Soul Stealer

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The Soul Stealer in the inventory

This spear is featured as an artifact in Vorador's mansion (in Legacy of Kain: Defiance). It is one of the spears needed to impale the water-spouting Hylden Gargoyles that block the entrance to the water forge.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Ancient Vampire mural depicting the Soul Stealer
  • The Spears the statues hold and which are later used to impale some Hylden statues to allow Raziel access to the Water Forge refer to Raziel in his different 'states' - they are named 'Heart Seeker' (after Raziel's quest as a human to kill Janos) 'Blood Drinker' (vampire) and 'Soul Stealer' (wraith).
  • An intriguing depiction of the spear lies in the crypt of Vorador's Mansion, where an Ancient winged vampire with a skeletal face, holds the spear in her right hand, and a blue crystal in her left hand. What this means as to the significance of the spear itself is unknown.
  • In the unlockable pictures from Raziel's tomes, the spear is seen with text that says "blue crystal" and "blue metal".

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