Complex appear to rely not on Glyph Energy, but on Steam Power. In a particularly cruel execution, Kain can even divert some of this steam to scold two workers to death[BO2].[15]
  • As Kain uses the lift to descend into the underground Industrial Complex, several Glyphwrights are seen vanishing as Kain enters and one can later be seen conversing with Faustus; perhaps suggesting that the industrial complex has some importance to the Hylden plan. Kain can eventually reach the ledge where Faustus met with a Glyphwright (seen in a video part-way through the level) but by the time he does, both Faustus and the Glyphwright have moved and there is nothing special there[BO2].
  • The Smuggler's Den level was noted by designer Paul Cazarez as having been redesigned during development (with the original design for the level allowing the player to see all they way from start to finish);for memory purposes, sections were cut up and re-arranged to mask loading times[16] (a notable leftover that can be observed in the final game is the position of the moon which swaps sides depending upon the part of the level Kain was in[17][BO2]). The level was also designed to give the player the opportunity to backtrack so that the scenery would not be wasted and many early encounters and puzzles were designed to encourage players to use Kain's starting Dark Gifts - Fury and Mist.[16]

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References[edit | edit source]

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