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This official FAQ is comprised of questions and answers exchanged between Crystal Dynamics test manager Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno and the Legacy of Kain fan community on the Eidos Forums, prior to July 2002. When the Eidos Forums were revamped, losing their original content, Legacy of Kain fan Divine Shadow collected Bruno's posts and archived them at the new Forums. The FAQ is archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki for historical purposes and posterity's sake.

Please note that all wikilinks have been applied to the original text by the Legacy of Kain Wiki, to add extra context and help facilitate additional research on the reader's part.

Sourced from[edit | edit source]

Icon-Eidos.png Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits (by Divine Shadow), 06-28-2002, 07:02 PM

Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits[edit | edit source]

"Since all the old posts and threads are going to be deleted, I felt the need to chronicle some of the questions and answers that have, over the years, been divulged by everyone's favourite undead Lead-Playtester. I do this to preserve the information before it is deleted forever, and to create something that newer members can consult before asking already-asked questions to the Butterfly Lord. Without further ado, here are Chris@Crystal's Greatest Hits...."
―—Divine Shadow

Regarding the Statue near the Elder in SR2[edit | edit source]

"For quite some time Ive [sic] been wondering what exactly the large structure is in the Ruins that is in the giant room down there where the air and dark fonts are located. There is also a fire font in this room very high up on a ledge. SOmetimes [sic] the room is filled with water, sometimes its not [sic].
"So what exactly is the thing in the middle of the room? With the air vent in front of it you use to fly on top of it?
"Is it some type of coffin, or crypt?
"Is it the elder ones armor [sic] or something?
"Is it some kind of altar?
"Let me know what it is, please! Its drivin [sic] me crazy!"
"I always thought it was a statue of the Elder also, but I'll check with the team. I'll get back to you soon."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno
"Hi again,
"Amy told me it's simply a statue, a symbolic representation of the Elder God fashioned by an ancient, primitive cult."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

LOK Merchandise[edit | edit source]

"Hi Chris.
"I believe this has been asked before, but are there any plans to release more LoK merch when - for example - BO2 is released? Obviously something like a life-sized Reaver is a little unrealistic, but I'd totally be interested in buying posters, or like a patch with the Kain symbol on it, and other people here have mentioned being interested in LoK t-shirts so we can basically like advertise the series as we go about our business during the day :)."
"More LOK and SR merchandise sounds like a great thing to me, I will pass on your requests. As far as the list:
"- T-shirts
"Only SR2 t-shirts were made special for the team.
"- Patches (game logos? clan symbol patches? If I could get patches of all the clan symbols I'd totally cover my backpack with them)
"I've never seen any patches. Sounds like a good idea though.
"- Posters
"I've got a few SR1 posters, but they were promotional only for retail stores. We also have some SR2 banners hanging up here at Crystal.
"- "a 6ft. robotic Raziel that actually eats your soul."
"We actually have a 6 ft. Raziel here in the building and his eyes light up. Haven't seen him consume any souls yet. I do not believe these will ever be for sale.
"- a life-sized Reaver replica (bonus if it actually makes you invincible and/or able to alter the course of history)
"This sounds really neat, but I have yet to see one.
"There also have been SR watches in the past, statues, and of course figures. If I hear of anything going up for sale, I'll post the info here."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

A Soul Reaver 1 Remake?[edit | edit source]

"please could you talk to your team and see if they can make a remake of soul reaver1 on ps2 with better graphics more enemies more secret glyph magic and energy power ups, more secret locations, and ariel reaver but keep same fighting engine as on sr1 and also make turel the vampire also so we can fight him and also keep the same great music on sr1, pleeeeaaase consider this, and also if kain was supposed to be killed by raz why wasnt the pillars restored in the future,( not meaning in sr2) [sic]"
"Hey there,
"I understand why many of you long for another version of SR1, but we need to move forwards not backwards. I will pass on your requests to the team, but I do not think we will be going back to re-do SR1. The team is starting work on SR3 and that should keep them pretty busy for a while."
―—Chris "Chris@Crystal" Bruno

Who were the three Circle members who survived? When did Malek become Circle-ised?[edit | edit source]

Soul Reaver 1 Beta Version: Can we have it please?[edit | edit source]

Makin' a Soul Reaver game: How long does it take then?[edit | edit source]

Flower Chris and Malek's Damnation[edit | edit source]

One-Hundred-Percent Pure Hash'ak'gik.[edit | edit source]

Sarafan and Seraphim. Who can't spell?[edit | edit source]

Pondering the Preistess[edit | edit source]

So Chris, What Do You Do Then?[edit | edit source]

Can I make a Soul Reaver please?[edit | edit source]

Font Fun.[edit | edit source]

Soul Reaver III[edit | edit source]

Qualifications Question[edit | edit source]

BO1: Werewolves or Vampires in Wolf-Form?[edit | edit source]

Who writes what scripts?[edit | edit source]

Three Varied Questions[edit | edit source]

Altered Timeline or not? After SR2 or BO1?[edit | edit source]

Resurrecting Blood Omen 1?[edit | edit source]

Blood Omen 1 and Blood Omen 2[edit | edit source]

Human Raziel's Age When He Got What Was Coming To Him?[edit | edit source]

Seer: Hylden Or Something Else?[edit | edit source]

Legacy of Kain: The Movie?[edit | edit source]

Moebius and his Shotgun?[edit | edit source]

What do YOU want to happen then Chris?[edit | edit source]

Bo1 Vorador and Bo2 Vorador differences[edit | edit source]

Blood Omen 3 on the cards?[edit | edit source]

SR1: "What ARE these creatures?"[edit | edit source]

Silenced Cathedral in SR1 Intro Sequence?[edit | edit source]

More SR1 Cut Questions[edit | edit source]

"And there we go."
―—Divine Shadow

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With thanks to Divine Shadow, Chris Bruno, and all other aforementioned Eidos Forums contributors.

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