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Raziel and Janos Audron discuss Nosgoth's history
"I have been dragged through hell and back – all, it seems, to reach this moment.
But I don't yet know
―Raziel — Listen (file info)[src]

Vampire Interview or Chapter 8: Vampire Interview, is the eighth "level", or chapter, of Soul Reaver 2. It follows Raziel in Nosgoth's early history as he investigates the interior of Janos Audron's Retreat, meets the ancient vampire himself and solves the puzzle of the Fire Forge.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Raziel discovers Janos's retreat intact

Progressing through the mountains beyond Uschtenheim, Raziel eventually reached the lake outside the Janos's Aerie and found it intact and pristine. Unable to reach the high balcony, Raziel discovered a tunnel underwater in the Spectral Realm that gave him entry to lower levels of the building and the inside of a gigantic hollow mountain.[SR2][SR2-C8]

To ascend Raziel was required to complete a large puzzle using all of his previous Reaver enhancements to spawn several Bloodstone bridges, allowing him to reach the level of the balcony and the private chambers of Janos Audron.[SR2][SR2-C8]

Entering the room Raziel discovered Janos himself - more angelic than the demonic murals he had seen in the Sarafan Stronghold - and apparently awaiting Raziel as a prophetic figure. Janos elaborated on the stories of ancient vampire history and the Genesis of the Pillars and explained that he was called as a "tenth guardian" to guard the Reaver until the Vampire champion - Raziel - arrived to collect it.[SR2][SR2-C8]

Raziel enters the interior of Janos's retreat

Janos presented Raziel with the blade but instead of the usual displacement Raziel felt only a nameless dread and asked Janos to take the blade away from him. Shortly afterward a group of Sarafan warriors burst through the door having followed Raziel through the retreat. Sacrificing himself to save Raziel, Janos teleported Raziel to the nearby Fire Forge and faced the Sarafan alone.[SR2][SR2-C8]

Trapped in the forge behind a door sealed with an element he did not possess, Raziel was powerless to stop the onslaught. The only hope he held out was to complete the forge quickly to imbue the Fire Reaver and return to rescue Janos.[SR2][SR2-C8]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Janos Audron's Retreat[edit | edit source]

Janos shows Raziel the Reaver blade

From the southern bank of the lake outside Janos Audron's Retreat it was necessary for Raziel to cross the frozen lake to reach the hole beneath the balcony. Jumping underwater he could then swim forward to the rocky outcrop which housed the retreat, where a Shift Glyph marked the wall. Shifting into the Spectral Realm would open the glyph out into a passage leading beneath the retreat, and by continuing through the passage Raziel would find a planar portal which allowed him to return to the Material Realm and swim up to the opening above, crouch-jumping to reach the edge of the hole and climb to the internal area of Janos's retreat.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Avoiding the pedestal and chalice in the north and the Sentry eye guarding them, Raziel could continue up to the second level using the ramps and continue to the central platform where an empty basin was positioned. Jumping and gliding across to alcove in the north above the sentry, Razel could then reach the Air Reaver font and imbue the Air Reaver. Jumping back and to the central platform, Raziel could then continue down the snowy passage to the south, following as it curved down and emerged at a cracked stone wall. By firing an Air Reaver bolt at the wall he could break through and return to the outer lake.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

The Sarafan interrupt

Heading along to the northeast of the frozen lake, Raziel could find a raised platform that was populated by two Sarafan. Jumping up and dispatching these foes, he could follow the trail along to an Air plinth and use the Air issued from it to glide up to a higher platform where a third Sarafan warrior waited next to a Dark font. Imbuing the Dark Reaver and dropping back down to the lake, Raziel could return through the snowy passage to return to the inner room with the Dark Reaver activated and use its Reaver bolts to blind the sentry guarding the pedestal to retrieve the chalice.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Filling the chalice from the blood-filled basin at the center of the room, Raziel could then take the full chalice up the ramp to the second level where he could use it to fill the empty basin above and manifest his first bloodstone bridge, allowing him access to a door on the third level which led down a series of long straight corridors of polished ice into a much larger chamber - the "inner sanctum".[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Raziel imbues the Fire Reaver

Heading down to the ramp to the bottom level, it was necessary for Raziel to imbue the Light Reaver at the nearby Light font before heading up the southern ramp to the next level and following the bridge to the right into the southwestern tower, passing a light symbol in frosted glass. Jumping and gliding across to the northwestern tower, Raziel could then follow the path left to a locked emblem door with a large face motif and line up a shot at the two Light crystals to the south. Firing a Reaver bolt so that both were activated simultaneously caused the frosted glass in the southwestern tower to drop into a bridge, and jumping and gliding back to the tower enabled Raziel to cross and reach a gallery in the western wall where he could defeat a greater thrall to retrieve its Emblem key. Following the corridor north to the end, Raziel could then open the Emblem door marked with a large face. With all obstacles on this level cleared, Raziel could go to the southern gallery by taking a left at the southwestern tower where a full basin and two empty chalices rested - filling the chalices from the basin and following the path back to the southwestern tower, left across the dropped bridge to the western gallery, back across to the northwestern tower and straight across the path to the basin in the northeastern spire, where pouring the blood in the empty basin created another bloodstone bridge to the level above; as well as providing a smaller bridge to the Air font in an alcove in the northern wall and spawning an air plinth on the bottom level.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

The exterior of Janos Audron's retreat

Crossing to the air font and defeating the Shade that manifested, Raziel could imbue the Air Reaver from the font and then proceed up the bloodstone stairs to the level above, where he could use a Reaver bolt to blow open the cracked barrier ahead to access the eastern gallery and follow the corridor along to destroy the next cracked barrier to the south. Dropping back down to the bottom level, Raziel could use the Air Reaver to activate the nearby air plinth before imbuing the Light Reaver again at the first font. Using the plinth to return to the second level and again ascending the bloodstone stairs to the eastern gallery and stopping mid-way along the gallery, Raziel could then line up a Reaver bolt shot at two crystals to the west to drop another light bridge between the northeastern and southeastern towers. Collecting a chalice from the eastern gallery and returning down the bloodtstone stairs, Raziel could then fill the chalice from the basin below and proceed back up the stairs, cross the eastern gallery, follow the path to the southeastern tower and turn right to cross the dropped bridge to the northeastern tower, where he could fill the empty basin and spawn a bloodstone bridges to the Darkness font in an alcove on the northern wall and manifest an Air plinth on the level below.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Crossing to the dark font and defeating the shade, Raziel could imbue the Dark Reaver and return across the dropped bridge to the southeastern tower, where he could turn right and head straight across to the west, crossing to the southwestern tower and using the Dark Reaver to blind the sentry eye on the western wall to enable him to cross to the western gallery, where a Greater thrall awaited. Defeating the thrall allowed Raziel to gain its emblem key and return quickly to the southwestern tower (not allowing the sentry eye time to charge a shot), where he could turn left and use the key to open another emblem door and provide access to the northwestern tower and an empty basin within. Returning to the eastern gallery to pick up a chalice, Raziel could then fill it from the basin in the northeastern tower and follow the paths along in a square 'U'-shape - turning right and right again to pass through the southeastern and southwestern towers in turn - to arrive in the northwestern tower and fill the empty basin, spawning another bloodstone bridge to the next level.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

After spawning the bridge it was necessary for Raziel to descend to the second level to where he had encountered the air font earlier and re-imbue the Air Reaver and then use it on the second level Air plinth to allow him to glide back up to the third and ultimately return to the fourth level with the Air Reaver. As he reached the fourth level and turned right, a pair of Light crystals could be seen to the south with the angle of the ideal shot blocked by a cracked air icon; but with the Air Reaver in his possession it was possible for Raziel to fire a Reaver bolt at the icon, shattering it and exposing the Light crystals behind. Once again it was necessary for Raziel to descend, this time imbuing the Light Reaver from the Light font on the bottom level, before using the air plinth updrafts to return to the third level and stairs to reach the fourth, and now armed with the Light Reaver he could activate the Light Crystals, dropping another bridge.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

From here Raziel's progress was barred by sealed emblem doors at each end of the corridor, to negotiate them it was necessary for Raziel to head to the eastern door and turn to the south following the catwalk in toward the top of the (blocked off) northeastern tower - a small section of platform jutting eastward from this catwalk allowed Raziel to jump and glide across to the eastern gallery where he could confront and defeat a Greater thrall to recover its emblem key and use it to open the emblem door in the northeast corner of the room. Turning back around and heading down the eastern gallery, Raziel could find his next light crystal targets half way along between the northeastern and southeastern towers, with one light crystal stationary and another swinging in front of it like a pendulum. It was necessary for Raziel to carefully time a Light Reaver bolt to hit both simultaneously to drop the next bridge. Heading back up the eastern gallery and across the northern gallery to the stairway, Raziel could jump and glide to the northwestern tower and then across to the western gallery (alternatively it was possible for Raziel to simply 'cut the corner' - jumping through the archways and landing on the western gallery) to reach the western sealed emblem door, where he would again be confronted by a greater thrall whose emblem key could be used when it was defeated to open the nearby sealed door in the northwest corner and clear the access across the top level.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Heading back along the northern gallery, it was necessary for Raziel to pick up a chalice from the northeastern corner before returning to the stairs to descend and fill the chalice from the full basin below. Returning to the fourth level he could head west and follow the trail to the empty basin which spawned a bloodstone bridge to the northwestern tower. Heading back to the northeast corner, Raziel could then retrieve another chalice and take it back to the newly filled basin in the western gallery. Filling the chalice and crossing to the northwestern tower, Raziel could follow the squared 'U'-shape trail as it crossed the dropped bridges, passing through the northeast and southeast towers before reaching a bridge in front of the balcony and large sculpture, which contained the last empty basin. Filling the basin spawned the last bloodstone bridge leading up to the balcony and a door that led Raziel to a meeting with Janos Audron himself.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

The Fire Forge (SR2)[edit | edit source]

After meeting with Janos, Raziel found himself in the Fire forge, confronted by another complicated puzzle - it was advisable to use the Save altar in the southeast before continuing. Dropping down to the north to the open room below, Raziel could proceed to the burning cauldron on a plinth and pick up one of the torches positioned in a rack at the foot of the northern wall. Using the Fire from the cauldron to light the torch caused the room to fill with Blood and several platforms to rise from the floor of the chamber - jumping quickly across them to the south and using the flame to ignite the cauldron on the plinth there was the goal, but if the flame was extinguished by falling into the blood or otherwise doused, that particular stage of the puzzle would have to be restarted and a new torch retrieved. Succeeding in igniting the second cauldron caused a change in the arrangement of the chamber, with some pillars rising and others descending; with a light font now exposed on a platform at the surface.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Imbuing the Light Reaver, Raziel could then fire a Reaver bolt at the Light crystal suspended from the ceiling, which caused the blood to temporarily drain from the chamber and expose an air font on the bottom for a short time. Imbuing the Air Reaver and swimming up to the surface as the blood rose again allowed Raziel to reach one of the Air plinth pillars and use the Air Reaver on it, causing all three to issue air updrafts and change in height so they formed a step formation, with the northern plinth highest and the southern plinth lowest.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Returning to the cauldron platform in the south, Raziel could then jump to one of the alcoves on the southern wall to retrieve another torch and ignite it from the cauldron before setting off across the room, jumping and gliding on each of the updrafts in turn to glide higher and reach the next step; ultimately reaching the high platform in the north with an empty cauldron. As before if Raziel fell his torch would be extinguished and he would be forced to retrieve another and begin the section again.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

As Raziel ignited the northern cauldron the arrangement of the room changed again, with four more air plinth pillars lowering from the ceiling (so there were seven in an '8'-shaped pattern), the light and air fonts changing position and the room flooding with blood once more; but to a higher level this time, leaving only the northern cauldron platform and the light font platform exposed at the surface and the air font now too high to reach.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Swimming to the light font Raziel could imbue the Light Reaver and return to the cauldron where he could fire a Reaver bolt at the Light crystal in the ceiling - again temporarily draining the blood from the room and exposing the air plinths below the surface - and once again it was necessary for Raziel to reach the higher platform on the other side with a lit torch while the chamber re-filled with blood. Quickly picking up a torch from the rack in the northern wall and lighting the torch from the cauldron, Raziel had to carefully negotiate the updrafts from the plinths - as before if Raziel fell his torch would be extinguished and he would be forced to retrieve another and begin the section again - as an added twist it as necessary to avoid the streams of blood coming down, which would douse the flame if they came into contact with the torch. Gliding across to either the east or west plinth, onto the center plinth and then again choosing east or west, Raziel could reach the other side and the main altar of the forge. Plunging the lit torch into the altar activated the forge and imbued the Fire Reaver. After revisiting the Save altar Raziel could continue back up the southeastern corridor to the sealed door and open it with the Fire Reaver to end the chapter.[SR2][SR2-C8][1]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Players (in order of appearance)[edit | edit source]

Dialogue: Janos Audron's Retreat[edit | edit source]

[Raziel sees the pristine exterior of Janos Audron's Retreat for the first time.]
Raziel (V.O.): After my long journey, I finally stood on the threshold of enlightenment. For here was Janos Audron's mountain retreat, intact and unblemished. The upheaval that would one day topple this ancient edifice had not yet occurred. And while I had no certainty that Janos still lived, this scene boded well – for I presumed that the collapse of the retreat must have followed the ancient vampire's demise.
There was only one obstacle: how to reach the balcony suspended at that maddening height, so far beyond my reach?
For this was the architecture of winged creatures, and the tattered ruins of my wings were of no use.
I would need to devise some other means into that mountain...
[Raziel enters the Retreat Interior, and sees the balcony leading to Janos's chamber.]
Raziel (V.O.): The mountain's interior was hollow, I discovered, and graced with soaring architecture unique to its creators.
As with the outer facade, these balconies and galleries could only be reached by those gifted with flight.
With only my ruined wings to carry me, this towering labyrinth seemed impassable... while the object of my quest lay just beyond my grasp.
For here, suspended at the apex of the chamber, was the threshold that surely led to the great vampire himself.
I didn't know whether Janos Audron was the monster depicted in the Stronghold, or one of the noble creatures memorialized among the ruins of the ancient vampires – and I didn't care.
Demon or angel, he alone held the key to my destiny.

Dark Chronicle: The Tenth Guardian[edit | edit source]

[Having finally reached the summit of Janos Audron's balcony chamber, Raziel enters the room cautiously. He has traversed Nosgoth and crossed time to meet this being, but has no idea what to expect – whether Janos is the monster depicted by the Sarafan, or one of the noble figures memorialized among the ruins of the ancient vampires.
As he enters, Raziel discerns a striking winged figure standing at the far end of the chamber, silhouetted by the wintry, morning light filtering in from the canyon beyond.
Raziel addresses the winged figure tentatively –]
Raziel: Janos Audron?
[Janos turns slowly at the sound of Raziel's voice –]
Janos Audron: It is heartening, after all these years, to hear my name spoken without contempt.
[As he turns, his features are illuminated by the fire-lit glow of the chamber. This is not the demonic creature depicted in the Stronghold – Janos is darkly beautiful, and radiates a sense of priestly detachment, and long-suffering patience.
Janos appears to recognize Raziel, but regards him with horror and pity. Raziel's features are vaguely vampiric – his blue skin, cloven hands, and wings – but this emaciated, ragged specter looks as though he has been nearly destroyed.]
Janos Audron: Raziel?
My child, what have they done to you?
Raziel: I have been dragged through hell and back – all, it seems, to reach this moment.
But I don't yet know why.
[Janos speaks haltingly, as though not sure where to begin –]
Janos Audron: For thousands of years, I have waited... alone here, losing faith...
At the time of the Binding, nine guardians were called to serve the Pillars. And I was summoned as the tenth guardian – the keeper of the Reaver, the weapon of our salvation.
Over time, our race died out. Until I alone remained... sustained only by my obligation to you, and by my guardianship of the blade.
[Janos turns and walks contemplatively toward the balcony –]
Raziel: And the other nine? Why did their guardianship not sustain them?
[Janos considers for a moment, then responds wistfully –]
Janos Audron: I don't know.
[Janos gazes beyond the balcony pensively as he recounts the vampires' history –]
Janos Audron: As our race dwindled, the humans prospered. I have watched, over the centuries, as our history faded into myth, and finally receded altogether.
The humans have forgotten us entirely, and claimed the Pillars for themselves – wholly ignorant of their true purpose.
To them, I am merely a 'devil'; the origin of their vampire 'plague'.
[Raziel approaches inquisitively –]
Raziel: Why would the Pillars summon human guardians, then, if they are meant to be served by vampires?
[Janos walks to the edge of the balcony as he replies, gesturing for Raziel to follow –]
Janos Audron: The Pillars choose their guardians from birth, Raziel – and vampires are no longer born.
This is the crux of our dilemma.
And this is the terrible irony – with their vampire purge, the members of the Circle have assaulted the very architects of the Pillars they are sworn to protect.
They have embarked on a treacherous path. With every vampire they kill, the humans are slitting their own throats.
[Janos and Raziel stand together at the edge of the balcony, looking out at the canyon below. Janos continues, speaking softly –]
Janos Audron: They know I'm up here, beyond their reach, and it terrifies them.
(Janos gestures toward the panorama of Sarafan slaughter, below. A number of impaled vampire corpses litter the canyon, planted here to defy and intimidate Janos.)
You can see how they flaunt their kills to torment me... or perhaps simply to lure me out.
They have this foolish notion that destroying me will somehow topple our entire bloodline.
Thankfully, we're not that fragile.
Raziel: I have seen them mustering their forces in the village, below.
Janos Audron: Yes. I don't know what they're plotting... but I fear our time may be bitterly short.
Raziel: Mankind seems to have brought you only torment and grief.
You must hate them.
[Janos responds slowly, considering –]
Janos Audron: They fear what they don't understand; and they despise what they fear.
But no – I do not hate them.
Raziel: Vorador does.
Janos Audron: He has suffered much. He cannot forgive them.
Raziel: Should they be forgiven?
Janos Audron: They don't understand what they're doing.
They are simply unenlightened... and vulnerable to manipulation.
[Raziel considers this silently for a moment, then voices the question that's been tormenting him –]
Raziel: So it's all true then – what Kain and Vorador have told me – I really am some kind of unholy vampire messiah...
[Janos gently corrects him –]
Janos Audron: Unholy? – no. Messiah... perhaps.
Raziel: I don't like that word... it smells of martyrdom.
Janos Audron: Raziel, your role in this world's destiny is more crucial – and more benevolent – than you've allowed yourself to believe.
Your journey will not be easy – dark powers are allied against you.
(Janos pauses, considering Raziel's ragged appearance –)
But I think you already know this... you appear to have been cruelly tested.
(Janos turns back toward the interior of the chamber.)
The Binding must be secured, Raziel. The Pillars are the lock –
[Following him, Raziel completes the thought –]
Raziel: – and the Reaver is the key.
Janos Audron: Yes.
[Janos approaches a decorative chest set against the wall, and opens it – revealing the Reaver, ensconced like a holy relic.
Raziel becomes strangely apprehensive. Each time he has encountered the Reaver during his journey, he has experienced a sense of displacement, the distortion caused when two incarnations of the Reaver meet in time and space. And now, inexplicably, he feels nothing. As disconcerting as the temporal distortion feels, this nothingness is somehow worse...
Troubled, Raziel wonders quietly to himself –]
Raziel: The Reaver is here? Why do I feel nothing?
[Janos lifts the blade reverently and turns to Raziel, presenting it to him.]
Janos Audron: The most formidable weapon ever forged by our swordsmiths...
They infused the blade with vampiric energy, empowering the Reaver to drain our enemies of their precious lifeblood.
Raziel (V.O.): As Janos presented the blade, an inexplicable sense of dread crept over me, more palpable than anything I'd felt before.
I was at once horribly repelled by the sword and yet irresistibly compelled to touch it, to take it up.
[Raziel refuses the blade with trepidation –]
Raziel: Please – take it away from me.
[At once, from the hallway comes the unmistakable sound of armored soldiers rapidly approaching. With sudden, sick recognition, Raziel realizes that by blazing a path for himself through the Retreat, he has unwittingly exposed Janos to the Sarafan.
Janos appears dismayed, but oddly resigned –]
Janos Audron: I fear you have been followed –
[With this, the door crashes open, and a squad of Sarafan warriors burst into the room. Their leader is armed with a cruel-looking weapon, and they have come bearing Moebius's staff – Raziel realizes at this moment that he has been duped and betrayed.
Raziel charges forward to defend Janos from the Sarafan, but Janos restrains him –]
Janos Audron: You must save yourself, Raziel.
[Janos lays his hands upon Raziel, intent on conveying him safely away from the chamber. Raziel resists –]
Raziel: Janos – no!
[But his protests are in vain. The room recedes dizzyingly, as Raziel is propelled into an adjacent chamber within the Retreat – safely away from the Sarafan, and helpless to save Janos.]
Raziel (V.O.): My surroundings whirled sickeningly, and I found myself transported safely away from the ambush, to an adjacent chamber.
Janos had delivered me from the Sarafan, selflessly forfeiting his own safety to preserve my life.
And now I feared that my newfound mentor would be slaughtered by the very crusaders I had so recently revered.
The irony pierced me, and with dawning horror I realized that I had been duped by Moebius from the beginning...
For the Sarafan had simply followed the path I gullibly blazed through this sanctuary, and had arrived bearing Moebius's staff. Thus armed, they had Janos at their mercy.
Through the door, I could hear them battling, less than a dozen paces away – but it may as well have been a thousand miles, for this barrier was sealed by elemental forces I did not possess.
It seemed Janos had conveyed me into the heart of the Fire shrine. I thought perhaps if I could galvanize the forge and imbue the Reaver in time, I might have a slim chance of saving Janos from his grisly fate.

Dialogue: The Fire Forge[edit | edit source]

[Raziel forges the Reaver with Fire, and can now return to Janos's chamber.]
Raziel (V.O.): I plunged the Reaver into that furnace, and forged the blade with elemental Fire.
With the Reaver thus imbued, I was now armed to unlock the elemental barrier, and rescue Janos from his executioners.

Conclusions[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

This article or section is written from a real world perspective. Not all, if any, of its content is to be considered a constituent part of the Legacy of Kain canon and universe.
Janos retreat concept by Kory Heinzen

Like the other Reaver forges of Soul Reaver 2, the fire forge was based upon distinct architectural elements from real-world ancient temples[2] - the Fire Forge specifically seems to draw mainly from the gothic architectural style, although some elements appear to be shared with much older Greco-Roman temples and architecture.[SR2-C8][3] The architecture of Janos's retreat generally draws elements from arabic sources and the architecture of Gaudi as do many ancient vampire structures.[SR2-C8][3]

Addressing some of the deleted Reaver forges, designer and artist Daniel Cabuco indicated that some of the puzzles in Janos Audron's Retreat and the Fire Forge were adapted from those originally intended to be in the deleted Spirit Forge:

"We didn't build the forges beyond design bsp rooms. We cut them when we saw the schedule and our producer coming to kill us. They would have aligned to the element, just like fire was [...] Spirit was further along with needing to imbue the reaver and light certain areas (you needed them all) but we folded that gameplay into Raziel's final puzzle."
—Daniel Cabuco[4]

Notes[edit | edit source]

One of the Fire symbols from the Fire Forge
    • The interior area of Janos's retreat notably contains several subtle references to the nearby Fire Forge. Blood basins, Blood chalices and their stands have several Fire Reaver symbols hidden in their designs (most noticeable in texture files). The inner sanctum area also imitates the usual forge structure with a large multi-layered puzzle with a single overarching goal, containing only Shade and Thrall enemies - in this case four Greater thralls, each carrying red Emblem keys (previous forges also used themed coloring or design for emblem keys).[SR2-C8][SR2]
    • The interior areas of Janos's retreat also contains several interesting design elements and features. Arches were a recurring theme with several throughout the retreat, with several small tiled arched 'window's hinting at the artificial construction of the mountain itself. Typically stone and bloodstone could also be seen in the architecture along with several red stained glass windows, suggesting further areas of the retreat - the architecture also featured several unexplained figures in the textures of several rooms (appearing somewhat similar to the depiction of the bearded man in Janos's chambers. In several areas the polished ice was reflective, though patterns of rugs or other floor covering beneath the ice could sometimes be observed.[SR2-C8][SR2]
      The Kain-like sculpture
    • The large "inner sanctum" room [1]contained several unusual and somewhat unique designs for puzzle elements. Along with the Blood chalices, Blood basins and Bloodstone bridges seen previously in the retreat, several established puzzle elements were given a slightly different spin, with 'Cracked Ice' doorways and an 'Air icon' as compromised barriers, for the Air Reaver, a different 'Light icon' design for Light crystals (which lowered new light symbol bearing 'drop bridges') activated by the Light Reaver and a strange face on Emblem doors. Additionally, in the course of the puzzle to ascend the chamber Raziel could utilize several subtle clues to the locate of the appropriate empty Blood basin. When each basin was activated, the next would be indicated by a flickering ceiling suspended fire-lamp above the empty basin, with such lanterns containing purple glowing crystals (which bathed areas in a purple light) in most areas of the retreat - those which involved in the puzzle were empty and in darkened rooms until lit by the puzzle and after their use the rooms would be bathed in purple light, despite the absence of a purple crystal; The only exception to this was the final two open brazier dishes at the top of the two southern towers, which remained lit. Empty basins were also marked with blue colored Runic symbols, whilst those that were activated glowed red.[SR2-C8][SR2]
    • The interior of Janos's private chambers is only shown in cutscenes and cannot be visited in normal gameplay, however it is possible to explore using fly codes or hacked savegames. This reveals the chamber as much more 'homely' and 'warmer' than the surrounding areas with none of the ice seen in other areas. Interesting features included an open fireplace and chimney with an unusual depiction of a bearded figure above the mantelpiece, a balcony above the external lake, several Reaver icons (and the Reaver itself), two busts of Janos and a large basin filled with Blood flanked by two sculptures resembling goats.[SR2][SR2-C8][SR2-C9][6]
    • The Fire forge notably makes use of an unexplained red liquid in place of Water, which changes levels several times during the puzzle.[SR2] Given the vampire nature of the forge's creators, it is probable that this liquid is Blood, which would provide sustenance as well as negate the harmful effects of water on vampires.
  • The Raziel statue...

  • ...armed with the Fire Reaver

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Wiki-Icon-SR2.png Chapter 8: Vampire Interview
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The Legacy of Kain series