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Soul Reaver 2/Deleted dialogue

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This is a full transcript of the deleted/cut dialogue from Soul Reaver 2. It has been adapted directly from extracted audio in the PlayStation 2 release of the game.

There is only one deleted scene with accompanying audio in Soul Reaver 2 – an early story event near the Great Southern Lake which was intended to depict a female vampire being slain by Moebius's mercenary army. It was excised for narrative reasons, and due to the "less than ideal" dialogue as recorded.

Omitted and featuring on separate pages are the general transcript (covering most of the game's dialogue), and miscellaneous dialogue (non-linear events which cannot be attributed to specific chapters).

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

Dialogue: The Great Southern Lake[edit | edit source]

[After seeing the vampires of past-Nosgoth, and the Vampire Hunters' barbarity, Raziel witnesses an actual vampire killing.]
Female vampire: Let go of me, you thugs!
Male vampire hunter: Bloody murderer!
[The hunters wound the vampire, presumably fatally.]
Female vampire: I'll be waiting in hell for your souls...
Male vampire hunter: Enough! Kill it now!
[The hunters suddenly notice Raziel.]
Male vampire hunter: Whuh-huh?!
Female vampire hunter: Another monster!
[They battle.]

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