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LinkedIn archive[edit | edit source]

Andrew Bennett[edit | edit source]

"Executive Producer
"Crystal Dynamics
"1999 – 2002 (3 years)

"I was sent to Crystal Dynamics in March 1999 to help to finish Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver. The game was seriously late. I was put in charge of project and am widely acknowledged within Eidos as having rescued the $8m project. The game shipped in August 1999 and eventually shipped 1.5m units on PS1, DC and PC.
"Following my internal transfer from Eidos Interactive to Crystal Dynamics in August 1999, I was promoted to Executive Producer and was made responsible for the Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver and Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen series. Concentrated on Soul Reaver 2 during its switch from PS1 to PS2 and shipped 650,000 units on PS2 and PC simultaneously in 6 territories in October 2001.
"I was one of 5 on the company’s Senior Staff and was also responsible for hiring all company programmers.
"Worked on Soul Reaver 3 with a team of 26 and development budget of $8m. I was also External Producer on a project that was being developed in the Taiwan."
―—Andrew Bennett[1]

Seth Carus[edit | edit source]

"Lead Designer
"Crystal Dynamics
"September 1996 – November 1997 (1 year 3 months)

"Served as Lead Designer & unofficial 3rd-Party Producer for Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.
"Worked as a liaison between third party Developer (Silicon Knights) & Producer/Distributor (Crystal Dynamics).
"Promoted to Lead Designer in order to fast-track the game's development to meet deadline requirements.
"Re-Designed & evolved the overall game design, level design & story/game flow. Developed viable & innovative game vision with new direction by working with original game designers at Silicon Knights. Redesign included: player character, NPC, enemy & boss mechanics, interactive object mechanics, AI specs, interface design, game flow & character development outline, game story & entire world design & level layout.
"Re-developed story & served as Co-Writer of the in-game voice-over script. Directed voice talent during the studio recording of in-game dialog.
"Trained & Supervised team of 15 level layout designers. Responsible for the management of the team in correspondence to the design schedule.
"Wrote & maintained new GDD/Game Design Bible & accompanying design documentation (Level Layout One-Sheets, Design Tool-Kits, Schedule, GUI Designs, Level Layout Drafts (using CAD application). Also responsible for project management & asset tracking documentation.
"Worked off-site at the offices of Silicon Knights in Saint Catharines, Ontario (Canada). Was responsible for the management of entire off-site design team, the maintenance of each team member's well being & safety, the procurement & payment for hotel & car rental reservations as well as providing meals & other perks offered to the design team for serving the company's interests at great personal sacrifice. Provided expense reporting & financial projection & tracking documents for the Producer for the project. Processed and built sound assets from raw audio recordings for both effects and voice-overs to be used in-game and implemented by the level design crew."
―—Seth Carus[2]
"Creator & Lead Designer
"Crystal Dynamics
"November 1997 – April 1999 (1 year 6 months)

"Served as Lead Designer & Script Writer for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.
"Co-Creator of innovative game concept. Developed the meta & micro game design, character & environment design, game mechanics & level layout outline, story outline & initial script and wrote and maintained all design documentation for the duration of the project.
"Designed the game flow and the world layout. Worked with the core team members to model and script the prototype used to pitch and green-light the game.
"Continued to use prototype methods to propose and demonstrate initial layout concepts for all areas in the game. Based on the feedback from meetings regarding these prototypes, developed all World Maps using Adobe Illustrator.
"Pitched and sold the game design & production plan to the marketing & finance departments and all company executives.
"Hired 12 individuals from our in-house Q/A department and successfully trained them to be designers for the game's level layout team. Established policies and practices for the level layout team to work in partnership with a 12-member team of 3D model architects and texture artists to implement the game layout. One of two people acting as manager for the design staff.
"Worked closely with the engineering team to establish the functionality of the game and develop one of the first 3D games on the PlayStation Console system. Worked with the lead engineer to design, create, deploy and maintain/update a new proprietary scripting language and system which allowed the design team to script all the in-game events & cinematics. This was the first scripting system built at Crystal Dynamics specifically for the design staff to have control of the events in the levels they were building."
―—Seth Carus[2]

Andrew Innes[edit | edit source]

"Contract Animator
"March 2012 – September 2012 (7 months) / Portsmouth

"Gameplay Animator
"Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun"
―—Andrew Innes[3]

Sebastiano Mandalà[edit | edit source]

"Senior Programmer / Unreal Graphic Programmer
"October 2009 – November 2011 (2 years 2 months)

"In Climax I have been having the chance to work on several projects developed for several platforms.
"My support was fundamental to complete "Gormiti DS" and "Eyepet and friends" titles.
"my Graphic Programmer skills have been exploited to develop a special smoke fluid GPU based particle FX that should have been used for the never released Title "Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun"
"The platform I have worked on are: PS3, XBOX 360, DS, PSVITA, PC"
―—Sebastiano Mandalà[4]

Martin Oliver[edit | edit source]

"UPDATE: Available for hire again! Looking for games to attach world class sound to.
"As senior sound designer/director, with more than 18 years experience, I've worked on many titles, including Urban Chaos, Blade 2, The Simpsons, Alien vs Predator and BAFTA nominated games Startopia and Just Cause, across all past and present platforms.
"I have experienced all the ups and downs of game development and sound within that process.
"Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun (3rd Person Action AAA) Xbox 360 PS3 – Square Enix
"Start The Party (Family/Casual Game. Move Controller Début) PS3 – Sony
"DJ Hero (Interactive Music Prototypes) X Box 360, PS3, Wii – Activision
"Sorcerers Apprentice (3D Action RPG) Dsi – Disney
"Alien vs Predator (3rd Person Sci Fi Horror Shooter) X Box 360 PS3 – Sega
"Rogue Warrior (3rd Person Shooter) PS3, X Box 360 – Bethesda.
"PDC Darts (Sports) Wii – Oxygen
"Call of Duty, World At War. (Action Shooter) PS2 – Activision
"Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron (Action shooter) PS2, PSP - Lucas Arts
"The Simpson’s (Action Adventure) PS2/Wii/PSP –EA
"Alien Verses Predator Requiem (Action Shooter) PSP- Vivendi
"Meet The Robinsons (Platform) GBA/ DS – Disney/BVG
"Just Cause (3rd PS, Action Adventure) – PS2/X Box360/PC – Eidos- *BAFTA Nominated.
"The Final Option (3rd PS) – PS2/PC – Fluent
"Lilo And Stitch 2 (Platform)GBA – Disney
"BulletProof Monk (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box/GameCube - Empire
"The Punisher (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box - THQ
"Blade2 (3rd PS) PS2/X-Box - Activision
"Startopia (RTS, Micro Management) PC - Eidos – *BAFTA Nominated
"Urban Chaos (3rd PS) PSX/PC/Dreamcast - Eidos
"Last Ninja (RTS) PC/PSX
"Street Wars (Mob Boss USA) (RTS) PC - Infogrames
"Bloodlust (Beat ‘Em Up) PC/PSX/Arcade - Atari
"Hordes (RTS) PC - GT Interactive
"Constructor (RTS) PC/PSX - Acclaim
"Putty Squad (Platform) PC – Acclaim
―—Martin Oliver[5]

Eddie Sharam[edit | edit source]

"Senior Character Artist & Character Outsource Manager at Climax
"-Model, texture,skin and rig character models... worked on - 'Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun' (cancelled)"
―—Eddie Sharam[6]

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