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Soul Reaver 2/Transcript

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This is a full transcript of Soul Reaver 2, adapted from Tenaya's original transcript at Nosgothic Realm, and the Dark Chronicle script included in the PlayStation 2 release of the game. Scene descriptions remain unaltered.

In the Dark Chronicle script, Soul Reaver 2 is divided into twenty chapters, each beginning after a major cutscene. However, the chapter names and definitions used at the Legacy of Kain Wiki originate from the supplementary Prima Guide, Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Soul Reaver 2.

Omitted and featuring on separate pages are miscellaneous dialogue (non-linear events which cannot be attributed to specific chapters), and deleted/cut dialogue.


Transcript[edit | edit source]

Players (in order of appearance)[edit | edit source]



[Raziel enters the Chronoplast chamber, and surveys its tiered walkways and arcane dials, noting both the mysterious device suspended from the domed ceiling, and the undulating portal on the far side of the chamber. None of this interests him. He is looking for Kain.
Raziel hears a voice, and Kain reveals himself as he steps out from the shadows of the upper tier.]
Raziel: At last.
I must say I'm disappointed in your progress. I imagined you would be here sooner.
Tell me – did it trouble you to murder your brothers?
[Raziel slowly descends the stairway, keeping his eyes locked on Kain.]
Raziel: Did it trouble you when you ordered me into the Abyss?
[Kain's only response is ironic laughter. He steps back toward one of the arcane dials and prepares to turn it.]
Kain: Eternity is relentless, Raziel.
When I first stole into this chamber, centuries ago, I did not fathom the true power of knowledge.
[Kain throws the switch, and the Chronoplast device responds.]
Kain: To know the future, Raziel – to see its paths and streams tracing out into the infinite...
As a man, I could never have contained such forbidden truths.
But each of us is so much more than we once were.
Do you not feel with all your soul how we have become like gods?
And as such, are we not indivisible? As long as a single one of us stands, we are legion...
[Kain descends the main staircase, and moves toward the second-tier dials.]
Kain: Our futures are predestined –
Moebius foretold mine aeons ago. We each play out the parts fate has written for us.
Free will is an illusion.
[Kain punctuates his statement by throwing the second switch. Raziel glares up at him from the floor of the chamber.]
Raziel: I found the Tomb of Sarafan, Kain.
How could you profane a priest by turning him into a vampire?
[Furious, Raziel launches himself at Kain – who easily stops Raziel in mid-air with one hand, and holds him by the throat, at arm's length.]
Kain: How could I not?
One must keep his friends close, Raziel – and his enemies even closer.
[Kain effortlessly hurls Raziel to the lower floor of the chamber, and then drops down himself, approaching Raziel's sprawled figure.]
Kain: Who better to serve me than those whose passion transcends all notions of good and evil?
[Raziel rises slowly, enraged and humiliated, and wheels on Kain.]
Raziel: The Sarafan were saviors, defending Nosgoth from the corruption that we represent.
My eyes are opened, Kain – I find no nobility in the unlife you rudely forced on my unwilling corpse!
[Raziel lunges at Kain. Kain evades the blow, but Raziel attacks again and pins Kain against the wall, his forearm to his throat.
Kain is unfazed by Raziel's attack – he is composed, even slightly amused. He allows Raziel to pin him there momentarily, and continues to taunt him, their faces inches apart.]
Kain: You may have uncovered your past, but you know nothing of it. You think the Sarafan were noble, altruistic?
[Kain breaks Raziel's grip and propels him away with a blast of telekinetic energy. Raziel flies backward and slams into a buttress with bone-shattering force.
Kain laughs and moves toward the final dial.]
Kain: Don't be simple.
Their agenda was the same as ours.
[Kain throws the final switch. The arms of the Chronoplast device descend, and the portal flares into life.]
Kain: (mockingly)
You nearly had me, Raziel...
[Kain vanishes in a flash of light, and reappears on the upper tier, in front of the portal.]
Kain: But this is not where – or how – it ends. Fate promises more twists before this drama unfolds completely.
[Kain turns and strides deliberately through the portal. Raziel gets to his feet and races up the stairway. He pauses briefly, then leaps through the portal to pursue Kain.
Raziel finds himself floating in darkness, and hears an unfamiliar voice calling to him out of the ether. As Raziel drifts to the floor and the chamber coalesces, Moebius the Time Streamer steps out of the mist to greet him.]
Moebius: Raziel...
Redeemer and destroyer.
Pawn and messiah.
Welcome, time-spanned soul.
Welcome... to your destiny.

Chapter 1: A Reaver in Time


Dark Chronicle: Arrival[edit | edit source]

[Raziel has just leapt through the Chronoplast portal in pursuit of Kain, fueled by blind rage and a thirst for vengeance. As his surroundings coalesce, he finds himself in a domed room – similar to the Chronoplast chamber, but smaller in scale.
Moebius, the Time Streamer, steps forward to greet him.]
Moebius: 'Where am I?' is the usual question.
In your case, 'when?' might be more apt.
[Raziel recognizes Moebius, and knows how dangerous he is. As he raises the Reaver in defense, the orb on Moebius's staff flares brightly. The wraith-blade sputters out and retracts, its wisps of energy dissipating completely.
Alarmed, and now even more suspicious of the sorcerer's motives, Raziel advances on Moebius.]
Raziel: Very well, you old snake – if you'd prefer I use my bare hands...
[Raziel lunges at Moebius and grabs him by his scrawny neck, throwing him up against the wall. Moebius feigns surprise and fear for a moment –]
Moebius: This is completely unexpected! This orb disables our vampire enemies, leaving them helpless and incapacitated.
Strangely, it seems to have the same effect on that peculiar weapon of yours.
But you must believe me – I mean you no harm.
Raziel: You can drop the benevolent façade, Moebius.
I know who – and what – you are. I should kill you where you stand...
[As Raziel speaks, Moebius's demeanor changes. He no longer appears to be an addled old magician – this Moebius is composed, confident, and completely in control.]
Moebius: (laughing)
Perhaps you should, my boy. But you don't.
[Raziel tightens his grip a bit on Moebius's throat.]
Raziel: Are you so certain of that, Moebius?
[Moebius appears completely unfazed by Raziel's threats.]
Moebius: My role as Time Guardian affords me a certain level of omniscience, Raziel.
No, you don't kill me. That honor belongs to your maker, Kain, some thirty years from now.
[Raziel releases him roughly, with disgust.]
Raziel: Hmph. You two are a pair – you're just as fatalistic as he is.
Moebius: (laughing softly)
Death comes for us all, Raziel. It's just a matter of time.
[Completely composed, Moebius turns his back on Raziel and exits the chamber.]
Raziel: How is it that you know my name? We have never met.
Moebius: On the contrary, Raziel – I know you very well...
And it grieves me to see how cruelly Kain has used you.
I knew you when you were one of the Sarafan brotherhood, Raziel. We were even close.
Raziel: (with revulsion)
Oh, please.
Moebius: Fortunately, you need not love me now to be my ally...
[Raziel follows Moebius into the adjacent room – the walls of this octagonal chamber are decorated with murals memorializing the six martyred Circle guardians, slaughtered here many centuries ago.
The slain guardians are depicted in beatific imagery, while their murderer – the vampire Vorador – is demonized.
In the center of the room stands a distinctive basin engraved with arcane symbols.]
Raziel: Are we within the Stronghold of the Sarafan priesthood?
Moebius: Yes, but the glorious days of the Sarafan have long since passed, I'm afraid.
This is a more... cynical and indecorous age.
My mercenary army now inhabits this stronghold – we strive to honor the memory of the Sarafan with our own humble crusade.
[Raziel studies the surrounding murals, intrigued.]
Raziel: Is this the vampire Vorador?
Moebius: Yes, the scourge of the Circle. The most depraved and decadent example of his whole degenerate race.
He slaughtered six of my fellow Guardians as they cowered, defenseless, in this room.
Raziel: (incredulous)
And you somehow survived this massacre?
Moebius: I, and two others. The Circle was devastated; only we three were spared.
Raziel: (disdainful)
How convenient.
You'll forgive me if don't naively devour every scrap of information you toss me. You have a reputation for deceit.
Moebius: And who has slandered me so?
Your malefactor Kain? The one who betrayed and destroyed you? Our common enemy?
Consider the source, before you judge me too harshly.
We'll forget about rekindling our old friendship, then. But consider an alliance based on our common ground –
We both want Kain dead.
I can help you do it.
Raziel: You don't want to meddle in this, old man.
I know all about your sordid little schemes, but you're simply out of your depth on this one.
Moebius: You underestimate me, Raziel.
Let me show you...
[Moebius ignites the four candles that stand on the basin's edge, and an image slowly materializes in the mystical waters of the bowl.
The image in the basin coalesces, and Kain is revealed. Raziel leans over the basin and peers in, mesmerized.]
Moebius: Even now, Kain is lying in wait for you, unaware that I've snatched you out of the time-stream and brought you here, to me.
(The image wavers, and we see that Kain is standing in a clearing, beneath the Pillars of Nosgoth, apparently waiting...)
See how he lingers at the very Pillars he is destined to destroy, foolishly confident that he has eluded your grasp.
Raziel: (fascinated)
The Pillars are still standing in this time?
Moebius: Yes, Raziel – they are the embodiment of the divine force which preserves the life of our world.
We who serve the Pillars maintain their delicate balance – and Kain is destined to be the fulcrum upon which that balance turns.
I believe you have already endured the wasteland wrought by his terrible, selfish decision.
Kain's very existence is a cancer upon this world. As long as he lives, all of Nosgoth is in peril.
[The image in the basin wavers and fades out completely.]
Moebius: You may never again be human, Raziel...
But you can re-embrace the essence of your humanity, and the nobility of your Sarafan heritage.
Go to him, Raziel, and end this.
But first you will need to find your way out of the Stronghold – and in this, I'm afraid, I cannot help you.
My soldiers will not understand your appearance here; they will try to kill you.
You needn't fear them, of course. They're no match for you.
Try to keep the casualties to a minimum, but do what you have to do.
All great movements require a few martyrs...
[Moebius vanishes, leaving Raziel alone in the chamber.]

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[edit | edit source]

[Raziel looks curiously at the room's second time-streaming chamber – sealed, with a distinctive crystal mounted above the door.]
Raziel (V. O.): Alone now, I surveyed my surroundings and noticed a second time-streaming chamber, its entrance identical to the first, but with one distinction.
That crystal was significant, but how I had not yet discovered.
[Raziel sees imagery in the Stronghold, lionizing the Sarafan crusaders.]
Raziel (V. O.): Throughout the Stronghold I discovered evidence of my former nobility, and my life as a Sarafan priest.
This was the heritage so foully stolen from me when Kain raided my sacred crypt and defiled me.
[His thoughts are interrupted as a group of vampire hunters attack.]
[Raziel feels the power of the Reaver returning, after being disabled by Moebius's staff.]
Raziel (V. O.): Away from the influence of Moebius's cursed staff, I could feel the strength of the Soul Reaver slowly returning.
If that orb was as debilitating to vampires as it was to the blade, it gave Moebius a powerful advantage over his enemies.
I finally understood how Moebius's crusade could decimate the vampires so successfully. If he could immobilize his enemies, they were at his mercy.
But why, I wondered, would the staff have any effect on the Reaver?

Dark Chronicle: The Reaver Convergence[edit | edit source]

[Raziel enters the choir area of the Sanctuary for the first time, and feels an inexplicable distortion which intensifies as he approaches the central chapel.]
Raziel (V. O.): As I neared the Stronghold's inner sanctum, a strange sensation crept over me – an indescribable feeling of displacement, a sense of vertigo as reality itself appeared to warp and bend around me.
The disturbance seemed to emanate from the sanctuary's furthest chapel. As I cautiously approached, the sense of dislocation intensified with each step.
[As Raziel enters the chapel, he sees a stained-glass window memorializing William's murder at Kain's hands. At the end of the chapel stands the sarcophagus of the martyred king.]
Raziel (V. O.): So this was the tomb of the beloved King William the Just – beatified here as the martyr and catalyst of Moebius's crusade.
I was reminded of Kain's journey as a fledgling vampire –
How Moebius coerced him to travel back in history and assassinate William, thus igniting a genocidal hatred of vampires among the citizens of Nosgoth.
[Raziel proceeds into the chapel and stands before the sarcophagus, which he realizes now serves also as an altar – for here, clutched loosely in the hands of William's effigy, is the Soul Reaver, its blade broken in two.]
Raziel (V. O.): And here I discovered the source of the displacement – the Soul Reaver itself, laid out like a holy relic... And broken, apparently in the battle between William and Kain.
I had not thought such a thing was possible...
Until, of course, Kain shattered the blade against me when he tried to strike me down.
(Raziel looks at his right hand contemplatively.)
Thus the captive spirit inhabiting the Reaver was released – and binding itself to me, became my symbiotic weapon.
[Mesmerized by the Reaver's presence here, Raziel tentatively reaches out to touch the sword. As if in sympathetic response, the wraith-blade begins to manifest of its own will.]
Raziel (V. O.): And so the Reaver met its former self, still imprisoned in this corporeal shell...
I watched, mesmerized, as the wraith blade uncoiled itself, and snaked down the length of the physical blade...
(As it passes over the hilt of the sword, Raziel's hand involuntarily lunges forward and clamps down. The Reaver has taken control.)
Embracing its twin, its mirror self, the Reaver's long-dormant spirit was now fully aroused.
And for the first time, I felt the true presence of this other entity – willful, ravenous, and deranged from thousands of years of imprisonment...
The Reaver was now in command – and I, now merely its helpless host, felt my soul being leeched to restore the blade.
[Raziel watches in helpless horror as the Reaver draws his soul-energy through his arm and into the broken blade. The two halves of the Soul Reaver come together and are instantly re-fused.
Just before he is drained completely, the Reaver relents, and Raziel recovers control.]
Raziel (V. O.): But the Reaver knew better than to destroy its host – and just as I neared the brink of oblivion, the blade released its hold on me.
As I recovered, I realized we were now bound together in a fragile alliance – the Reaver no longer merely my symbiotic weapon, but a sentient parasite, competing for control.
[As Raziel recovers, he realizes that Moebius is behind him, watching with intense fascination. Enraged, Raziel wheels on Moebius and menaces him with the now-conjoined Reaver blades.]
Raziel: What have you done to me, Moebius?!
Is this your trap?!
Moebius: (apprehensive)
How mine?!
Don't forget it was Kain who led you here, not I!
While you curse me – the only soul in Nosgoth ready to guide and assist you – Kain laughs at our folly and revels in your dismay.
[Raziel raises the intertwined blades threateningly –]
Raziel: These blades now coiled in sinister embrace have inspired terror in the hearts of creatures far more durable than you, old man. Bound together as they are, I can only imagine what they could do to your soul's fragile shell.
Moebius: Raziel, I beg you to stay your hand.
This was none of my doing. I have sought only to aid you in your righteous quest.
Raziel: (mocking)
Why, you're trembling, Moebius. Has your confidence abandoned you?
You seem to have made a fatal error by leaving your precious staff behind. Is that where all your courage comes from?
Moebius: (desperate)
Listen to me, Raziel – you don't know what you're doing.
I have taken an enormous risk by appearing here before you, so defenseless, yet eager to prove my good intentions.
If there's anything left of the Sarafan in you, you won't do this.
While you threaten me, your true enemy eludes you!
Raziel: Don't concern yourself with Kain, old man. He'll join you in hell soon enough.
As you said, Death comes for us all...
[Raziel raises the entwined blades, fully prepared to strike Moebius down.]
Moebius: Yes... the Wheel of Fate demands it.
[Moebius's statement stays Raziel's hand momentarily –]
Raziel: What did you say?
Moebius: The Wheel of Fate – the inexorable cycle of death and rebirth to which all men are compelled.
We serve the same God, Raziel.
(Moebius grows more confident as he sees that this revelation is having some effect.)
To strike me down would be striking God's own attendant, and I don't believe even you would take that risk.
[Raziel throws the Soul Reaver away in disgust. The wraith-blade untwines itself and dissipates as it coils back into Raziel's hand.]
Raziel: I tire of your games, Moebius. Now that I know you fear me, I needn't concern myself with you.
Kain is waiting for me.
Moebius: Go, then, Raziel. Seek Kain out and destroy him, in the name of the One God we both serve.
You, who were once a Sarafan priest – murdered, profaned, destroyed and reborn again from His mercy...
You are now most powerfully equipped to be His agent – His instrument of restoration and retribution.
Raziel: My own vengeance is motivation enough.
[Raziel turns his back on Moebius and exits the chapel.
Moebius closes the gate behind Raziel, and locks himself safely inside the chapel. He breathes a sigh of relief, then turns and says quietly to himself –]
Moebius: By my soul, you almost had me, my little blue assassin.
But that'll be the one and only chance you get, I assure you of that.
[Alone now in the Sanctuary, Raziel stops to examine his newly-enhanced symbiotic weapon –]
Raziel (V. O.): I could now summon the blade at will, regardless of my strength. But once summoned, the blade's ravenous appetite could not be contained.
It devoured the souls of its victims... And if I allowed it to become over-aroused, the Reaver would now turn its hunger on me.

Dark Chronicle: The Heart of Darkness[edit | edit source]

[Raziel discovers a stained glass window in the Stronghold, depicting the murder of the vampire Janos Audron at the hands of the Sarafan.]
Raziel (V. O.): So this was the legendary Janos Audron – reputed to have been the most ancient and diabolical vampire to have ever existed.
According to folklore, he lived high in the cliffs of Nosgoth's northern mountains, and preyed mercilessly on the defenseless villagers below.
His reign of terror ended when the Sarafan finally hunted him down and tore his throbbing heart from his still-living body.
This relic came to be known as the 'Heart of Darkness', and was supposedly imbued with the power to restore vampiric unlife.
The Sarafan therefore guarded it carefully, lest the Heart fall into the hands of their enemies.
But I wondered – could Janos Audron truly have been as monstrous as depicted here?
Or was this merely artistic license by the Sarafan, who sought to lionize themselves by demonizing their darkest enemy?

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[edit | edit source]

[Raziel sees the images in the Chapter House memorializing the Sarafan martyrs – his former brethren and himself.]
Raziel (V. O.): Strange, how my history came full circle...
This chapel, I realized, was a memorial to my former Sarafan brethren and myself... all of us martyred here, and then so cruelly profaned by Kain when he imposed his 'gift' on our noble corpses.
[Raziel sees an heroic statue memorializing his Sarafan self.]
Raziel (V. O.): For the first time, I beheld the image of my Sarafan self, memorialized here among my fallen comrades.
It tortured me to see how noble and pure I had been – and what a vile phantasm I had become.
And a profound sense of injury – of loss and betrayal – welled up in me, so overwhelming I could barely contain it.
All I wanted at this moment was to find Kain, and destroy him.
[Raziel emerges from the Stronghold and sees past-Nosgoth for the first time.]
Raziel (V. O.): (awestruck)
I emerged... and for the first time beheld Nosgoth in its former glory. The land overflowed with abundant life and vitality.
(then steely)
And I knew with certainty then that the world I had left behind was nothing more than the corpse of Nosgoth – a lifeless husk, bled dry by the corruption of Kain's parasitic empire.
This was the fragile world Kain sacrificed to preserve his own petty life and ambition, heedless of the profound cost. The sight only deepened my resolve...
I sensed that the Pillars lay to the northwest – if Kain truly waited to confront me there, I would not disappoint him...

Dialogue: The Great Southern Lake[edit | edit source]

[Raziel discovers a sealed door on the edge of the lake.]
Raziel (V. O.): I did not yet possess the means to unlock this barrier... but this enigmatic symbol was clearly the key.
[Raziel encounters his first checkpoint-marker.]
Raziel (V. O.): As I passed this arcane landmark, a wisp of the Reaver's energy was drawn into the ring, illuminating it. This created a beacon of sorts in the spirit world – if ever I found myself depleted in the spectral realm, and my soul tossed on the ethereal winds, these beacons would draw me back to safety and restore me.
[Raziel discovers the first save-point milestone in the game.]
Raziel (V. O.): These ancient obelisks were mysteriously attuned to my spiritual essence.
By simply touching the symbol, I could safely preserve an imprint of my soul – and thus create a milestone to which I could return when weary, and from which I could resume my journey.
[Raziel climbs up to a plateau overlooking the moat that surrounds the Stronghold.]
Raziel (V. O.): While I had only just escaped the Stronghold, I sensed that in time my journey would return me full-circle to this place.
Infiltrating the fortress, however, would be no small feat.
The balcony that had provided my escape was now well beyond my reach – leaving this massive gateway as the only means of entry.
The gates were sealed, but like the time-streaming chamber I had seen earlier, their operation was undoubtedly linked to that odd crystal mounted above the entrance...
[Raziel sees the vampires of past-Nosgoth, and the Vampire Hunters' barbarity –]
Raziel (V. O.): These vampires had nothing in common with the deranged jackals I left behind in Kain's derelict empire – they seemed to retain much of their former humanity.
In this era, vampires were clearly not the uncontested predators we had been... these creatures were hunted mercilessly, and oppressed.
And while I still believed that vampirism was a plague, and had to be wiped out, there was nothing noble or righteous in this crusade – this was simply ruthless persecution.

Chapter 2: Decision at the Pillars


Dark Chronicle: The Corruption of the Pillars[edit | edit source]

[Raziel reaches the Pillars clearing, where Moebius told him Kain would be waiting. Raziel pauses briefly, struck by the pristine beauty of the Pillars. In this era, the Pillars stand straight and rise infinitely into the sky, their white marble columns gleaming in the sunlight.]
Raziel V.O.: The Pillars of Nosgoth... pristine, whole, and uncorrupted.
I had never beheld them in this undefiled state – yet something profound and indelible resonated within me at the sight.
(then, seeing Kain)
And there, waiting at the very heart of the Pillars, was the canker that was destined to destroy them.
[Kain stands in the center of the Pillars platform, his back to the clearing's entrance. He appears to be surveying the Pillars calmly, waiting for something.
Raziel stalks up behind Kain, readying the wraith-blade. Completely aware and composed, Kain addresses Raziel without turning.]
Kain: I know you are there, Raziel.
Raziel: Moebius led me to you, Kain – though I might have guessed you'd meet me here.
[Kain continues to speak with his back to Raziel, turning his head only slightly.]
Kain: And if Moebius told you I was hidden on the underside of hell, would you throw yourself into oblivion to pursue me?
Moebius trawls for the ignorant and unwary, hauling his gasping prey from the streams of their destinies.
Stay out of his net, Raziel –
[Raziel interrupts, impatient and tired of this long chase.]
Raziel: Spare me your elaborate metaphors, Kain.
I have pursued you here for one purpose – you will pay for your betrayal, and Balance will thus be restored to Nosgoth.
Kain: And whose will is satisfied then, the will of Raziel, or Moebius?
Raziel: Would I be better manipulated by you, Kain?
Now turn and face me; the chase is over.
[Kain doesn't turn, but walks slowly forward, approaching the central Balance Pillar while he speaks.]
Kain: This isn't a chase, Raziel – we are merely passengers on the wheel of destiny, describing a perfect circle to this point.
We have been brought here for a reason.
I have seen the beginning and the end of our story, however – and the tale is crude and ill-conceived.
We must rewrite the ending of it, you and I.
Raziel: (frustrated)
Face me, Kain. Even you shouldn't die a coward's death.
[Kain finally turns to respond, having delayed Raziel as long as he needed.]
Kain: Isn't it customary to grant the condemned a final request?
Raziel: I recall no such courtesy from you.
Kain: Indulge me, Raziel.
All I ask is that you listen.
[At this moment, an unearthly, disembodied wailing begins to be audible, increasing in volume as it fills the clearing.]
Kain: This is the sublime moment of our undoing, Raziel – the ineffable fulcrum upon which swings the entirety of our history.
This is where all of Nosgoth is betrayed.
In this instant, Ariel – the Balance Guardian – is murdered by dark forces bent on overthrowing the Pillars.
Her spirit is just now tearing free, lost in the ether, trying to find its way here.
You have already seen how she comes to haunt these Pillars –
Raziel: (interrupting)
bound here by your refusal to die. You are the reason this land becomes diseased – as long as you remain alive you condemn Nosgoth to an eternity of decay.
[Kain gently raises his hand to silence Raziel, and intently urges him –]
Kain: Be still, Raziel. See this.
[The sky darkens, the wind begins to gust, and birds scatter from the clearing in alarm. A low, nearly sub-audible rumble swells, as though a massive storm is gathering.
Kain continues, with some urgency –]
Kain: As Ariel dies, I am being born to take her place as Balance Guardian.
Such is my destiny.
[Suddenly, the entire clearing is rocked by an indescribable force –
A telepathic blast bursts across the landscape with a thunderous rumble, and distorting waves of energy ripple across the clearing.
Kain visibly tenses as he absorbs the onslaught of this psychic attack. The Pillars, initially white and pristine, begin to crack and corrode as they turn gray with corruption.]
Raziel: god...
[As the telepathic assault recedes, Kain begins to speak again –]
Kain: At the moment of my first cry, Ariel's beloved – the Guardian Nupraptor – finds her corpse.
Wracked with grief and tormented by suspicions of treachery, Nupraptor plunges into a madness which overflows and infects all of the Guardians, who are symbiotically bound.
Including me.
The repercussions of Ariel's assassination were expertly calculated...
The entire Circle descends into madness, and I am tainted at the moment of my birth – instantly rendered incapable of fulfilling the role destiny has prepared for me.
Raziel: Shall I show you the same mercy you showed the rest of the Circle, then? You blithely murdered them to restore their Pillars, yet your hand faltered when it came to the final sacrifice.
What makes you exempt, Kain? You're merely the last man standing.
Why condemn me for simply carrying out what you hadn't the courage to do yourself?
Kain: Let's drop the moral posturing, shall we? We both know there's no altruism in this pursuit.
Your reckless indignation led you here – I counted on it.
(Kain sees that Raziel is bristling at this insult.)
There's no shame in it, Raziel – revenge is motivation enough. At least it's honest.
Hate me, but do it honestly.
[Kain resumes his account of Nosgoth's history –]
Kain: Thirty years hence, I am presented with a dilemma – let's call it a two-sided coin.
If the coin falls one way, I sacrifice myself and thus restore the Pillars.
But as the last surviving vampire in Nosgoth, this would mean the annihilation of our species. Moebius made sure of that.
If the coin lands on the reverse, I refuse the sacrifice and thus doom the Pillars to an eternity of collapse.
Either way, the game is rigged.
Raziel: We agree then that the Pillars are crucial, and must be restored?
Kain: Yes, Raziel – that's why we've come full-circle to this place.
Raziel: So after all this you make my case for me. To end this stalemate, you must die so that new Guardians can be born.
Kain: The Pillars don't belong to them, Raziel...
(Kain gestures derisively, indicating humanity in general.)
...they belong to us.
Raziel: (disgusted)
Your arrogance is boundless, Kain.
Kain: (laughing softly)
There's a third option - a monumental secret, hidden in your very presence here. But it's a secret you have to discover for yourself.
Unearth your destiny, Raziel. It's all laid out for you here.
Raziel: You said it yourself, Kain – there are only two sides to your coin.
Kain: Apparently so. But suppose you throw a coin enough times...
...suppose one day, it lands on its edge.
[Kain vanishes, leaving Raziel standing in the clearing alone.]

Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[edit | edit source]

[Raziel proceeds to explore Nosgoth after his encounter with Kain at the Pillars –]
Raziel (V. O.): I didn't know what impulse stayed my hand – why I had so willingly allowed Kain to escape me, when I had pursued him for so long.
I had no reason to trust Kain, after he had valued me so little.
And yet I found myself intrigued by his words.
I had been too cruelly used to so gullibly play his pawn – but if this world truly had secrets to divulge, I was determined to expose them.
Raziel (V. O.): From the moment of my arrival, I had the constant and palpable sensation of being watched. Someone, it seemed, was keenly interested in my presence here.
[Raziel discovers a large stone door, painted with a familiar effigy–]
Raziel (V. O.): From the look of it, this door had been sealed for centuries. I began to realize it was no mere coincidence that I found myself standing here – beneath this winged figure, with blue skin and cloven hands so like my own... and bearing this unique key.
[Raziel inserts the Reaver into the door's lock–]
Raziel (V. O.): And so it was with a sense of gravity and trepidation that I unsealed that ancient door, and crossed the threshold.

Dark Chronicle: The Elder God[edit | edit source]

[Raziel cautiously descends an ancient, subterranean passageway, and finds himself at the threshold of a magnificent underground grotto. The Pillars descend into this chamber, intersecting a platform engraved with arcane symbols. Water surrounds the dais, and reflected light dapples the surrounding walls.
Raziel walks along the platform, surveying the murals on the surrounding walls. He recognizes his own ragged form in these heroic figures, and holds up his hand, mentally comparing his anatomy to theirs. He's trying to put the pieces together.]
Raziel V.O.: As I entered the chamber, I sensed that it had been sealed for hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years.
And while this room was clearly built when the Pillars were erected, I knew that no human hand could have shaped this place – and that perhaps it had never been seen by human eyes.
The surrounding murals depicted a winged race, their features so like my own – but beautiful, where mine were grotesque... and angelic, while mine were demonic.
I tried to decipher these images...
...a great war, but with combatants like none I had ever seen...
...the Pillars, raised by this winged race, who thus defeated their adversaries...
...the winged beings again, writhing in agony, apparently afflicted with the same blood-thirst I had so recently suffered...
And throughout the chamber, inscribed everywhere, images of the Reaver itself.
Was this what Kain had urged me to discover?
I wondered...
[The voice of the Elder God bubbles up from the depths of the chamber, as if in answer to Raziel's unspoken question –]
Elder God: Lies, Raziel...
[Raziel recognizes the voice, and realizes that it's rising from the watery depths beneath the platform. As he steps to the edge, he sees that the Pillars descend into the murky depths of the chamber – and coiled around them are the tentacles and amorphous mass of the Elder God itself.]
Elder God: Do not be deceived.
Raziel: Ah, my ancient 'benefactor'...
And I dared to hope we had parted ways forever. Your silence was refreshing, while it lasted. No doubt you have a conveniently inexpressible reason for your presence here?
Elder God: Do not be insolent, Raziel.
I am eternally present – here and everywhere; now and always.
I am the still center of the turning wheel, the hub of this world's destiny.
Raziel: But perhaps not so omnipotent as you'd have me believe.
Your hold on me appears to be tenuous. I no longer seem to need you, yet I'm guessing you still need me.
Elder God: This impudence is unworthy of you, Raziel.
Do not forget that you have a task to fulfill here.
You are indebted to me.
Raziel: Indebted? You would have me show gratitude for a 'gift' I didn't ask to be bestowed?
Do you forget that you forced me to inhabit this vile carcass –
Elder God: – I restored you to yourself, Raziel.
It was Kain who destroyed you. The very enemy you have just let slip through your grasp.
Do not fail me, my servant...
Raziel: I serve no one – not you, not Kain... and not your lackey, Moebius.
Elder God: (ominously)
Moebius is my good servant. I have many.
Raziel: And if I tell Moebius that he's worshipping a giant squid, do you think his faith will falter?
Elder God: You have grown willful, Raziel.
But beware – to embrace a serpent is to invite poison into your heart.
Kain is a sinuous beast; he will seduce and deceive you.
You pride yourself on your free will, yet you let that degenerate deter your resolve.
Raziel: I harbor no illusions about his integrity, nor anyone else's.
In fact, I am beset by manipulation on all sides. I merely seek the truth.
Elder God: These are the fathomless truths, Raziel:
The agony of birth and death and rebirth – this is the Wheel of Fate, the purifying cycle which sustains all life.
Vampires are an abomination, a plague which leeches this land of its spiritual strength.
They obstruct the flow of life and death – their souls stagnate in their wretched corpses.
But the Wheel must turn; Death is inexorable and cannot be denied.
Your destiny is irresistible, Raziel – you are my soul reaver, the scourge of the vampires, reaper of their apostate souls.
Remain steadfast. End the vampires' parasitic curse, and restore Nosgoth.
Kain's blood belongs on your hands.
Raziel: Kain indeed deserves to die, for condemning me to this repugnant form.
But if and when I kill him, it will be for me, alone, to decide.
Elder God: Kain destroyed you without a flicker of remorse.
He tore the soul from your noble corpse, and after you had served him faithfully for a thousand years, he discarded you in the Abyss on a jealous whim.
Remember your rage, Raziel – let it guide your hand.

Chapter 3: Through the Swamp


Dialogue: The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[Raziel emerges from the underwater labyrinth into the Swamp for the first time –]
Raziel (V. O.): I surfaced into a very different landscape – the daylight barely penetrated the dense canopy of this forest.
Here I discovered an ancient ruin – unmistakably one of Moebius's time-streaming chambers, but long-ago sealed and abandoned to the encroaching swamp.
I didn't currently possess the means to break this seal – but I thought, in time, that I might.
[Raziel wheels around upon hearing something disturb a flock of crows. He sees Vorador silently watching him from the parapet of the towering ruins behind him.]
Raziel (V. O.): So, my lurking observer was exposed.
The creature vanished when he realized he was discovered – but I caught a glimpse of him, and his features were distinctive enough.
This was the vampire Vorador – the monstrous assassin depicted in the Stronghold.
Strange that a creature brazen enough to assault the Circle single-handedly would avoid confronting me.
Very well – if Vorador would not come to me, I would go to him. But first I needed to find some means of reaching that terrace.
[Raziel discovers the passage into the northern mountains, but realizes it is currently blocked.]
Raziel (V. O.): There appeared to be a passage here, leading northward into the mountains.
The opening, however, was obstructed, and too high for me to reach.
Perhaps later I would find the means to bypass these obstacles.
[Raziel reaches the Dark Forge entrance –]
Raziel (V. O.): My lurking friend was nowhere to be seen, but I found these ruins even more intriguing.
I recognized these arcane symbols from the chamber beneath the Pillars, and realized that this shrine, too, was sealed to all but the bearer of the Reaver.

Dialogue: The Dark Forge[edit | edit source]

Raziel (V. O.): Throughout this ancient shrine, murals depicted the winged race, and the apocalyptic war against their mysterious – and equally inhuman – adversaries. These winged beings, it seemed, were not only the architects of the Pillars but of this enigmatic place, as well. And just as in the Pillars chamber, this shrine was adorned throughout with imagery of the Reaver – depicted with the reverence of a holy icon.
[Raziel forges the Reaver with Darkness.]
Raziel (V. O.): As I neared the altar I suddenly felt the Reaver quickening of its own volition.
Just as in William's chapel, the balance of power tangibly shifted – voracious and willful, the Soul Reaver was now in control, and I, merely its helpless puppet.
The Reaver plunged itself into that mysterious altar – and devouring the energy that emanated from within, drained this place of its power.
Thus sated, the Reaver released me. And I realized, as I recovered control, that these ancient shrines were forges, each purpose-built to enhance the Reaver with elemental power.
[Raziel describes the elemental fonts.]
Raziel (V. O.): Now I understood the purpose of the mysterious basins I had seen throughout my journey.
They were elemental fonts, each attuned to a fundamental essence.
When I forged the blade, every font in Nosgoth with the same elemental attunement was simultaneously quickened.
The Reaver's enhancements were never permanent, but these fonts enabled me to re-imbue the blade by bathing it in the elemental energy distilled therein.
[Raziel sees the Dark symbol.]
Raziel (V. O.): Concentric circles, one eclipsing the other...
I recognized this symbol from the door sealing that other ancient shrine – the one I had seen in the lake, outside the Sarafan Stronghold.
Perhaps now, armed as I was with the elemental power of darkness, I could return and gain entry.

Dark Chronicle: The Vampire Vorador[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel exits the Dark Forge, he comes face to face with Vorador – the ancient vampire leans casually against a column at the Forge's entrance, apparently waiting for Raziel to emerge.]
Vorador: You're a ragged excuse for a savior.
Raziel: Vorador.
Vorador: I see my reputation precedes me.
Raziel: It does.
Vorador: (ironic)
All good, I hope.
(Vorador begins to walk slowly around Raziel as he speaks, examining him. He studies Raziel's cloven hands – so like his own – his blue skin, his ragged wings. Raziel stands still and allows Vorador to look him over.)
I've been watching you since you emerged from that accursed stronghold.
Strange that your arrival coincides with the corruption of the Pillars.
But I'm wondering – are you the catalyst of these events, or the answer to them?
Raziel: (steely)
I don't know what you mean.
Vorador: I will speak plainly, then.
I distrust your origins, stranger. Seeing you crawl from the putrid depths of Moebius's Keep makes me question your purpose here.
And what should I make of your appearance? Not human, clearly – and more demon than vampire.
And the Pillars – it is no mere coincidence that your arrival in that clearing heralded the Pillars' decay.
And so I ask you plainly: are you the instrument of the Pillars' destruction, or their salvation?
Raziel: Neither.
Vorador: (slightly annoyed)
Very well, let us look at the other side of the coin –
I have followed your journey, and watched as you blithely unlocked secrets that have been sealed and forbidden for thousands of years.
The path you have been treading is open to only one being...
(Vorador trails off, as he realizes –)
You don't know what you are, do you?
Raziel: I have been many things...
If you find me ignorant, enlighten me.
[Vorador simply laughs, and turns away in disgust.]
Vorador: What's the point- this world is beyond redemption.
Let the human cattle have it.
Raziel: I would expect better than meek capitulation from you.
Vorador: Centuries of persecution have taught me well.
500 years ago, our race was nearly exterminated by the fanatical crusades of the Sarafan.
And now the same sick drama unfolds again. In merely a decade, Moebius's cutthroat citizen army has nearly accomplished what the Sarafan could not.
(then, to himself)
Vampires meddling in the affairs of men...
Look where it has brought us.
[Raziel considers for a moment, then asks –]
Raziel: What am I to make of these secrets I've uncovered, then? The depictions of the winged race, the Pillars, and the Reaver?
[Vorador turns back to Raziel as he responds –]
Vorador: Fairy tales, boy.
The delusions of an ancient culture, clinging to hope long after the world had discarded them.
Their bloodline trickled away, until only one of the Ancients remained – sustained solely by obligation and his unfaltering faith in the old prophesies.
[Vorador strides closer to Raziel as he speaks, until they are face to face.]
Vorador: But you see, even if you are who you appear to be, it no longer matters...
You're simply too late.
Janos Audron – the Reaver Guardian, the last of the Ancients, and my maker – was murdered by the Sarafan nearly five centuries ago.
He alone would have the answers you seek, but his secrets died with him.
I don't know how you've come even this far without his guidance – or without the Reaver, stolen these 500 years ago by the Sarafan.
I am afraid, my friend, that you – and all of us – are out of luck.
[Vorador vanishes, leaving Raziel alone on the terrace.]

Dialogue: The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[Raziel walks to the edge of the terrace and looks out at the swamp.]
Raziel (V. O.): I had no less reason to trust Vorador than anyone else I had met. In fact, the ancient vampire was the most forthright being I had encountered thus far.
If Janos Audron was the key to all this, then I would find him.
And Moebius's time-streaming device would provide me passage.
But first I had to find a way back into the Stronghold... and I suspected I would find the means within the lake's mysterious shrine.

Dark Chronicle: The Elder's Warning[edit | edit source]

[After having met the vampire Vorador, unearthed the secrets of the Dark Forge, and discovered more about the ancient architects of the Pillars, Raziel revisits the Elder God in the subterranean Pillars chamber.]
Elder God: Ah, my wayward child returns...
Raziel: Having unearthed more than you'd like, I suspect.
What am I to make of these ruins that litter the land, and these images here in this chamber?
Elder God: Merely the deceits of a failed civilization.
You are being misled, Raziel.
This ancient race hoped to manipulate the future with these scrawled misdirections.
You must tread carefully. There are dark forces at work in this world, bent on subverting your true destiny.
Raziel: I have no doubt of that. The question is: am I in their presence right now?
Elder God: Your arrogance will spell your demise, Raziel. Deny my will, and the arc of your destiny will reach a sudden conclusion.
Raziel: Your threats are unmoving. Even now I'm beyond your reach.
Elder God: (ominous)
My reach is longer than you realize.
This is a very dangerous game you're playing, Raziel...

Chapter 4: The Light Forge


Dialogue: The Light Forge[edit | edit source]

[Raziel discovers more murals in the Light Forge.]
Raziel (V. O.): These murals left no room for doubt – these winged creatures were indeed the architects of the Pillars.
And while the images were difficult to decipher, the Pillars appeared to banish or diminish their enemies somehow...
[Raziel forges the Reaver with Light.]
Raziel (V. O.): I plunged the Reaver into the forge, and imbued the blade with the elemental power of Light.
Thus armed, I now had the means to re-enter the Stronghold, and finally use Moebius's time-streaming device to accomplish my own ends.

Chapter 5: A Fateful Meeting


Dark Chronicle: History and Destiny Collide[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel enters the Relic Hall within the Sanctuary, he discovers the fresh corpse of one of Moebius's guards. Raziel kneels to examine the body – the soldier's neck appears to have been snapped, his throat is torn open, and the pallor of his skin suggests that the victim has been drained of blood.
Suspecting Kain, Raziel glances up and begins to rise. He addresses the seemingly-empty hall –]
Raziel: Show yourself, Kain.
[Kain's voice emerges from the depths of William's chapel –]
Kain: Here, Raziel.
[Raziel crosses the threshold of the chapel – just as in his previous visit, he feels the distortion caused by the nearness of the Reaver. As he enters, he discovers Kain inside, standing before William's sarcophagus.]
Kain: Everything is decided here...
You cannot comprehend the magnitude – the rapture and the tragedy – of this moment...
And yet you must if Nosgoth is to be dragged from the wreckage of its damnation.
[Whatever game Kain is playing, Raziel is tired of it. He responds irritably –]
Raziel: I understand only this, Kain – that you and Moebius have impelled me to this moment simply means I can trust neither of you.
I don't know who's pulling the strings, but it no longer matters – because I'm cutting them. I set my own course from here.
[Raziel turns to leave. Kain watches him go for a moment, then replies.]
Kain: If it were only that simple.
[Raziel stops and responds, exasperated.]
Raziel: Your fatalism is tiresome, Kain.
Kain: ...and profoundly ingrained, Raziel.
Kain: You must understand, our presence here doesn't alter history. You and I meet here because we are compelled to – we have always met here.
History is irredeemable.
Drop a stone into a rushing river – the current simply courses around it and flows on as if the obstruction were never there. You and I are pebbles, Raziel, and have even less hope of disrupting the time-stream.
The continuum of history is simply too strong, too resilient.
Kain: Except... then how do we explain William, here?
(Kain gestures toward William's funereal effigy, and turns to face the sarcophagus.)
The beloved boy-king turned tyrant.
(He lifts the Soul Reaver from the casket, and turns back to Raziel, flourishing the sword.)
In my youth, I witnessed William's rise to power, and his transformation into the 'Nemesis' who laid waste to Nosgoth.
Raziel: (steely)
Keep your distance, Kain.
[Kain walks slowly forward, Reaver in hand, as he speaks.]
Kain: Years later, I stumble upon a chance to journey back in history, unaware that the entire affair has been carefully orchestrated by Moebius.
In my wisdom, I seize the opportunity to murder the young king before he can ravage Nosgoth...
...and thereby provide the catalyst Moebius needs to incite a genocidal war against our race.
[Raziel grows more agitated as Kain advances.]
Raziel: I warn you – no further!
[Kain continues, his voice taking on a greater sense of urgency.]
Kain: This one reckless act unravels the skein of history.
The Nemesis never becomes the Nemesis; William dies a martyred saint. I, the vampire assassin, become the author of my own species' extinction. And Moebius profits from it all.
I destroyed a tyrant only to create one far worse.
(Kain gestures toward the stained glass window, which depicts a lionized William and a demonized Kain in combat, both armed with the Soul Reaver.)
But how can it be so? How, if history is immutable?
(Kain advances slowly on Raziel, gripping the Soul Reaver. As he approaches, the feeling of displacement intensifies.)
The answer is here in this room, Raziel.
Moebius propelled William and me together – but ensured first that we were both armed with the Soul Reaver.
The Reaver is the key.
Two incarnations of the blade meet in time and space – a paradox is created, a temporal distortion powerful enough to derail history.
[As Kain takes a final step toward Raziel, the surrounding distortion reaches its peak, and the wraith-blade begins to manifest of its own will. Raziel reacts in alarm –]
Raziel: Is this your sorcery?
Kain: Not mine, Raziel – yours.
Kain: You have nothing to fear from me, Raziel.
You hold all the cards.
[Kain turns the blade and extends it to Raziel, hilt first. Raziel reaches out tentatively and takes the Reaver – Kain releases the blade willingly, and extends his hands to show that there's no deception. As Raziel grips the hilt, the displacement intensifies around them.
Raziel addresses Kain icily. As he speaks, the wraith energy of the Reaver manifests and begins to twine itself around the physical blade.]
Raziel: Then perhaps I should test your sincerity.
(Swiftly, Raziel brings the point of the blade up to Kain's throat. Kain steps back, and Raziel advances with him, keeping the sword at his throat.)
If what you say is true, you should be terrified. I could kill you here and now.
[Kain responds, clearly apprehensive, but also strangely resigned –]
Kain: And so you do, Raziel.
[The blade begins to tremble slightly, as if possessed of its own will. Raziel is confused and alarmed –]
Raziel: What's happening?
[The trembling intensifies as Raziel struggles against the pull of the Reaver.]
Kain: We are hurtling toward our destinies, Raziel. What you feel is the pull of history rushing to meet us.
This is where history and destiny collide.
[The Reaver lunges at Kain – he stumbles against William's sarcophagus, and falls to the ground. As Raziel fights to resist the pull of the blade, Kain urges him with earnest intensity.]
Kain: If you truly believe in free will, Raziel, now is the time to prove it.
Kill me now, and we both become pawns of history, dragged down the path of an artificial destiny.
I was ordained to assume the role of Balance Guardian in Nosgoth, while you were destined to be its savior. But the map of my fate was redrawn by Moebius, and so in turn was yours...
[Raziel struggles to maintain control.]
Raziel: This is madness!
Kain: Fight it, Raziel... This moment does not have to be an ending – it can become a prelude.
[The pull of the Reaver is too powerful; Raziel is losing strength.]
Raziel: I can't...
Kain: You can, Raziel – look inside and see that it is so. You have the power to reshape our inevitable futures.
[Raziel raises the Soul Reaver and brings it down violently. Kain turns his head and tenses for the impact. The sword crashes downward in a blinding flash of light, and Raziel staggers back, his hand now free of the blade.
Raziel has diverted the Reaver's course, avoiding Kain by mere inches – the blade stands embedded in William's sarcophagus, the impact having fractured the stone.
Rising unsteadily, Kain regards the impaled, fractured coffin, and makes a weak attempt at a joke –]
Kain: ...poor William.
[At once, the room is overwhelmed by an indescribable disturbance – their surroundings warp and blur, and a colossal groaning fills the air as history labors to admit this alteration.
Raziel looks around the room in confusion and alarm.]
Raziel: What is this?
Kain: History abhors a paradox, Raziel.
Even now, the time-stream strains to divert itself, finding its old course blocked by your refusal to destroy me.
The future is reshuffling itself to accommodate your monumental decision.
[As Kain continues, the distortion begins to subside.]
Kain: This is where we restore ourselves, Raziel, and reclaim our intended destinies.
It may yet be possible for me to assume my role as Balance Guardian and return the Pillars to their rightful inheritors –
[Raziel interrupts disdainfully –]
Raziel: – to the vampires.
And this is the destiny you have urged me to discover?
I don't know what game you and Moebius are playing, Kain – but I refuse to be your pawn.
Unlike you, I still revere whatever shred of humanity I've managed to preserve. You will not use me as the instrument of your messianic delusions.
[Raziel turns his back on Kain and strides out of the chapel.]
Kain: Very well, Raziel. I'll not ask you to trust me – your truths are for you to discover alone.
[Raziel pauses briefly, and replies without turning –]
Raziel: Humble words for one who presumes to teach me a lesson at every turn.
Kain: Then continue your journey and learn your own lessons, Raziel.
Remember – Moebius led you here, but you walk away unfettered. A champion of free will, and conqueror of false histories.
[Raziel stalks away without looking back.]
Kain: There is much more for you to unearth, if you have the heart for the truth and the will to see it...

Dark Chronicle: Time Streaming[edit | edit source]

[Following his history-altering encounter with Kain in the chapel, Raziel returns to the Circle's gathering-room. Armed with the Light Reaver, he is now able to unlock the second Time-Streaming chamber.
Just as the chamber's door slides open, Moebius rushes into the room, shaken and alarmed. He knows that Kain has survived what was supposed to be a fatal encounter with Raziel in the chapel, and that the course of history has therefore been changed.
Raziel greets Moebius smugly, realizing that he has the upper hand and relishing it.]
Raziel: Ah yes – I like that look on your face, Moebius. You really don't know what to do now, do you, old man?
Here you are – caught without your damned staff – and I suspect things aren't progressing quite as you'd hoped.
You're not used to the fly turning to confront you in your web, are you?
[Genuinely shocked and distressed, Moebius struggles to regain control of the situation. He admonishes Raziel –]
Moebius: Kain's devious influence has poisoned your mind, Raziel.
Now you see betrayal everywhere, even in your closest allies.
Raziel: We were never allies, Moebius.
Conspirators, perhaps. Briefly.
Moebius: Why did you not kill Kain when you had the chance? He was at your mercy!
Raziel: Precisely. I had a choice, and I chose mercy.
And now I know your sordid little secret – the significance of that displacement I felt when the two Reavers came together.
Strangely enough, I was enlightened by the 'devious' Kain, not by you.
In fact, I've learned much more than you counted on – I understand now how you've tried to manipulate all of history for your own personal gain.
But now all your little schemes are whirling in ruin around you, aren't they?
All because I chose to exert my will for once, rather than obey the demands of sorcerers and spirits and demons all singing the same tiresome refrain: kill Kain!
I'm setting my own path from here, Moebius.
I intend to discover the truth behind all of this.
Moebius: But you condemn us all with this impetuous act!
Raziel: Hardly impetuous; it took all the will I could muster.
Has my refusal to kill Kain reshuffled your carefully stacked deck of cards?
[Moebius responds angrily –]
Moebius: You really think that you're exercising your free will, Raziel?
You're simply Kain's servant
Raziel: (steely)
I do not serve Kain. I merely did not kill him.
[Desperate, Moebius implores Raziel –]
Moebius: Raziel, do not forget your purpose here – you are destined to be the savior of Nosgoth!
[Raziel replies disdainfully –]
Raziel: Oh, I'm sick of hearing that particular phrase.
As for saving Nosgoth, so far I see precious little reason to bother.
And I'll choose my own purpose from here on out, Time-Streamer. Right now, I choose to manipulate you, for a change.
Go – in there.
[Raziel summons the wraith-blade and flourishes it at Moebius threateningly. Gesturing with the Reaver, Raziel directs Moebius toward the Time Streaming chamber.
Moebius refuses to move –]
Moebius: What are you doing?
Raziel: Come now Moebius – you're a cunning serpent.... you'll piece it together, I imagine.
[Raziel shoves Moebius and brandishes the Reaver to usher him into the chamber.]
Raziel: This era is of no further use to me. You will operate this device to provide me passage.
I want to see the world in a simpler time – before the Sarafan began their crusade.
[Moebius obediently adjusts the device's arcane switches, but continues to entreat Raziel –]
Moebius: And what about Kain? You're leaving your quarry behind!
Raziel: You kill him, if it's so damned important.
Moebius: You need only touch the two poles of the switch, and the device will transport you.
But I urge you to reconsider –
[Raziel places his hands on the poles of the time-streaming device.]
Raziel: You've lost your powers of persuasion, old man.
Rot here and forget me.
[Moebius turns away dejectedly, but once his face is averted he breaks into a cunning grin.
Raziel throws the switch, and the chamber blurs around him as he is swept to another time.]

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel exits the time-streaming chamber, he realizes that Moebius has tricked him. The Stronghold is abandoned, and has been overrun by demons. It is night, and a cataclysmic storm rages outside. Recent human corpses litter the ground.]
Raziel (V. O.): Even as I emerged from that infernal time-streaming chamber, I suspected treachery.
The Stronghold was vacant – derelict and abandoned...
[An energy barrier materializes to block Raziel's passage, and two demons drop down from the air – vaguely rasping Raziel's name.]
[Raziel sees memorials commemorating Moebius's murder at Kain's hands, and the climax of the vampire purge – Vorador's execution.]
Raziel (V. O.): If I had any doubts about the era I now occupied, this grotesque tableau certainly eliminated them.
For here was Moebius – long since murdered by Kain – lionized and beatified as the martyred leader of his bloodthirsty crusade.
And if I required further evidence, I needed only to behold the gruesome trophy Moebius held aloft: the severed head of Vorador, the final triumphant kill of Moebius's cutthroat mob. His execution marked the annihilation of the vampires.
Far from channeling me into Nosgoth's past, Moebius had propelled me over a century into its ghastly future.
[Raziel pauses – he turns away from the statue, and begins to walk toward the gate that leads into the nave of the Sanctuary.]
Raziel (V. O.): The intent behind this little detour was unmistakable.
Having failed to make me his obedient assassin, Moebius intended to keep me ignorant of my true destiny, which clearly lay in Nosgoth's past.
While his deception only reinforced my purpose, Moebius had effectively stranded me here.
This left me no course but to explore the era I now occupied, and see what changes the century had wrought following Kain's ill-fated decision.
Perhaps time had cleared a path for me into the mountains, where I might unearth more clues behind the mystery of Janos Audron.

Dark Chronicle: Moebius's Martyred Spirit[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel exits the time-streaming chamber, he realizes that Moebius has deceived him. Rather than arriving in Nosgoth's past, he has been propelled into its ghastly future. The Stronghold is derelict, abandoned and overrun by demons.
As he departs, Raziel encounters the specter of Moebius, dead now for a century following his murder at Kain's hands.
Moebius greets Raziel in an anguished, withered voice –]
Moebius: Raziel...
Raziel: What pathetic charade is this now, Moebius?
Moebius: No charade, Raziel. Only the entreaties of this martyred spirit.
Raziel: Your pleas mean nothing to me, after all your deceit.
You have propelled me into Nosgoth's future, Moebius – and left me stranded here.
Moebius: I am truly sorry, Raziel, but it was necessary. Consider it the last valiant act of a doomed man.
You have strayed from your purpose, and now behold the result – gaze upon the wasteland you and Kain authored together!
Raziel: I fail to see how I'm responsible –
Moebius: You spared Kain! And by doing so, you have released a multitude of horrors upon this world.
I can accept that Kain has murdered me, Raziel. As the Time Guardian, I foresaw that incident long before it occurred.
And I take some small comfort in the fact that Kain remains the sole survivor of his vile breed.
But you have single-handedly made my sacrifice meaningless.
Raziel: Your argument is disingenuous, Time-Streamer.
I cannot see how killing or sparing Kain's future self would alter these events. This wasteland was created by Kain's original refusal at the Pillars – and amidst all these twists and turns, that event has never changed.
You are cunning, Moebius – but I think you've gotten tangled in your own web.
Moebius: As Kain clings to his precious seat of power, the Pillars sink into a mire of decay, dragging all of Nosgoth down with them!
Raziel: I don't think this has anything to do with the Pillars or Kain's failure to sacrifice himself.
I think you're simply afraid - because you don't know what he's up to.
He's a wild-card, isn't he, and you don't want his influence in your game.
Which is why you wanted me to eliminate him.
Now that he's survived, you have no idea what's coming, do you? Maybe for the first time in your entire life.
You're terrified that he may have truly found a third option out of the dilemma you orchestrated for him.
Moebius: Kain's lies have addled your mind.
Leave this place, and trouble my spirit no more!
[Incredulous, Raziel taunts Moebius –]
Raziel: If you even are a spirit.
You've forgotten I have a way to tell for sure...
(Raziel grabs his cowl as though prepared to devour Moebius's soul –)
...if you're willing to risk it.
(Moebius scowls at Raziel, and vanishes.)
I didn't think so. Either way, you lose.

Dark Chronicle: Ariel's Lament[edit | edit source]

[Stranded now in Nosgoth's nightmarish future, Raziel enters the ruined Pillars clearing and sees the devastation wrought by Kain's fateful decision a century ago. Toppled columns litter the clearing, their sheared-off stumps protruding crookedly, like broken teeth.
Raziel stands in stunned silence for a moment as he surveys this apocalyptic scene.]
Raziel (V. O.): These were the Pillars so familiar to my blighted eyes.
But now that I had begun to learn their true significance, I regarded the Pillars' destruction with a new, enlightened sense of horror.
And I questioned now whether Kain’s simple refusal – his mere ambition – could truly have caused such devastation.
I felt that some darker influence was at work here.
(In the gloom, Raziel sees the specter of Ariel drifting restlessly among the toppled Pillars.)
As I approached, I discerned the spirit of Ariel – bound here now for more than a century.
[As Raziel approaches, he hears Ariel lamenting to herself, unaware of his presence.]
Ariel: Forever am I bound, hope abandoned, my spirit tethered to this place...
What destroyed the Circle could not touch me. For I was newly dead, and beyond harm's reach.
I alone was spared the descent into madness, and Kain alone was spared the pain of death.
When Nupraptor's poison seized Kain even in the safety of the womb, much more than just his destiny was lost. All of Nosgoth lost Balance.
Consider us now... both of us less than we once were.
I, pure but insubstantial; and Kain terribly real, but corrupted.
[Raziel interrupts Ariel's reverie, and she turns in alarm.]
Raziel: Your imprisonment here has deranged you, spirit.
You fixate on Kain because you believe he is the tether that binds you here. But we both know he is not the author of your agony.
The Pillars were subverted by dark forces, invited by the Guardians themselves.
The more I learn of your Circle, the more I see a tangle of nested manipulations.
[Ariel responds angrily –]
Ariel: Kain handed them their victory.
They sought to topple the Pillars, and he was their willing instrument.
[Raziel interrupts, challenging her –]
Raziel: Or was he their unwilling pawn?
Would it blunt your wrath to know that Kain's dilemma was calculated to bring the Pillars down, regardless of the choice he made?
And that the devastation would have been even greater had he chosen the path you would prescribe for him?
Ariel: You are a subtle, deceitful creature.
But your clever arguments do not absolve Kain.
He must die for the Pillars to be restored; there is no other way.
Raziel: Then consider this more ominous possibility – what if Kain's death does not restore the Pillars?
Consider that it may simply be too late. That this world may be beyond redemption.
And that you may be bound here eternally.
[Distraught, Ariel flees into the spirit realm, unaware that Raziel is able to follow. Raziel shifts into spectral and startles her as she cowers behind the Balance Pillar.
Cornered and miserable, Ariel implores Raziel –]
Ariel: Why do you hound me, demon?
You can see that I am captive here. Show me some mercy.
Raziel: Like the mercy you showed your fellow Guardians when you set Kain on them?
Or the mercy you showed Kain when you kept him ignorant of his destiny while you used him as the scourge of the Circle?
Or perhaps like the mercy you showed your beloved Nupraptor when you made him Kain's first kill?
Ariel: You are cruel. Why do you torment me?
[Weary of this, Raziel relents –]
Raziel: I'm merely looking for answers, Ariel.
Very well – I'll leave you in peace.
But know this – about you, and this purgatory from which you long to escape...'re merely at the threshold.

Dark Chronicle: Raziel Defies The Elder[edit | edit source]

[Raziel revisits the subterranean Pillars grotto after having been propelled over a century into Nosgoth's ghastly future. He is shocked to discover how the Elder God has encroached into the chamber – its tentacles wind chokingly around the shattered Pillars, and the room's murals have nearly been obliterated by the passage of its grasping limbs.
The Elder God greets Raziel disdainfully –]
Elder God: Raziel, the failed assassin.
You had Kain at your mercy but lacked the courage to fulfill the act.
And now you see the wasteland wrought by the tyrant's hand. By his selfish decision to preserve his own life, even when it meant sacrificing the whole world.
This is the fate of Nosgoth, as long as Kain remains alive.
Raziel: An ironic condemnation, given this guilty scene.
One would think you'd torn down the Pillars single-handedly.
What are you trying to obliterate as you drag your loathsome body through this chamber?
And why, as Nosgoth descends into madness and misery, do you appear to thrive?
Things in this world, I am learning, are rarely what they seem.
You, apparently, are no exception.
Elder God: (angrily)
I am the Engine of Life, the source of Nosgoth's very existence.
I am the hub of the Wheel, the origin of all Life, the devourer of Death.
Raziel: ...or maybe you're just hungry – could it be as simple as that?
Wouldn't that be poetic irony? The great adversary of the vampires turns out to be the biggest parasite of them all.
Elder God: Do not test my patience, Raziel.
I made you, and I will unmake you if I become so inclined.
Raziel: (mocking)
As your agent, I am beyond death.
Elder God: There are fates worse than death, Raziel.
[Raziel responds with disgust –]
Raziel: Oh, I see you now as you truly are.
A cancer – a spooling parasite burrowed deep in the heart of this world.
Elder God: Go now.
Play out your pitiful rebellion, and take your place among the destroyed, the used, and the damned.
But know this – you are mine for eternity.
You have always been, and will always be, my soul reaver...

Dialogue: The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[Returning to the swamp in the future era, Raziel comments on the still-sealed entrance to the time-streaming chamber.]
Raziel (V. O.): Beyond this edifice lay my sole hope of escaping this demon-infested wasteland.
The time-streaming device contained therein offered my only prospect of journeying back into Nosgoth's early history.
Unless I discovered some means of breaking this seal, I was condemned to be stranded here eternally.
[Raziel discovers that the mountain pass is open in this era; he can proceed to explore the northern mountains, beyond.]
Raziel (V. O.): The passage of time had indeed cleared my way forward, enabling me to explore the northern mountains of Nosgoth.
I was anxious to discover if some evidence of Janos Audron's existence might still remain.

Dialogue: Uschtenheim[edit | edit source]

[Raziel enters the ruined village of Uschtenheim for the first time.]
Raziel (V. O.): (with a touch of sarcasm)
Here I discovered the quaint hamlet of Uschtenheim, now long-abandoned and collapsing into ruin...
Legend claimed that Janos Audron terrorized its villagers until the Sarafan hunters ferreted him out and destroyed him.
If there was any truth to the old tales, the lair of the infamous vampire could not be far away...

Dark Chronicle: The Ruined Aerie[edit | edit source]

[Exploring the blasted landscape of Nosgoth's future, Raziel discovers the ruins of an ancient cliff-dwelling civilization. The majestic facades are collapsed and toppled, as though some great upheaval occurred here ages ago.
Raziel stands on a terrace beneath the cliffs, surveying the devastated architecture.]
Raziel (V. O.): This edifice was clearly not crafted by human architects. As the figure beneath the balcony silently attested, these were the aeries of winged beings.
Undoubtedly, I stood before the mountain refuge of the legendary Janos Audron – but the entire sanctuary lay in ruin, collapsed under the force of some ancient cataclysm.
As I suspected, the Time Streamer's deception ensured that I was centuries too late to unearth anything of consequence here.
[Raziel scans the ruined canyon, and sees a narrow pass leading off to the west.]
Raziel (V. O.): With nothing behind me but the wasteland I had traversed, I resolved to press on and explore these canyons further.
[Hearing footsteps behind him, Raziel turns to see Kain approaching. He acknowledges Kain wryly –]
Raziel: Oh, no. Every time you turn up something monumental and terrible happens.
I don't think I have the stomach for it.
Kain: (laughs softly)
No drama this time, Raziel.
Raziel: You are persistent, crossing time like this to follow me.
Still waiting for that coin of yours to land on its edge?
[Kain joins Raziel on the terrace overlooking the canyon.]
Kain: I'm biding my time.
(He glances up at the ruined balcony above –)
I see that Moebius has played a little trick on you.
Raziel: Yes – he clearly doesn't want me to meet this 'Janos Audron'.
[Kain looks away thoughtfully –]
Kain: Perhaps...
(Then, with sarcasm –)
Or maybe he merely hoped that it would harden your heart against me to see this wasteland which I single-handedly authored.
Raziel: My heart doesn't need hardening, Kain.
If I even suspected that destroying you would make any difference, I would do it this instant.
Kain: (laughs approvingly)
I knew you'd see through them, Raziel.
Janos is indeed the key to your destiny, but you'll need to find your own way back into Nosgoth's past.
Make no mistake though, Raziel – you and I are now in great danger.
We are irritants here – malevolent forces are being marshaled to eliminate us.
Raziel: You talk as though we're allies.
Kain: Regardless of your sentiments, Raziel, in their eyeswe are.
Raziel: Well, they're certainly trying to eliminate you, Kain, there can be no doubt of that. I am assaulted relentlessly with demands for your demise.
Whatever it is that you're plotting, they're scared to death of you.
As for me, I suspect they made a grave error when they allowed my unique resurrection.
I don't think they know how to destroy me.
Kain: You mustn't underestimate them, Raziel.
Raziel: And who exactly is this diabolical 'they' to which we keep referring? If there's some grand conspiracy going on, the right hand doesn't appear to know what the left is doing.
Even Moebius seems to be caught out at every turn.
Kain: Moebius is a puppet, Raziel – haven't you realized that yet?
That's the sweetest irony in all of this – Nosgoth's 'great manipulator' is their plaything.
But the ones pulling the strings haven't shown their faces, yet.
Raziel: They don't like us unwriting their carefully choreographed history, though, do they?
[Kain corrects Raziel –]
Kain: You must understand, Raziel – we haven't unwritten history, we've merely rewritten it.
The future flows around our petty actions, finding the path of least resistance while admitting only the slightest alterations.
This is the reshuffling you felt, when you refused to kill me.
And remember, Raziel, we are irritants in this regard, as well – history will not allow the introduction of a paradox.
Raziel: And if events cannot be reshuffled to accommodate the change?
Kain: It is the irritant who's expelled.
Bear in mind that this may be exactly the outcome our enemies are trying to provoke.
We must tread very carefully.
[With this admonition, Kain vanishes.]

Chapter 6: The Air Forge


Dialogue: The Air Forge[edit | edit source]

[Raziel sees the ancient vampire murals in the Air Forge.]
Raziel (V. O.): The scenes I discovered here were unambiguous...
This race of winged beings – the architects of the Pillars, and the creators of the Reaver – were Nosgoth's first vampires.
Their blood-thirst appeared to be a curse, inflicted upon them by their vanquished enemies.
These images confirmed the truths that Kain had divulged to me, but I had been too incredulous to accept.
I struggled in vain to see how the pieces fit together...
How Kain intended to escape the dilemma of his destiny, and what role he had plotted for me...
And why Moebius, and the dark powers with which he seemed to be allied, were so desperate to see Kain dead, and so intent on me being the instrument of his execution...
[Raziel forges the Reaver with the elemental power of Air.]
Raziel (V. O.): As the Reaver drained the forge of its vital energy, the tempest receded...
I recovered myself, and paused to admire my newly forged weapon, now imbued with the elemental power of Air.
Thus armed, I hoped that I now finally possessed the means to escape this wasted land.
[Raziel encounters a fractured stone door –]
Raziel (V. O.): This elemental Reaver, I discovered, had the power to obliterate barriers that were cracked or compromised.
At last, I had the means to open that ruined time-streaming chamber I discovered so long ago in the swamp.
Now perhaps I could leave this wasteland, and return to an era when Janos Audron still lived.

Chapter 7: On to the Past


Dialogue: The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[Raziel activates the time-streaming device in the Swamp.]
Raziel (V. O.): I had no choice but to act purely on blind faith.
There was no way to tell what era this device was tuned to, and I had neither the knowledge nor the means to set the machine myself.
I hesitated only briefly... then, throwing the switch, I hurled myself into oblivion, and relinquished my will to the hand of Fate.
[Raziel emerges from the Swamp time-streaming chamber into Nosgoth’s early history.]
Raziel (V. O.): (suspicious; wary)
Beyond all hope, and against all probability, it seemed that the device had unerringly delivered me to the era I sought.
For these were Sarafan banners – and these vampires, apparently the victims of their crusade.
The coincidence seemed too convenient to naively ascribe to Fate – but whether my opportune arrival had been orchestrated by Moebius, or some other influence, I didn't know.
If Janos Audron still lived, I would find him – but I was wary of further deception, and resolved to tread carefully.
[Raziel sees the vampire-victims of the Sarafan for the first time.]
Raziel (V. O.): For all the butchery of Moebius's crusade, this massacre was somehow more chilling...
The killing fields of the Sarafan betrayed a kind of orderly ruthlessness – the cold-blooded righteousness of the true believer.

Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth/The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[Raziel sees Sarafan warriors for the first time. They regard him with hostility as he approaches.]
Raziel (V. O.): Here at last, in the flesh, I beheld my former brothers-in-arms – the warrior-priests of the Sarafan order, their lives devoted solely to the annihilation of the 'vampire plague.'
And while I confess I felt a twinge of longing, a pang of grief for what I had believed was my lost virtue, I regarded them now with none of the reverence I formerly felt.
For I had seen the human face of the vampires – and now I beheld the monstrousness of these men.

Dialogue: The Great Southern Lake[edit | edit source]

[Raziel realizes that the frozen lake prevents him from entering the Sarafan Stronghold.]
Raziel (V. O.): The frozen surface of the lake had bound the gates of the stronghold shut.
The Sarafan surely had some other means of entry, but this was the only one known to me.
To infiltrate the fortress, I would need to find some way to release these gates from their icy bonds.

Chapter 8: Vampire Interview


Dialogue: Janos Audron's Retreat[edit | edit source]

[Raziel sees the pristine exterior of Janos Audron's Retreat for the first time.]
Raziel (V. O.): After my long journey, I finally stood on the threshold of enlightenment. For here was Janos Audron's mountain retreat, intact and unblemished. The upheaval that would one day topple this ancient edifice had not yet occurred. And while I had no certainty that Janos still lived, this scene boded well – for I presumed that the collapse of the retreat must have followed the ancient vampire's demise.
There was only one obstacle: how to reach the balcony suspended at that maddening height, so far beyond my reach?
For this was the architecture of winged creatures, and the tattered ruins of my wings were of no use.
I would need to devise some other means into that mountain...
[Raziel enters the Retreat Interior, and sees the balcony leading to Janos's chamber.]
Raziel (V. O.): The mountain's interior was hollow, I discovered, and graced with soaring architecture unique to its creators.
As with the outer facade, these balconies and galleries could only be reached by those gifted with flight.
With only my ruined wings to carry me, this towering labyrinth seemed impassable... while the object of my quest lay just beyond my grasp.
For here, suspended at the apex of the chamber, was the threshold that surely led to the great vampire himself.
I didn't know whether Janos Audron was the monster depicted in the Stronghold, or one of the noble creatures memorialized among the ruins of the ancient vampires – and I didn't care.
Demon or angel, he alone held the key to my destiny.

Dark Chronicle: The Tenth Guardian[edit | edit source]

[Having finally reached the summit of Janos Audron's balcony chamber, Raziel enters the room cautiously. He has traversed Nosgoth and crossed time to meet this being, but has no idea what to expect – whether Janos is the monster depicted by the Sarafan, or one of the noble figures memorialized among the ruins of the ancient vampires.
As he enters, Raziel discerns a striking winged figure standing at the far end of the chamber, silhouetted by the wintry, morning light filtering in from the canyon beyond.
Raziel addresses the winged figure tentatively –]
Raziel: Janos Audron?
[Janos turns slowly at the sound of Raziel's voice –]
Janos Audron: It is heartening, after all these years, to hear my name spoken without contempt.
[As he turns, his features are illuminated by the fire-lit glow of the chamber. This is not the demonic creature depicted in the Stronghold – Janos is darkly beautiful, and radiates a sense of priestly detachment, and long-suffering patience.
Janos appears to recognize Raziel, but regards him with horror and pity. Raziel's features are vaguely vampiric – his blue skin, cloven hands, and wings – but this emaciated, ragged specter looks as though he has been nearly destroyed.]
Janos Audron: Raziel?
My child, what have they done to you?
Raziel: I have been dragged through hell and back – all, it seems, to reach this moment.
But I don't yet know why.
[Janos speaks haltingly, as though not sure where to begin –]
Janos Audron: For thousands of years, I have waited... alone here, losing faith...
At the time of the Binding, nine guardians were called to serve the Pillars. And I was summoned as the tenth guardian – the keeper of the Reaver, the weapon of our salvation.
Over time, our race died out. Until I alone remained... sustained only by my obligation to you, and by my guardianship of the blade.
[Janos turns and walks contemplatively toward the balcony –]
Raziel: And the other nine? Why did their guardianship not sustain them?
[Janos considers for a moment, then responds wistfully –]
Janos Audron: I don't know.
[Janos gazes beyond the balcony pensively as he recounts the vampires' history –]
Janos Audron: As our race dwindled, the humans prospered. I have watched, over the centuries, as our history faded into myth, and finally receded altogether.
The humans have forgotten us entirely, and claimed the Pillars for themselves – wholly ignorant of their true purpose.
To them, I am merely a 'devil'; the origin of their vampire 'plague'.
[Raziel approaches inquisitively –]
Raziel: Why would the Pillars summon human guardians, then, if they are meant to be served by vampires?
[Janos walks to the edge of the balcony as he replies, gesturing for Raziel to follow –]
Janos Audron: The Pillars choose their guardians from birth, Raziel – and vampires are no longer born.
This is the crux of our dilemma.
And this is the terrible irony – with their vampire purge, the members of the Circle have assaulted the very architects of the Pillars they are sworn to protect.
They have embarked on a treacherous path. With every vampire they kill, the humans are slitting their own throats.
[Janos and Raziel stand together at the edge of the balcony, looking out at the canyon below. Janos continues, speaking softly –]
Janos Audron: They know I'm up here, beyond their reach, and it terrifies them.
(Janos gestures toward the panorama of Sarafan slaughter, below. A number of impaled vampire corpses litter the canyon, planted here to defy and intimidate Janos.)
You can see how they flaunt their kills to torment me... or perhaps simply to lure me out.
They have this foolish notion that destroying me will somehow topple our entire bloodline.
Thankfully, we're not that fragile.
Raziel: I have seen them mustering their forces in the village, below.
Janos Audron: Yes. I don't know what they're plotting... but I fear our time may be bitterly short.
Raziel: Mankind seems to have brought you only torment and grief.
You must hate them.
[Janos responds slowly, considering –]
Janos Audron: They fear what they don't understand; and they despise what they fear.
But no – I do not hate them.
Raziel: Vorador does.
Janos Audron: He has suffered much. He cannot forgive them.
Raziel: Should they be forgiven?
Janos Audron: They don't understand what they're doing.
They are simply unenlightened... and vulnerable to manipulation.
[Raziel considers this silently for a moment, then voices the question that's been tormenting him –]
Raziel: So it's all true then – what Kain and Vorador have told me – I really am some kind of unholy vampire messiah...
[Janos gently corrects him –]
Janos Audron: Unholy? – no. Messiah... perhaps.
Raziel: I don't like that word... it smells of martyrdom.
Janos Audron: Raziel, your role in this world's destiny is more crucial – and more benevolent – than you've allowed yourself to believe.
Your journey will not be easy – dark powers are allied against you.
(Janos pauses, considering Raziel's ragged appearance –)
But I think you already know this... you appear to have been cruelly tested.
(Janos turns back toward the interior of the chamber.)
The Binding must be secured, Raziel. The Pillars are the lock –
[Following him, Raziel completes the thought –]
Raziel: – and the Reaver is the key.
Janos Audron: Yes.
[Janos approaches a decorative chest set against the wall, and opens it – revealing the Reaver, ensconced like a holy relic.
Raziel becomes strangely apprehensive. Each time he has encountered the Reaver during his journey, he has experienced a sense of displacement, the distortion caused when two incarnations of the Reaver meet in time and space. And now, inexplicably, he feels nothing. As disconcerting as the temporal distortion feels, this nothingness is somehow worse...
Troubled, Raziel wonders quietly to himself –]
Raziel: The Reaver is here? Why do I feel nothing?
[Janos lifts the blade reverently and turns to Raziel, presenting it to him.]
Janos Audron: The most formidable weapon ever forged by our swordsmiths...
They infused the blade with vampiric energy, empowering the Reaver to drain our enemies of their precious lifeblood.
Raziel (V. O.): As Janos presented the blade, an inexplicable sense of dread crept over me, more palpable than anything I'd felt before.
I was at once horribly repelled by the sword and yet irresistibly compelled to touch it, to take it up.
[Raziel refuses the blade with trepidation –]
Raziel: Please – take it away from me.
[At once, from the hallway comes the unmistakable sound of armored soldiers rapidly approaching. With sudden, sick recognition, Raziel realizes that by blazing a path for himself through the Retreat, he has unwittingly exposed Janos to the Sarafan.
Janos appears dismayed, but oddly resigned –]
Janos Audron: I fear you have been followed –
[With this, the door crashes open, and a squad of Sarafan warriors burst into the room. Their leader is armed with a cruel-looking weapon, and they have come bearing Moebius's staff – Raziel realizes at this moment that he has been duped and betrayed.
Raziel charges forward to defend Janos from the Sarafan, but Janos restrains him –]
Janos Audron: You must save yourself, Raziel.
[Janos lays his hands upon Raziel, intent on conveying him safely away from the chamber. Raziel resists –]
Raziel: Janos – no!
[But his protests are in vain. The room recedes dizzyingly, as Raziel is propelled into an adjacent chamber within the Retreat – safely away from the Sarafan, and helpless to save Janos.]
Raziel (V. O.): My surroundings whirled sickeningly, and I found myself transported safely away from the ambush, to an adjacent chamber.
Janos had delivered me from the Sarafan, selflessly forfeiting his own safety to preserve my life.
And now I feared that my newfound mentor would be slaughtered by the very crusaders I had so recently revered.
The irony pierced me, and with dawning horror I realized that I had been duped by Moebius from the beginning...
For the Sarafan had simply followed the path I gullibly blazed through this sanctuary, and had arrived bearing Moebius's staff. Thus armed, they had Janos at their mercy.
Through the door, I could hear them battling, less than a dozen paces away – but it may as well have been a thousand miles, for this barrier was sealed by elemental forces I did not possess.
It seemed Janos had conveyed me into the heart of the Fire shrine. I thought perhaps if I could galvanize the forge and imbue the Reaver in time, I might have a slim chance of saving Janos from his grisly fate.

Dialogue: The Fire Forge[edit | edit source]

[Raziel forges the Reaver with Fire, and can now return to Janos's chamber.]
Raziel (V. O.): I plunged the Reaver into that furnace, and forged the blade with elemental Fire.
With the Reaver thus imbued, I was now armed to unlock the elemental barrier, and rescue Janos from his executioners.

Chapter 9: Blade of Vengeance


Dark Chronicle: The Death of Janos Audron[edit | edit source]

[Having imbued the Reaver with the elemental power of fire, Raziel is finally able to unlock the sealed door that separates him from Janos and his assassins. Raziel rushes through the door as it slowly slides open, and races toward Janos's chamber like an avenging angel.
The Sarafan are clustered around Janos's prostrate body, having rendered him helpless with the aid of Moebius's staff. They've pinned the ancient vampire on his back. As Janos struggles against his captors, the head inquisitor commands his fellow Sarafan –]
Sarafan Raziel: Hold him!
[Savoring the moment, the inquisitor raises his cruel-looking blade – then bringing it down violently, he tears Janos's chest open.]
Janos Audron: (screams in agony)
[Raziel reaches the threshold of the chamber too late. He watches in horror as the inquisitor reaches into Janos's open chest cavity and rips out his living heart with his hand, raising it triumphantly for the other Sarafan to see –]
Turel: Look at his black heart, how it still beats!
[Raziel prepares to leap into the fray, and then is frozen – as the head inquisitor turns, raising the heart, Raziel gets a good look at his face. And realizes that he has just watched himself – his former, Sarafan self – murder Janos.
The two incarnations of Raziel lock eyes on each other – blue Raziel gaping in horror at recognizing his former self, and Sarafan Raziel strangely haunted by something in this demonic figure, but not knowing what.
As Janos begins to die, a tremor shakes the Retreat. The chamber rocks with the impact, and begins to collapse under the strain.]
Dumah: (alarmed)
The fiend intends to bury us alive!
(Then, trying to snap their leader out of his trance –)
Raziel, we must get out of here!
[Sarafan-Raziel cannot tear his eyes from this demonic apparition. With his gaze still locked on this Raziel, he commands his fellow Sarafan –]
Sarafan Raziel: Remember the sword!
[Dumah grabs up the Reaver. With Moebius's staff still in Turel's possession and Janos's heart still in Raziel's, the Sarafan rush out of the chamber just as the entire Retreat threatens to collapse around them.
Heedless of the retreating Sarafan, Raziel leaps down to where Janos lies dying. Incredibly, the ancient vampire is still alive, but only barely. Raziel kneels disconsolately beside him and gently cradles Janos's head – bereft at the loss of his new-found mentor, and horrified at this latest epiphany: that he himself was Janos's murderer.]
Raziel: Forgive me; I'm sorry... I failed you.
Janos Audron: (gently)
No, Raziel.
Perhaps this was my true purpose – simply to save your life this once.
Raziel: (distraught)
While I have taken yours...
Janos Audron: (dying)
Embrace your destiny, Raziel...
You must reclaim the Reaver – it was forged for you and you alone...
Without it, there is no hope...
[Janos dies, and the Retreat is rocked again by a massive tremor. The chamber's vaults collapse as their support beams crumble, and the exits are filled by cascading rubble until the chamber is completely sealed off.
Oblivious to the devastation around him, Raziel stays by the corpse of his would-be mentor.
As the tremors begin to subside, Raziel rises and steps slowly away from Janos's corpse, destroyed by these new revelations, and nursing a growing ember of hatred.]
Raziel (V. O.): (disgusted; resolute)
As I backed away from Janos's body, I was overwhelmed by a sense of self-loathing so deep, I could barely contain it.
In that instant, I rejected all that I ever was, and embraced the role Janos had safeguarded for me so patiently throughout the centuries. I knew then what I had to do – the task for which I was uniquely prepared...
(Walking slowly to the edge of the balcony, Raziel gazes out at Nosgoth's landscape.)
I would pursue the Sarafan dogs to their loathsome fortress, and avenge Janos Audron's murder.
Moebius would pay dearly for his treachery, and my Sarafan brethren would reap the horrors they had sown.
I would retake the stolen Reaver, which was rightfully mine.
And finally, when all these debts had been paid, I would reclaim Janos Audron's heart from their filthy, unworthy hands.
If the heart was truly imbued with the power to restore vampiric unlife, its highest purpose was clear to me...
I would restore the heart to Janos, and thus undo the vile crime committed by my abominable former self.
[As Raziel stands on the balcony, the canyon is shaken by a final massive tremor. He leaps clear of the tumbling wreckage just before the vaults of Janos's chamber collapse completely.]

Dialogue: Janos Audron's Retreat[edit | edit source]

[Raziel is trapped between two energy barriers. Two gas demons teleport in and drop down before Raziel.]
Gas Demon: We have been expecting you, little Raziel.
Raziel (V. O.): So, these demonic pests were not merely the product of Nosgoth's corrupted future – for here they were, hurdling back over five centuries to pursue me. These creatures, I suspected, were minions of the unseen forces that had hoped to control me. This was the tangible expression of their displeasure – these demons were unleashed as the penalty for my disobedience.

Dialogue: Uschtenheim[edit | edit source]

[Raziel's path is once again blocked by energy barriers. Two grey demons teleport in and drop down right beside Raziel.]
Lightning Demon 1: Do you really think you can save Nosgoth?
Lightning Demon 2: Let me enlighten you, poor Raziel...
[As Raziel passes through Uschtenheim, fire barriers seal off the town.]
Fire Demon: There he is, the 'savior of Nosgoth'.

Dialogue: The Swamp[edit | edit source]

[More fire barriers seal Raziel within a passage through the canyons, and a huge black demon rises from the ground.]
Black Demon: Come closer, Raziel.
[Another black demon rises from the muck as Raziel passes through the swamp.]
Black Demon: You shall not pass!

Dark Chronicle: The Final Transgression[edit | edit source]

[Having renounced his Sarafan heritage, Raziel trails his former brethren back to the Stronghold to avenge Janos Audron's murder. In the course of his pursuit, Raziel visits the subterranean Pillars chamber for the last time.
The Elder God greets him with ominous finality –]
Elder God: You have failed me, Raziel.
Raziel: I wonder, Old One...
Did you truly resurrect me, or were you simply there when I awakened from my torment in the Abyss?
I suspect you found me merely convenient. Dropped in your lair by Kain, indestructible for some reason. A durable and gullible tool for you to manipulate.
This one thing I readily admit – I have been used by others time and again. But always I seem to stray from their path... what is it about me, Demon, that makes me such an unreliable instrument?
Why do I survive one trial after another... on and on in an endless succession of humiliating deaths and resurrections?
It seems there is much more to my destiny, and my history, than I know.
Perhaps more than you know, as well...

Dialogue: The Pillars of Nosgoth[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel runs past the Pillars, and numerous corpses of the Sarafan's vampire victims, three black demons rise from the ground to surround him.]
Black Demon 1: He thinks he can change his destiny.
Black Demon 2: What a fool.

Dark Chronicle: Cornered in the Stronghold[edit | edit source]

[Raziel has pursued the Sarafan to their Stronghold, resolved to avenge Janos Audron's murder, recover his heart, and reclaim the stolen Reaver.
Charging through the Stronghold's corridors, Raziel finds himself at a dead end, in an antechamber off the cloister. The Reaver is here, laid out across a basin in the center of the room – as if propped here for Raziel to discover.
Raziel stops short – for here is the blade that stirred such unsettling premonitions when Janos presented it to him. As before, he feels no distortion in its presence, which troubles him – he is repelled and afraid, yet irresistibly drawn toward the sword.]
Raziel (V. O.): Suddenly and inexplicably, I discovered the Reaver, suspiciously laid across my path.
Again, I sensed nothing of that 'temporal distortion', the peculiar sense of displacement I had felt when I encountered the Reaver in William's chapel.
Cornered here with the blade, I suffered the same nameless dread that I had experienced when Janos first presented the Reaver to me.
I felt at once repelled by the blade, and yet overwhelmingly compelled to seize it.
[Suddenly Moebius and the Sarafan Malek appear in the doorway behind Raziel, cutting off his exit. He's been ambushed.
Wheeling on them, Raziel summons the wraith-blade – but Moebius has arrived bearing his staff, and as the orb flares, the wraith-blade flickers and dies.
Moebius's demeanor has changed dramatically since their last encounter. Gone are all signs of the sniveling, pandering magician – Moebius is cold, focused, and completely in control.]
Moebius: So, Raziel – here we are, finally.
You have no choice but to confront me now – and I am not so foolish as I've let you believe.
We have business to conclude.
Raziel: (enraged)
You knew I would lead the Sarafan to Janos, you vile bastard!
You've been orchestrating my every move!
Moebius: (simply laughs)
Raziel: My destiny is an amusement to you?
Moebius: It was fun, while it lasted.
[Raziel takes a threatening step forward, and Moebius motions to Malek.]
Moebius: I think not, Raziel. Malek, do not let this creature leave. He poses a danger to the Circle.
[Malek steps in front of Moebius, brandishing his pike –]
Moebius: Poor, deluded Raziel... did you somehow imagine you had the guile to change history on me?
I'm the Time-Streamer – I knew your every intention before you did, you imbecile.
[Suddenly, the sounds of a far-off disturbance echo through the chamber. Screams, terrified cries for Malek, and the unmistakable laughter of the vampire Vorador reverberate through the stone corridors.]
Vorador: (in the distance)
Call your dogs – they can feast on your corpses!
[Malek turns instinctively, prepared to defend the Guardians he has sworn to protect – but Moebius calmly raises a hand to restrain him. Malek entreats him –]
Malek: Lord Moebius, there is trouble within. The Circle is under attack –
Moebius: (cold, focused)
Hold fast, Malek.
This one is the real danger to us.
[Raziel backs slowly toward the basin where the Reaver is laid out.]
Raziel: What are you trying to concoct here, Moebius?
Moebius: (hatefully)
You toxic creature – did you imagine I'd simply allow you to run loose, corrupting everything you encounter?
Raziel: I admit that I've underestimated you to this point, Moebius – but it's a mistake I won't repeat.
[With his wraith-blade disabled by the image of Moebius's staff, Raziel has no choice but to take up the Reaver. He grabs the hilt and advances on Moebius and Malek.
This is the moment Moebius was waiting for –]
Moebius: (ominously)
Wrong again, Raziel.
(Moebius and Malek back out of the open doorway.)
Now, Malek – bolt the door!
[Raziel rushes forward, but the portcullis slams down just as he reaches the door.
Turning back toward the chamber, he contemplates the Reaver now clutched in his grasp, and realizes he has no choice but to press forward into the cloister.]
Raziel (V. O.): Using his staff to disable my wraith-blade, Moebius effectively disarmed me, leaving me with only one choice of weapon.
And yet I confess, it was not the lack of options, but blind rage that made me take up the Reaver – in my fury, it felt as though my hand had acted of its own will.
And now that same hand clutched the hilt with unyielding strength – and I felt a constrained tingling, a remote but palpable sense of longing as the disabled wraith-blade tried vainly to embrace its physical twin.

Dialogue: The Sarafan Stronghold[edit | edit source]

[Raziel comments that he cannot put down the Reaver (it won't let him).]
Raziel (V. O.): Now that I had taken it up, the Reaver and I were inescapably joined.
The harder I tried to release the blade, the more tightly my hand gripped the hilt, as if possessed of its own will.
[Raziel comments that he cannot drop to spectral while carrying the Reaver, and he can't summon the wraith-blade, because it's been disabled by Moebius’s staff.]
Raziel (V. O.): The Reaver exerted some mysterious power over me...
It sustained my energy, enabling me to prolong my physical manifestation indefinitely. In fact, bonded to the blade as I was, I could no longer shift into the spirit realm at will.
Nor was I able to summon the Reaver's twin, for my wraith blade had been disabled in the confrontation with Moebius.

Dark Chronicle: Vengeance[edit | edit source]

[As Raziel pursues the Sarafan through the Stronghold, he confronts each of his former brethren in turn, exacting revenge for Janos's murder.
After being ambushed by Moebius and Malek, Raziel proceeds cautiously into the cloister, now armed with the Reaver. Here he encounters Melchiah and Zephon, who have apparently been dispatched to confront him here.]
Zephon: Come to take your revenge, demon?
Melchiah: Back to hell with you!
[Raziel looks upon his former brethren with disgust, relishing his advantage over them.]
Raziel (V. O.): I recognized these two as my former brethren... in life, as Sarafan; and in unlife, as Kain's vampire 'sons'.
Melchiah and Zephon, the weakest of Kain’s brood... These bastards had no idea what future lay in store for them – how they would become the very thing they so despised.
The Reaver hummed with ravenous anticipation – Janos had called it a 'vampiric' blade, endowed with the power to drain its victims of their lifeblood.
I was eager to see what the Reaver would do to these two...
[The battle ensues, and the two Sarafan fall easily before the power of the Reaver. With his former brothers-in-arms lying dead at his feet, Raziel revels in the intoxicating power of the Reaver.]
Raziel (V. O.): As Melchiah and Zephon fell before my blade, I felt the Reaver's blood-thirst as keenly as I ever had when I was still a vampire.
I could sense the boundary between us dissolving – the Reaver was consumed with my rage, and I was intoxicated by its bloodlust.
The blade had a vitalizing effect on me – my physical energy no longer decayed over time, and the wounds inflicted by my foes healed almost instantly.
The Reaver had made me invincible.
[Raziel proceeds into the Stronghold's main Sanctuary, where he discovers Rahab and Dumah waiting for him.]
Dumah: Have you come to reclaim the monster's black heart?
Rahab: You'll have to get through us, first.
[Raziel readies the Reaver eagerly, savoring his newly-discovered role in their ultimate destinies.]
Raziel (V. O.): My former brethren Dumah and Rahab confronted me next – this all seemed so elegantly choreographed.
Exhilarated by the Reaver, I was drunk with revelations...
I could finally appreciate the delicious irony of Kain's blasphemous, private joke – and I reveled as I colluded with him across the centuries.
For it was I who put these bastards in their tomb – thus providing the corpses for Kain to raise as his vampire sons a millennium from now.
[Upon defeating Dumah and Rahab, Raziel proceeds into the choir of the Sanctuary. Here, finally, Raziel is confronted by Turel – his former second-in-command, both as Sarafan and vampire.
Turel advances on Raziel with self-righteous contempt –]
Turel: Get back to the pit you crawled from, demon!
[Raziel regards his former brother-in-arms derisively –]
Raziel (V. O.): And here at last was my brother Turel, who along with Dumah would bear me into the Abyss without questioning Kain's command.
So dutiful and righteous, even as a vampire... I guess some habits die hard.
The vampire Turel had eluded my vengeance; the Sarafan Turel would not.



Dark Chronicle: Renunciation[edit | edit source]

[Armed with the Reaver, Raziel has confronted and slain each of his former Sarafan brethren in turn. Entering the Chapter House of the Stronghold, he finally comes face to face with his former self – the Sarafan Inquisitor Raziel, who has apparently been waiting for him here.
As he crosses the threshold, the portcullis slams down behind him – this is clearly a trap, calculated to channel Raziel into combat with the most formidable of the Sarafan commanders.
The Inquisitor addresses Raziel with self-righteous disdain, blissfully ignorant of this demonic creature's true identity.]
Sarafan Raziel: (hatefully)
So, vampire – here we are.
You've destroyed my brethren – and now you've come for me? You'll find I am not such easy prey.
Raziel: I don't want to kill you, but I will if I must.
Return the heart to me, and we can end this now.
Sarafan Raziel: (mocking)
So you've come to avenge that filthy parasite, and reclaim his foul heart?
You're a righteous fiend, aren't you?
Raziel: (referring to Sarafan Raziel)
Apparently I am.
Sarafan Raziel: (icily)
No, vampire. This is where it ends, but you won't be leaving this room.
Now, let's finish this – I'll make it mercifully quick.
Raziel: As you did for Janos.
Sarafan Raziel: (laughs coldly)
No, that beast had eluded us for far too long.
It would have been a shame to end him too quickly.
(He continues, goading Raziel into battle –)
It's ironic, really – the 'great Janos Audron' turned out to be no challenge at all... thanks to you.
Did you hear his cowardly screams when I tore that black heart out of his carcass?
[Raziel can no longer contain his rage – raising the Reaver, he lunges at the Sarafan Inquisitor.]

Dark Chronicle: Full Circle[edit | edit source]

[The Sarafan Inquisitor is defeated, and as he staggers, Raziel runs him through with the Reaver. Transfixed on the blade, Sarafan Raziel chokes and gasps as his lifeblood is drained from his body. Face to face in this deadly embrace, Raziel curses his former self with the solemnity of an oath –]
Raziel: (with revulsion and finality)
I renounce you.
Sarafan Raziel: (gasping and dying)
[The Sarafan Inquisitor collapses to the floor, and the Reaver blade slides free of his body.]
Raziel: (quietly, to himself)
And so it ends. My history comes full circle.
[As Raziel stands over the corpse of his former self, the wraith blade begins to manifest, its power gradually returning. Raziel watches in growing alarm as the wraith blade abandons its symbiotic grip on his arm, and coils itself around its twin – its former, physical self – instead.]
Raziel (V. O.): Sensing its twin, the wraith blade uncoiled itself from me – and instead wound lovingly around its former self.
I felt its grip loosen, and as the blade left me, its absence chilled me more than its presence ever had.
A foreboding sense of emptiness and loss stole over me... and a terrible revelation gathered like a storm at the edge of my awareness...
[Thus joined, the twinned blades turn on Raziel – with the blade still bound to his hand, Raziel is dragged helplessly as the Reaver exerts its own will. Raziel struggles, but is powerless to resist the blades as they turn inexorably toward him.]
Raziel (V. O.): (a horrible epiphany)
With all other foes exhausted, the conjoined blades turned themselves on me. And I realized, finally, why I had sensed nothing when Janos offered me the blade.
The Reaver was never forged to be a soul-stealing weapon...
(The Reaver plunges toward Raziel and impales him. His eyes widen in agony, despair and recognition –)
...the ravenous, soul-devouring entity trapped in the blade was – and always had been – me.
This is why the blade was destroyed when Kain tried to strike me down – the Reaver could not devour its own soul. The paradox shattered the blade.
So – this was my terrible destiny – to play out this purgatorial cycle for all eternity...
I could not bear it – despair overwhelmed me.
[Raziel falls to his knees, transfixed by the Reaver. His hand, still bound to the blade, forms a perverse vicious-circle as his soul is gradually but relentlessly drained away, absorbed slowly and torturously into the Reaver. Raziel strains against the blade, trying vainly to escape this horrible fate.
At this moment, Kain reveals himself, stepping out from the shadows of the Chapter House. Raziel sees him, and immediately believes he has been betrayed – that this is a trap set by Kain himself.
Overcome with rage and agony, Raziel accuses Kain –]
Raziel: You!
[Kain approaches, watching Raziel with intense fascination. Raziel cries out in anguish –]
Raziel: Are you enjoying this, Kain?!
Kain: (intense)
Don't fight it, Raziel...
Kain: Give in to it...
Raziel: (in agony)
Was this your destiny for me, all along?!
[Kain urges him intently –]
Kain: Trust me...
[Raziel's strength is fading; he begins to collapse.]
Raziel (V. O.): I felt myself weakening... unable to hold on any longer.
The Reaver was too strong... the compulsion to simply let go too great...
[Out of strength, Raziel surrenders his will. As he nears the brink of oblivion, a fluttering distortion tangibly begins, and Raziel approaches a dawning revelation –]
Raziel (V. O.): And then... a growing sense of vertigo, and the familiar displacement...
...the paradoxical moment when my twinned soul hovered both outside and inside the Reaver blade...
This was the instant – the glimmer of temporal distortion – Kain had been counting on all along.
This was the edge of the coin – the minute flicker of probability upon which Kain had gambled everything.
[Kain lunges forward – and with a massive, history-defying effort, tears the Reaver from Raziel's chest.]
Raziel: (screams in agony)
[The Reaver flies across the room, and the wraith blade flickers and fades as it is separated from its twin. Raziel falls forward, rescued from the threshold of oblivion, but nearly completely drained.]
Kain: Now you are free to reclaim your true destiny, Raziel.
[Gradually, the room begins to warp around them as history strains to find a course around this new obstruction. As the future reshuffles itself, a look of horror slowly dawns on Kain's face. With new memories blooming in his mind, Kain realizes he may have just made a terrible mistake.]
Raziel (V. O.): Behind Kain's eyes, I could see new memories blooming and dying, as history labored to reshuffle itself around this monumental obstruction...
And I could see by the dawning horror on his face that perhaps we had strained history too far this time...
...that by trying to alter my fate, he may have introduced a fatal paradox.
[Then the reshuffling begins to settle, as history finds its new course. But the horror on Kain's face remains, as he realizes what price has been paid to restore Raziel’s future.]
Kain: (quiet, awestruck horror)
My god... the Hylden...
...we walked right into their trap...
(Then, with a sudden realization, Kain tries to warn Raziel –)

Raziel! Janos must stay dead!
[But Raziel, drained almost to the point of annihilation, is losing consciousness. He falls to his knees, and begins to waver out of existence as he sinks into the spectral plane.]
Raziel (V. O.): But Kain's warning was lost as I slipped into the spirit realm, too weak to maintain my physical form...
And there, waiting for me as always, was the Reaver... the wraith blade – my own soul, twinned and bound eternally to me.
And I realized that I could never escape my terrible destiny...
I had merely postponed it.
History abhors a paradox.

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