States Guardian (martyr)

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(The martyred States Guardian)
Soul Reaver 2 unseen character
A mural depicting the martyred States Guardian with Vorador in Soul Reaver 2.
Introduced in N/A (unseen character)
Race Human
Gender • Male
Birth era Before Nosgoth's recorded history or Nosgoth's early history
Status • Inactive: deceased (as of Nosgoth's early history)
Titles Defiance-Fankit-Symbol-Pillars-States.png Guardian of the Pillar of States
Affiliation • The Circle of Nine
• The Sarafan (Nosgoth's early history)
Binding item • Unknown
Native realm Material Realm
Depicted in Wiki-Icon-SR2.png

References[edit | edit source]

Preceded by:
The original States Guardian
(most recent known predecessor)
Guardian of the Pillar of States
The martyred States Guardian
Followed by:
Anarcrothe the Alchemist
(most recent known successor)