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Between 2002 and 2009, Chris Bruno, the test manager of Crystal Dynamics, interacted with the Legacy of Kain community at the Eidos Forums under the username Chris@Crystal, and posted official information on various topics. A select range of these posts with potential long-term relevance to the Legacy of Kain series are archived here at the Legacy of Kain Wiki, with context and their original URLs included, for posterity's sake.

Eidos Forums profile[edit | edit source]

Date of Birth: March 13, 1972
Join Date: 06-14-2002
―—Chris Bruno

2002[edit | edit source]

07-23-2002, 11:23 PM – Blood Omen 2 coming to GameCube[edit | edit source]

San Francisco, CA (July 23, 2002) – Eidos Interactive, a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that Blood Omen 2 is scheduled for release on the Nintendo GameCube this Fall. Currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, creators of the Soul Reaver franchise, the game’s release marks the first time a video game from the Legacy of Kain series will be available on a Nintendo platform. Blood Omen 2 is a story-driven, combat action game that centers on the fallen vampire Kain and his quest to reclaim rule over the ancient city of Nosgoth.
"“We are excited to bring video gaming’s most infamous villain – Kain - to the GameCube in Crystal Dynamics’ Blood Omen 2,” says Sean Amann, Marketing Director for Eidos Interactive. “With an emphasis on storyline, puzzle-solving and deadly combat, Blood Omen 2 for GameCube promises to be one of the few dark thrillers available for the system to date.”
"Blood Omen 2 centers on the horrifying vampire Kain, who awakens after a 400-year slumber in a very weakened state. Nearly killed in the wars raged by his vampire armies, Kain must now work to overthrow the opposing Sarafan order to reclaim his rule.
"Gameplay in Blood Omen 2 is uniquely combat-based in terms of both attack and defensive blocking maneuvers. The player will engage in battle with armies of demons and soldiers in incredibly realistic combat maneuvers. Kain has over ten deadly weapons at his disposal for enemy attack, each with its own unique animations and spine-tingling finishing moves.
"In addition to the wealth of combat in Blood Omen 2, stealth also plays an important role in Kain’s progression through the game. The more the player utilizes stealth to get through situations, the longer the characters in the world won’t realize Kain is a vampire, making the path to completion somewhat easier. Nothing is straightforward though; there are characters and special devices built into the environment that can detect Kain even when he’s being stealthy."
―—Chris Bruno[1]

07-31-2002, 10:47 PM – Vampires on SR1 title screen.[edit | edit source]

"Remember the vampires on the menu screen of SR1, the hooded people? Well, I've been looking at that for years now, and I still can't figure out who or exactly what they are.
"There are 8, and one of them looks like Raziel, in prefallen form.
"I don't know if the screen has any real significance, but it looks very intriguing. Does anybody have an idea?"
"Hey all,
"I asked the Lead Artist, Daniel Cabuco, about this and here is what he had to say:
If you look carefully, each one is a representation of the Clan Brothers, with Kain in the middle. One morphs and his lower jaw is darkened, and he represents Raziel. The middle guy represents Kain, and the others I think are (starting from Raz clockwize) Melchiah, Zephon, Turel, Dumah, and Rahab. They were an abstract representation of the dark path the once Sarafan Brothers walk, and their descent into vampirism. So the faces are not literally them, just symbols of their fallen nature. Hence the reason they look so sad. ;)
"So there you have it!"
―—Chris Bruno[2]

2003[edit | edit source]

2004[edit | edit source]

2005[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

We should be mailing the guy who has the power to give the green light[edit | edit source]

"You know, one of the greedy higher ups way at the top who lights his cigars with wads of cash and extinguishes them with the tears of children, all the while cackling as he throws nickels at his personal singing hobo
"this is the snail mail
"Crystal Dynamics
"Attention: LOK Series Producer
"64 Willow Place
"Menlo Park, Ca
"I've written to these guys before but thinking about it, it seems counter-intuitive to write to the developers. They probably want to make it as much the fans. So what do you think? Wouldn't it make more sense to talk to the guys who tell the developers what to do? The ones who give the green light?
"We need names people. Fight the powa"

01-24-2008, 07:45 PM[edit | edit source]

"Hey there everyone,
"We love getting letters here at Crystal Dynamics from LOK fans. I would say the more letters you send us the better. We have not forgotten about Kain, Raziel, and Nosgoth I assure you. The only thing is that we have moved locations. If you want to send us mail you can send it directly to me or you can send it to the LOK Series team.
"Crystal Dynamics
"Attention: Chris Bruno OR Legacy of Kain Series Team
"1300 Seaport Blvd. Suite 100
"Redwood City, Ca
"I'd love to see bags and bags of letters arrive demanding more LOK games! :)"
―—Chris Bruno[3]

01-24-2008, 10:38 PM[edit | edit source]

"Sorry to hear you sent us letters to the wrong address Paradoxical.
"Spread the word to others if they too might have the wrong address on their fan sites.
"Let your voices be heard!
―—Chris Bruno[4]

01-28-2008, 06:48 PM[edit | edit source]

"We moved from Menlo Park to Redwood City last April. There is a possibility that some mail was forwarded for a month or 2, but probably not after that. Do we keep track of letters? Of course. But just having them come in lets us know that people are still interested in the franchise."
―—Chris Bruno[5]

01-31-2008, 06:41 PM[edit | edit source]

"Hey everyone,
"Letters should either come to me or be addressed to 'LOK Series Team' to make sure they go to the right people. As far as leaking information about the possibility of a LOK game in the works, I can't say at this time. But go ahead and write in and make yourself heard if you wish. If/when we have a formal announcement, you will hear it first here.
"Take care."
―—Chris Bruno[6]

2009[edit | edit source]

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There Will Be a New LoK![edit | edit source]

"Hello my fellow LoKers,
"I recently created a group on Facebook called “Eidos, We Want A New Legacy of Kain Game”. A person by the name of Victoria Vermillion told me to join her group called “A New Legacy of Kain Game Please Eidos! Campaign” and shortly after, sent an email blast to all the members of the group saying: 2D and 3D artists wanted and C++ programmers to work on the LoK game. I obviously thought it was another fan game and told her what game she was planning to make seeing that there are: 3 Blood Omen remakes, 1 post-Defiance game, Legacy of Kain: Prodigal Sons and one fan game planning to continue Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy.
"This is how Victoria replied: We are working on an official Legacy of Kain game with Eidos and Crystal Dynamics with Aaron Hausmann that ties up all the loose ends of all the previous games.
"Victoria: Damn right we're serious! That’s why we are so keen to get people to petition in the group- to stop it being canceled again.
"We already have Aaron Hausmann, one of the leading artists on the previous game helping us.
"Eidos like our script and want us to give them the official package including synopsis, game mechanics and 2D and 3D renders etc.
"It's why we need your help! Get as many people as you can to join the group and help us out so the game can be a reality.
"Eidos ARE interested in making the game!!
"Summing it all up, there MIGHT BE A NEW LEGACY OF KAIN GAME.
"Here is what you need to do:
"- Get in touch with Victoria Vermillion through Facebook if you want to help.
"- You can also sign the online petition (new one).
"- Tell other LoKers to read this post.
"Also, I created a website called It will serve as a place to give you links to ALL fan games (and movies too!) being made and give you info on those games. Please tell others about it so all LoKers can find out about these games and play them!
"UPDATE: It looks like the Chris Bruno who Victoria and Aaron were communicating with wasn't the actual Chris Bruno, but someone who was impersonating him. The real Chris has been notified of this and will communicate with Victoria to try to sort things out. I will keep you updated if anything important must be said."

08-20-2009, 06:58 PM[edit | edit source]

"Sorry I am late to this thread. Thought I would check in and clarify a few things:
""I have been informed by Chris Bruno that I will "Hear something of Kain very soon"
"I don't believe I ever said this to anyone.
"That is not me posting on the facebook page mentioned.
"I am not aware of any upcoming LOK announcements. Although like Balance Reaver posted, the LOK intellectual property is very important to Crystal Dynamics/Eidos, as are all of our IPs. If there is communication with Eidos about a new LOK game or a script, I am not aware of it.
"The Legacy of Kain series is one of my very favorites, and I personally would love to see more games in the series.
"If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly."
―—Chris Bruno[7]

08-21-2009, 12:57 AM[edit | edit source]

"Victoria did get in touch with me, mainly to clarify that she had been exchanging emails with an impostor. I'm not sure what we have to work out though..."
―—Chris Bruno[8]

08-21-2009, 02:13 AM[edit | edit source]

"I am very confident in saying this impersonation was not done by anyone at Eidos. I am tracking down where the emails to go to find out who might have received anything sent to that email. Doubtful there is a bug in the Eidos website.
"Over the year I have got lots of story ideas, scripts, fan fictions, etc. and would be happy to read through the script and give my opinion about it.
"But I will be very honest with you and say even if a script is sent to me it is very unlikely that we would use it if we were to make a future Legacy of Kain game. Why you ask? Because if we do make another LOK game, chances are high that that team would have their own ideas on what and how they would like the game and script to be created.
"Also, I am not really at all in charge of getting games approved."
―—Chris Bruno[9]

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