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Triggering Notes[edit source]

I've been chasing these guys for a few days, trying to work out the details of how they're triggered and there's still a fair bit I'm not 100% on, but what I've worked out so far:

Spawning groundlings seems to essentially be a fairly rare long-range attack of the (Red) Fire demons; it will only happen occasionally when you are at the correct distance. By the far the most effective method to spawn them is the one described at DC's Groundlings page (which I think works because the ledge is at just the right distance). Getting them to spawn from Fire demons in other locations is possible, but a lot less reliable to achieve, so I can't yet say with certainty that all Fire Demons spawn them (I'm having particular problems getting any out of the mountain canyon demons, but this could be due to close combat barriers), though I think it is probable that all would, given the right conditions Also, there were some hints in some player guides that multiple Groundlings would 'swarm' but I can't replicate this. As far as I can tell only one Groundling is spawned from each Fire demon - I repeatedly couldn't get any more than one at a time, and once that died there were no more. I think it may theoretically be possible to get multiple groundlings from a multi-Fire demon battle (making the Sarafan era Uschtenheim a prime target), but I've only ever managed to get one in groundling to spawn there. If any one can elaborate on these conditions any better, feel free. Baziel 00:22, May 25, 2012 (UTC)