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Due to its location and its existence throughout 3 timelines, this swamp is probably part of the Termogent Forest. Even in BO1 the termogent forest was very swampy. hashtalk 15:49, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

Yes indeed, very sensible and very likely - but until there is a source that directly says "the Swamp is a part of the Termogent Forest" or "The Swamp and the Termogent Forest are the same", we cannot automatically assume that this is the case... and if unclear locations are split like this, then it allows a better coverage of each area within their individual game rather than a broad generalization across games. Besides, I haven't actually got onto an SR2 locations review yet (it is next after I've sorted abilities), but when I get there, the possible/probable links between the Swamp the Termogent Forest will at the very least be noted and linked in text. Baziel (talk) 19:17, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

I think we originally had indeed put these two locations in one article, but when I compared the BO1 and SR2 maps, I noticed that the boundaries of the Swamp are actually south of the BO1 Termogent Forest area. Proportionally, they're quite a bit further away from the Lake of the Dead, and roughly correspond to that dense, uncharted arboreal area north of the Great Southern Lake and east of Nachtholm.
I'm not saying the Swamp is not part of the Forest (which you could deduce from the Ignis Fatuus, swampy terrain, ruins, Vorador), but I feel you'd have to find an official source for us to move beyond ambiguity on that - and good luck, because I haven't found any. I should note I do realise that Dark Chronicle uses the term "Termogent Forest Swamp", but I believe that's an assumption. --LoK-Aevum (talk) 19:55, November 11, 2012 (UTC)