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Daniel Cabuco's posts[edit | edit source]

2002[edit | edit source]

For Mr. Daniel Cabuco[edit | edit source]

Doll Reaver[edit | edit source]

The Lost Worlds has a new home![edit | edit source]

Visitors at Crystal[edit | edit source]

2003[edit | edit source]

Thank you for the 'Dark Gift'[edit | edit source]

LOK Voice Actor Discussion (includes various roles of voice actors)[edit | edit source]

To Chris about the Defiance Trailer[edit | edit source]

Happy 18th Birthday Roxy!!![edit | edit source]

Happy (belated) Birthday Sarah![edit | edit source]

underworld?[edit | edit source]

Dumah's strange follower[edit | edit source]

"Well, I was playing through Soul Reaver 2 again today recording some cut scenes and on the way to the 'Raziel nearly kill Kain, poor William' cutscene you go past the little round hall thing with some pictures of Raziels brothers, and the statue of Raziel. As I was walking around to find the exit (that place always confuses me for some reason) I noticed... well... the following image:
"I dunno if that's been spotted or mentioned before... and I am not really bright enough to have any theories and stuff... probably doesn't help that I have only played SR1 and 2 so far (looking for Blood Omen 1 ), just wondering what you all think of it, I don't really know what he is... and none of the other drawings have anything odd like that in them!
"Well... yer... just wondering what you all thought really :)
"There was also another picture in the time streaming chamber in the Sarafan stronghold, I swear it looked like Vorador killing someone who resembled Ariel!"
"Dumah's friend is actually supposed to be Raziel.
"He looks kind of weird becasue the artist was probably drunk when they painted him. The other picture is Vorador killing one of the unknown guardians-this happens in the BO intro."
"yeah whoever did that painting was definitely inebriated on sushi, saki, and Red bull. Speaking of which, time for more. not too many sarafan lived to see who offed the sarafan bretheren, so they had to go by a discription. And you know how that goes. heheheh"
—Daniel "KainPainter" Cabuco, 10-07-2003, 04:02 AM[1]

LOK: Defiance Ship Date info[edit | edit source]

Just For Clarification[edit | edit source]

mysterious figure[edit | edit source]

Do you think a Gamecube version should be made??[edit | edit source]

[SPOILERS] Favourite scenes?[edit | edit source]

{SPOILERS} Story Gaps for next LOK game![edit | edit source]

[SPOILERS] favorite combo[edit | edit source]

2004[edit | edit source]

Defiance nominated for awards at[edit | edit source]

Akiman's Raziel illustration[edit | edit source]

Equilibrium[edit | edit source]

Kain's Scar[edit | edit source]

idea on getting rid of the eg squid[edit | edit source]

Anyone out there playing Lineage 2?[edit | edit source]

Community Art Gallery / LOK 6 Concept Art Discussion Thread...[edit | edit source]

2010[edit | edit source]

Daniel Cabuco's artwork[edit | edit source]

"[...] And does anyone have any theories about what this sketch may represent?
"The date next to the signature implies that it was drawn in the year of SR2 release. [...]"
"It looks more to me to be referring to when Kain had Raziel's clan exterminated. I swear I've seen that picture before."
"I knew it looked familiar to me as well, so I ran a search through the files on my computer. Apparently it was submitted to as fan art under an alias in March, 2001! :D If I was ever aware that was Dan Cabuco, I certainly didn't remember. That was very cool of him. [...]"
"Interesting. The description says:
"Here's a painting I did of Kain holding Raziel's clan symbol. Presumably at the time of the Razielim genocide. Done entirely in Painter (total cyberart)"
"I know I'm nitpicking but actually it's not Raziel's clan symbol (it's missing the "square"), but a half of Raziel's symbol. I like the word "presumably" :).
"So I guess that now we just have to do some steganographic hacking of the picture :)."
"Erm, technically it is Raziel's Clan symbol. Only the Lieutenants themselves had the reflected double-symbol. :P That's the way they were meant to work, and how you know a boss' area from the general clan area."
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-14-2010, 12:22 AM[2]
"Hello mister Cabuco. Please excuse my suspiciousness (from my experience I can say that this is actually a very useful trait :)) – I know that you already have an account on these forums (from 2002). May I ask why you are not using that one?
"I realise that the double symbols were meant for lieutenants (that's why I said “half of the symbol”). I was referring to the missing "square". From what I have seen in SR1, the “square” was always present on single (clan\area) symbols, but never on double (lieutenant) ones. That was my conclusion from the game, so a single symbol without the square seemed incomplete to me.
"And by the way, I envy your Talent."
"I tied that account to my Crystal D email. Since I don't work there anymore, and I forgot my pw some time ago, I just made a new one. Dunno how to prove to you that I'm me.. um.. post a drawing? lol
"As for the square, I just forgot to paint it. :P It was just a quickie anyway.
"And talent is simply matter of practice and hard work. I have this whole theory about observational awareness and physical ability guiding how someone gets better at art. (or anything)
"I'm glad to see all the renewed interest in LOK, and that people still dig it. :)"
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-14-2010, 11:52 PM[3]

French Ending of Defiance[edit | edit source]

"I was just watching LoK videos in different languages and I came across the French version of the ending of Defiance and it is simply amazing--especially the music. I'm not sure if the music was added on by whoever uploaded it to youtube. I don't know French, but the voice acting rivals that of the original English version. I didn't really like the voice actors in the other languages I came across."
"Hate to break it to you, but that's not the music from the French version. That's the soundtrack from Mission: Impossible 2. ( I listen to it a lot when I draw) I think the Poster added that soundtrack to it. Though it does fit nicely. :)"
—Daniel "DCabuco" Cabuco, 09-15-2010, 07:44 AM[4]

Relayed through majinkura[edit | edit source]

2009 – Characters height[edit | edit source]

2010 – Kain's Corruption/Purification and Appearance[edit | edit source]

2010 – LoK: Dark Prophecy - More information unearthed (Malek & Devolved/Wolf Kain)[edit | edit source]

2010 – Daniel Cabuco's artwork[edit | edit source]

2010 – Kain and Raziel playable in Guardian of Light[edit | edit source]

2011 – Kain's Lament: Fan Art[edit | edit source]

2012 – I don't understand some people...[edit | edit source]

2012 – Daniel Cabuco's new website.[edit | edit source]

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