Tomb of Sarafan (chapter)

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Raziel arrives back at the Pillars where Ariel informs him of a corruption being exposed close by. By scaling one of the walls in the room, Raziel gets to the upper level and discovers a tunnel leading to the canyons beyond the Sanctuary. Now vastly deserted, with only few Dumahim wandering about, Raziel travels further and finds that once sealed Sarafan Tomb is now a decaying ruin. He comments on how during Vorador´s time the Sarafan priests massacred thousands of vampires and now that they have been revered for their deeds. As he steps over the threshold in the spectral realm, the Elder warns him that what lies within might destroy him.

Raziel doesn´t heed the warning and removes a block from the wall. This reveals a hidden chamber, which has been the resting place of remains of the elite Sarafan Warriors for centuries. Raziel is shocked to find that the coffins bear the names of his brethren and himself and the Elder explains that Kain resurrected him as his favourite son.

With no apparent way forward, Raziel shifts to the spectral realm and the floor opens up. Raziel falls down and finds himself in an underground arena. Back in the world of the living, he is greeted by the Tomb Guardian - apparently appointed by Kain to stop anybody´s way to the tomb. Fearless, Raziel engages the Tomb Guardian in combat and throws him off the platform into the water. Upon his death, the Tomb Guardian leaves behind a relic, which grants Raziel the telekinetic force projectile for both him and the Soul Reaver.

Using this ability on a block stuck in the wall, Raziel proceeds further and swims under a wall. In the next chamber he climbs the walls and glides across on top of the pillars. He gets to a chapel area, endowed with Sarafan imagery and the tunnel leading from it ends in an open outdoors area. A storm is brewing outside and Raziel jumps to the boat docked in the river. With the ledge on the opposite is too high to reach, he resorts back to the spectral and proceeds further to Rahab´s territory.

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Tomb of Sarafan (chapter)[edit | edit source]

The Tomb of the Sarafan[edit | edit source]

The ancient tomb of the Sarafan, once impenetrably sealed...
Now, ravaged by Nosgoth's upheavals, its mysteries lay exposed.
In the time of Vorador, centuries before Kain was made, the Sarafan warrior priests waged a merciless war against the vampire tribes of Nosgoth. Emboldened by righteousness, they committed unspeakable and indiscriminate acts of violence – massacring fledglings and ancients alike, they decimated entire bloodlines in mere decades. Now their husks lay here – murderers enshrined.

As Raziel steps into the ancient hallway leading to the Sarafan tomb, the Elder God warns:

Take heed, Raziel. A forgotten history lies within. Know thyself – though it may destroy you...

Having discovered a twisting passageway, Raziel makes his way into the depths of the tomb. The passage apparently dead-ends, blocked by a massive stone that seals the tomb. The stone is no impediment to Raziel, and he easily pulls it free.

As I pulled the stone free, a sigh of sepulchral air escaped the inner chamber.
I was not prepared for what lay beyond this threshold...

These crypts... defiled caskets of Sarafan saints... bearing my brothers' names...
And my own...

The irony of Kain's blasphemous act rushed in on me with the crushing force of revelation...
Were my hands not as bloody as these? Worse, I had spilled the blood of my brothers – these very comrades whose tombs lay ravaged before me.

Yes, Raziel – you were Sarafan... born of the same force that all but destroyed your race.

Before the dawn of the Empire, you were chosen.
Kain – Nosgoth's solitary, self-declared monarch – plundered this tomb and raised you from these crypts. Breathing his vampiric gift into your defiled corpses, he resurrected you as his favored sons.

The Tomb of the Sarafan: the Tomb Guardian's room[edit | edit source]

Heretic! You shall not pass...

Such loyalty... to one who has you guarding this outpost like a chained dog. Do you prosper on the scraps he casts you?

Your insults will do nothing to blunt the agonies of your demise.

Kain killed me once – behold the result. I have no more to fear from you.

After Raziel defeats the Tomb Guardian, and receives the Force projectile ability:

This relic has infused you with the power to compress and manipulate space. As your symbiotic weapon, the Soul Reaver is also thus enhanced. You may focus and project an orb of kinetic energy to strike objects that are otherwise beyond your reach.

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