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"The black forest reigned here, its kingdom rarely invaded by those that live in the light. But it was called home by this mysterious Vorador. Legend told of a time when Vorador defeated Malek of the Sarafan.
If such a man did exist, then he could perhaps be the key to defeating the Ward.
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

The Termogent Forest, also known as the Black Forest, was a massive swamp filled forest in central Nosgoth. The marshland was filled with crumbling ruins that indicate a town or fortress once stood there. The ruins held many secrets, weapons and powers. At the forest's western edge lay the Lake of the Dead. Notably the ancient vampire Vorador made his home within the swamp. Vorador's Mansion stood at the centre of the Termogent Forest, the path leading there marked by the Ignis Fatuus, skull shaped torches that glow with green energy.

Role[edit | edit source]

The Termogent Forest appeared in the games Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Defiance. Visited by both Kain and Raziel.

Much of the history and timeline of the forest is unknown, by the time of Blood Omen the forest was already an overgrown marsh. Vorador was known to lurk amongst the ruins during the time of Kain's birth and the corruption of the Pillars, his Mansion was visited by both Kain and Raziel some thirty years later. At some point during Kain's reign the forest is obliterated and only a desolate wasteland remains, there is no evidence of the forest's existence left during the time of Soul Reaver.

The ruins scattered throughout the forest contained many secrets. As a fledgeling vampire Kain discovered the Flame Sword hidden within one of the ruins and obtained the Blood Gout and Control Mind powers from others.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Termogent Forest area is referred to in dialogue, stage directions and Prima guides alternatively as the "Termogent Forest"[BO1-C5][BO1-C6][1][DEF-C6] or simply the "Black Forest"[BO1-C6][DEF-C6][DEF-C7]. The Termogent term also has a number of variant spellings, appearing as "Termogent",[BO1-C5][BO1-C6][DEF-C6] "Termagent"[BO1-C6] and "Termagant"[1]; the "Termagant" variant is featured in the original Blood Omen scripts, but appears to have been largely superseded by the "Termogent" spelling in later sources.
  • According to maps, the Termogent Forest area occupies a position roughly bordered by Steinchencröe, the Lake of the Dead, Uschtenheim and Avernus around its western, northern and eastern extremes. Despite similar structures, features and terrain to the nearby Swamp area, the Forest does not appear to occupy the same position on maps, with the forest appearing to be directly north of the area identified as the Swamp in Soul Reaver 2 maps. The Dark Forge of Soul Reaver 2 appears to be at the border between the two locations and may occupy the raised area seen south of the forest in Blood Omen.[BO1][SR2]
  • In Blood Omen, the Forest area is split into two 'overland maps' covering the western and eastern parts of the forest. In the Prima guide, the western area is referred to as "the Three Keeps", relating to the various ruins in the area, particularly the Flame Sword keep, Control Mind keep and the Blood Gout keep which could all be entered. The eastern area was is noted as "Into the Mansion", relating to the presence of Vorador's Mansion in this map.[1]
  • Kain comments on Vorador's peculiar choice of home; vampires such as Kain and Vorador were extremely susceptible to the caustic effects of water – the swampland was a deadly place for a vampire.

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